Normally I take a bus from Port Authority bus station on 41st Street and 8th Avenue in New York City when I go to either Washington DC, Boston, Baltimore, or even Pittsburgh to do a 30 Plus Teams Tour.

This time I decided to take Amtrak because the fares were so low.

Leaving from Amtrak would mean I would have to go either through Penn Station at 33rd Street from the Long Island Railroad or E train if I took the subway from Queens.

Not any more.

As of January 1, 2021, the long awaited new Pennsylvania Station opened up

Its official name is the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Train Hall and it’s a work of art, no lie.

It was named for the late New York senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Now for some of you who weren’t born in New York City or just moved here in the past few years, the station may not look that spectacular to you.

But to those of us who remember the old Penn Station, the crowds, the filth, this station is beautiful.

It’s also very convenient if, like me, you’re coming from Queens or Long Island on the Long Island Railroad.

Amtrak trains not only leave from here, but so does the Long Island Railroad.

So when I got off the Long Island Railroad train from Locust Manor, I followed the signs to the escalator to the station.

I didn’t even have to go outside.

The station is located in the old James Foley Post Office on 33rd and 8th Avenue.

The post office is still there, not just as big.

The old Penn Station not only had Long Island Railroad trains, but the subway, Amtrak and New Jersey transit trains.

Now, the New Jersey Transit trains just leave from the old Penn Station, which is still across the street, underneath Madison Square Garden.

However, if your Amtrak train gets in after midnight, sorry, the new Penn Station is closed.

Your train will go to the old Penn Station.

My only complaint with the new Penn Station is the tracks for the Long Island Railroad trains aren’t close to the Amtrak trains.

Coming back from Washington DC, my FLIX Bus stopped next door.

I had to run to catch a 6:45pm train which left from track 18.

Track 18 WASN’T on the main floor.

Needless to say the Sports Diva wasn’t a happy camper being a real New Yorker, running through a terminal to catch a train that was leaving in 10 minutes, loaded down with a purse and a carry-on suitcase.

There are no escalators going down just a ramp and stairs.

(I made my train, by the way)

What I love about this terminal is that you can’t loiter if you don’t have a ticket, and there’s enough security to make sure that happens.

All in all, if the fares are good, I will take Amtrak and enjoy going through the new Penn Station in New York City.


The suitcases were all packed, checklists done, everything was ready to go for that fun filled few days to get out of New York City and head on down to the Jersey Shore.

The Sports Diva even did the infamous What’s In My Suitcase post.

But sometimes life happens.

Growing up, my parents being the true Southerners that they were, used to say, ” Know a way to make God laugh? Tell him you have plans”

Bless their hearts, it’s true. We plan and God un plans, if there’s such a word.

So no trip to the Jersey Shore, or to be more precise, Atlantic City.

What happened? No one died, praise God.

Let’s just say that when you have three ladies of a certain age, things will happen.

Or like that old Country and Western song says, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”

Am I disappointed? I’d be lying if I said no, but in all my years of travelling, things will happen and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You just get ready for the next 30 Plus Teams Tour that will happen, God willing.

That’s just what the Sports Diva is gonna do.


The Sports Diva is on her way to some new adventures.

I’m on my way to Newark Liberty Airport, a place that I hadn’t been to in years .

Actually , it was three years ago , but who’s counting ?

My flight doesn’t leave until 8am , but I have to be at the counter to drop off my bag by 7:15am.

At first I was going to leave my house , which is near JFK,around 3:45am, the day of my flight .

I would get to Newark around aboutn4::30am.

No such luck as the first bus leaves Port Authority at 5am.

It takes about an hour , not counting traffic , nope that’s not going to happen.

I’m here at Newark Liberty and I was able to print out my boarding pass as well.

Now I just have to wait to drop off my bag and another 30 Plus Teams Tour is about to begin .


It’s less than a week before Christmas .

Don’t ask me if all my Christmas shopping has been done.

It hasn’t .

As for all those Christmas cards that I used to like to send out to friends and family after Thanksgiving .

Nope, that’s not happening this year.

As a matter of fact , the older I get, the less and less I feel about doing anything that has to do with Christmas .

This includes buying presents for everyone under the sun and mailing and giving out Christmas cards .

I really haven’t been in the Christmas spirit for a long time now and as I mentioned in one of my posts on my favorite holiday, it sure wasn’t Christmas .

What I do like to do though, not only at Christmas, but anytime, is getting together with people that I haven’t seen in a long time.

I don’t get to see these people that often because most of them live in New Jersey, not New York City like I do.

I call them affectionately, “My New Jersey Devils Posse “.

That’s right, you guessed it.

If they’re friends of the Sports Diva , some kind of sporting event is happening because they’re sports fans too, usually hockey and baseball, my two favorite sports.

This particular crew just happen to be fans of the New Jersey Devils hockey team.

The only time I really see them is, of course, when I’m doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of Newark, New Jersey .

Even though they love a different hockey team than I do , the Sports Diva always has a wild and crazy time with this crew, male and female.

We all tell stories about our families, friends, travels to other arenas to see our teams, ( this is a 30 Plus Teams Tour , duh!)the latest trade rumors, and dare I say it, HOCKEY GOSSIP!

Of course, no get together with my crew would be complete without some smack talk between us.

It’s fun, but not mean spirited.

In between periods of the game, there’s always time for a group photo, which is so much fun and I LOVE IT !

We can’t take serious pictures, so we all just act the fool.

Good times definately!

Being around my crew makes me realize that no matter what the holiday is or what the sports season is, friends, even if they aren’t close, are very special .

Thank you God for these guys, My New Jersey Devils Posse .


Another 30 Plus Teams  Tour  of New York  City  /New Jersey  is about to happen . 

Again I’m  off to  Prudential  Center  in Newark, New Jersey  to see the New Jersey  Devils  and Boston  Bruins  play, and yes, I’m  going to  take the PATH  train . 

What do you wear when your 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of a city includes a hockey game ? 

If you really  aren’t  a fan of either team, you can go with the team  colors.

In the case of the Devils ,  it’s  black, red, and white.

However ,  just because  it’s  a hockey  game ,  don’t  do what happens  to  be  a  major pet peeve of way too many hockey fans, including  me.

Don’t  put on a jersey of a team that isn’t  even playing . 

It might be a hockey game you’re  going to but don’t  bust out a New York  Rangers  or a Pittsburgh  Penguins  hockey jersey unless those teams are playing . 

Stay in your lane.

Know what teams you’re  going to  see.

If you decide  to  go with the “it’s a hockey game ,   so I’m  going to wear a hockey jersey  no matter what team it is” thingy, be ready for some side glances not only from the home team fans, but from the visiting fans too.

Hockey fans are very passionate and will definitely  make comments about the swag you have on.

Also ,  please  don’t  show up in a football  or basketball  jersey to a hockey game.

Really, don’t  take it there.

Once again ,  know  the sport that you’re  going  to  see.

If you have to, buy a hat from the city that you’re  in.

Wear that Atlantic City  hat proudly if you’re  in New Jersey . 

Better yet , don’t  wear any team stuff or their colors  at all.

Just go to the game and take in all the craziness  that is seeing a hockey game in person . 

What about if one of your teams is playing?

Let me show you.

1. My Boston  Bruins jersey that I brought from the Hockey Hall of  Fame Store in Toronto  oh so many years ago.

2. My black pants from The Rainbow  Shops in the United  States.

3. My sneakers and socks are from Payless  Shoe Stores in the United  States.

4. The rings and bracelets  are from Forever  21   and H&M.

5. The necklace  belonged  to  my late aunt and I  wear it all the time.

To complete my what to wear to a hockey  game  look, oh yeah, you’d  better  believe  I’m  going  all out.

My jacket has the colors of the team that I’m  rooting for.

Gold (yellow) on the inside and black on the outside . 

It’s  not reversable ,  though.

On the front ,  there’s  the logo of the Boston  Bruins . 

I’m  ready to  go . 

Now THIS is what  to wear when you go to a hockey  game . 


if you  happen  to  be visiting  New  York  City ,  you want to get adventurous  and visit places not that far away.

People  have  told you  to visit  New Jersey ,  right across  the  river.

Shopping  is cheaper  than  New York  City ,  and depending  on  where in New Jersey  you are, it’s  just a day trip.

Here’s  a little  surprise  for you.

The Statue  of  Liberty  is actually  in New Jersey ,  not New York ,  but don’t  tell New Yorkers  that . 

They won’t  believe you.

You don’t  have  a  car, and you don’t  want to  go down  to  Port  Authority  Bus Terminal  to  catch a New Jersey  transit  bus . 

You also don’t want  to  go anywhere  near Penn Station  and take one of  those New Jersey  transit trains.

Penn Station  falls into every stereotype  that you’ve  ever heard about New York  City . 

It’s  big, it’s  dirty ,  it’s  loud, and it’s  as crowded as Hell with people  knocking you down trying to catch the train or subway.

But you want to  go to New Jersey . 

You have to.

This is a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  after all . 

It was too expensive  for  the  four of  you to see a hockey  game  at Madison  Square  Garden ,  so you’re  going to see New Jersey ‘ s team, the New Jersey  Devils ,  play at the Prudential  Center in Newark . 

One problem ,  though.

You have no car and a taxi is very expensive from where your hotel is.

So what do you do ? 


You brought a New York  City  Metro  Card to use when taking the subway.

You brought a reloadable  one which you can use on the other subway  line that takes you to New Jersey . 

It runs seven days a week ,  and 24 hours a day.

It’s  called  the  PATH Train.

PATH stands for Port Authority  Trans Hudson . 

In case you didn’t  know ,  it’s  the Hudson  River  that separates  New York  from New Jersey . 

It’s  the train that  a lot of people  from New Jersey  take to their jobs in New York  City . 

The PATH train has two major terminals  in New York  City ,  The World Trade  Center  and 33rd. Street . 

If you’re  going to a game at the Prudential  Center, which you are, you can take the train at either the World  Trade Center  or 33rd Street ,  depending  on  where in the city you are.

Keep in mind though if you take the train at the 33rd Street  tetminal, the last stop is Journal Square in Jersey City ,  which is  a major terminal  in New Jersey . 

You have to get off and wait for  the  train to continues on to the city of Harrison ,  New Jersey  and Newark . 

The PATH  train  is very clean as they allow no eating or drinking  on it, plus it’s  not as noisy as the New York  City  subway . 

It does get crowded, so don’t  be  surprised  if during rush hour, you’re  standing . 

This train is an alternative  to  the  regular subway  if you happen  to  be  going to  or near 23rd, 14th, 9th, or Christopher  Streets  in New York  City . 

Another piece  of  advice when you take  the PATH . 

Act like you’ve  been  on it before and know where you’re  going . 

There are information  booths at every PATH  station ,  and better yet, have your information  before you leave your hotel, hostel or Airbnb . 

Have fun in New Jersey  and enjoy your ride on the PATH  Train . 


It’s  located  in  the  Washington  Heights  section  of  the city.

It happens  to  be  the  third branch  of  the  Metropolitan  Museum  of  Art . 

It’s  The  Met  –  Cloisters . 

The  Cloisters  Museum  and Gardens  are located  in  Fort  Tryon  Park ,  which  overlooks the  Hudson  River . 

While  you’re  in  the  park on your way to  the museum ,  on a  clear  day you’ll  see a bridge  off in the distance . 

That happens  to  be  the  George Washington  Bridge ,  which separates Washington  Heights  from Fort Lee ,  New Jersey . 

The official  address  of the museum  is 99 Margaret  Corbin  Drive . 

You can take public transportation  to get there.

If you take the  subway ,  the A train, you get off  at  the 190th Street  stop.

Get ready  to  do  a lot of  walking . 

It’s  extremely  hilly.

The easiest  but longest route is to take the number 4 bus.

The last stop on the bus is the front door  of the  museum  literally . 

Like the other branches of the Metropolitan ,  there is a suggested  donation  price  of  $  25 . 

If you visit  this museum ,  you can visit  one of  the  other museums  of the Metropolitan  for free on the same  day . 

Just hold on  to  your  ticket stub.

I would  advise  visiting the  Cloisters  early on a Friday or a Saturday  when the other two Met museums  are open late.

The Cloisters  hours are 10am  until  5:  15pm, every day . 

Starting  in November  though, the museum  will close at 4:45pm.

When you’ve  paid your fee, you are given  a  sticker to wear to show that you’ve  paid . 

You can take pictures ,  just don’t  use a flash or make videos . 

Once again, leave the selfie  sticks  at  home . 

The Cloisters  focuses mainly  on  one particular  period  of  time  – the Middle  Ages . 

Be ready  to  see things that aren’t  what  they  appear  to  be . 

Like that door that you and the  family  just walked  through . 

It’s  actually  a window  from some castle  or monastery  in France.

You’ll  also  see many religious  figures either as a sculpture  or painting . 

There’s  even  a garden where you can sit quietly  and  reflect .

It’s  called the  Judy  Black  Garden . 

You can even admire the view in front  of  you.

There wasn’t  one particular  item that I  enjoyed more than  another  one while I  visited . 

I can honestly  say  that  I  loved EVERYTHING . 

Unlike  the  Met- Fifth  Avenue ,  I was able  to  see all the exhibits in a matter of  a few hours.

Although  I  can honestly  say  that  I  just wasn’t  feeling  the fascination  with  the  unicorns  in one of the rooms called, what else, The Unicorn  Gallery . 

If you happen  to  come to  New York  or live in  the  city, take a trip up to The  Cloisters . 

You won’t  believe  that  you’re  actually  in The Big  Apple . 
The Met – Cloisters  

99 Margaret  Corbin  Drive  

Fort Tryon  Park  

New York  City ,  New York  


In an earlier  post ,  (  /2017/03/09 Please  -act  –  like  –  you’ve  –  been  –  there  –  before  ) ,  some  of  you  had to  be  read the  riot  act on how  to  conduct  yourselves  not only  when you visit  museums ,  monuments ,  and  memorials  all over the  world ,  but especially  when  you’re  attending  a  sporting  event .

Baseball  season  is coming  down  to  the  wire, and football  season  is coming  up  very soon ,  but a lot of  you didn’t  get or read the  memo on fan conduct .

A lot  of  fans  seem to  need  a  refresher  course  on how to  act when going  to  game .

Even though  I’m  talking  mainly  about  fans of the  four  major  American  sports ,  this also  applies  to  those  of  you who are  fans of rugby, European  futbol, cricket, etc.

Everyone  needs  a  refresher  course  on  Fan conduct .

At a recent  Milwaukee  Brewers  and Chicago  Cubs  baseball  game  in Milwaukee ,  two  fans  really  got into  it  with a lot of  pushing ,  screaming   and  shoving .

It wouldn’t  have  been  that  bad  except  one of  the  fans  just  happened  to  be  Governor  Chris  Christie  of  New Jersey ,  whose  son works  for  the  Brewers  organization .

No doubt  both  the  governor  and  the  Cubs  fan that he was having  a  ”  beef” with ever received  the  handbook  of  Sports  Fandom .

I know  that  the  governor  is very busy  running  the  state  of  New Jersey ,  but  even  politicians  need to  take the course  of   act like you’ve  been  there  before  101 .

I’m  not  going  to  question  the  governor’s  passion  for sports because  I  know  that  he’s  a  GINORMOUS  Dallas  Cowboys  football  fan  and he doesn’t  care  if  people  in his  state don’t  like  that .

I also  know  for  a  fact  that  the  governor  has gone  on  many  a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  to watch  his  beloved  Cowboys  play and I  ain’t  mad  at  him for representing  his team no matter  where he is .

It’s  okay  to  cheer  for  your  team  at home  and especially  on the  road  because  that’s  what  being  a  fan  is all .

I  just  have  to  ask one question  though .

Why do  other  ”  fans  ”  have  to  ruin  other  fans  sports  and  travel  experience  by acting  like  a  fool  at a game?

Please don’t  make  comments  like, “Why are you  wearing  THAT  jersey  in here?!” ,  if someone  is  rooting  for  the  other  team .

Those fans  weren’t  being  obnoxious  and  rude rooting  for  their  team, were they?

The same  can’t  be  said  for  you and your buddies  though .

There’s  no  reason  to  get up in someone’s  face or within  earshot  of that fan and scream out,



That could either be New York ,  Boston ,  Chicago ,  you name the city, some  “fans” want us to go back there.

Are you SERIOUS ? !

‘Why are  you  here ? ‘

‘Go back  to  where you  came  from ? !’

Did you  forget  that  you  aren’t  the  only  one  cheering  for  your  team?

Other people  are cheering  for their  team ,  too and guess what, Mr. Rude fan.

They’re  cheering  for  THEIR  team  in YOUR building ,  so get used to  it  and stop  with  the  dirty  looks  and  snide  comments .

Be a fan, but the  fan experience  should  extend  to  those  fans  who  traveled  a long  way  in some  cases,   to see their  team  play .

In many  cases ,  those  fans  brought  their  children  along  with  them.

Do you  think  that they want to  hear you or your friends  yelling  at  them or someone  else,



Then there’s  my own personal  favorite ,  one that I’ve  heard  on MANY occasions  and it still  makes  me  laugh  every time  a “fan”  says  it.


Now as much as  you  want to  get  up  and  get  physical  at a game  and run the  risk  of  getting  thrown  out  and  arrested  for  disturbing  the  peace ,  please  don’t  do  it .

It’s  obvious  that  Mr. and Mrs .  Los Angeles  Dodgers  Super  Fans definitely  don’t  know  what  acting  like  you’ve  been  there  before  is all about .

News  flash  for  all of  you “super fans”.

Dodger  Stadium  isn’t  “YOUR  HOUSE  “.

Neither is Gillette  Stadium ,  Madison  Square  Garden ,  Yankee  Stadium  or any  other  stadium  or arena  where a sporting  event  is taking  place .

That’s  right ,  I’ll  say  it again  because  some  of  you  didn’t  grab  that  concept .

You and those other fans  who paid  all that  money  to watch your favorite  and not  so favorite  teams and players play,  are just  guests ,  waiting  to  be  entertained .

The other  guests  are those  fans  who  you told  in no uncertain  terms  to ‘   go back  to  where  you  came  from . ‘

So let’s  stop  it with  the  trash  talking  just  because  other  fans are doing  the  same  thing  that  you’re  doing ,  just for  the  other  team .

Fans of the opposing team, you aren’t  special .

I’ve  got  a  bone  to pick  with  you  too.

This  acting  like  you’ve  been  there  before  extends  to  you all as well .

You say that you’ve  sat patiently  at the game and you’ve  gotten really  tired of the home team’s  fans all around  you making  comments  all night  long  about  your  team.

As much as  you  want  to  yell out ”  BOOYA  BITCHES ,  HOW YOU  LIKE  THAT  BLANK ! ” ,to all the haters when your team has a rally  going, please  don’t  do  it .

That’s  not  just unwise, that’s  really  DUMB, especially  if  you  came to  the  game  by  yourself .

If you say something  dumb  and  stupid ,  you just know  one of  the  people  sitting  next to  you  or around you ,will say  or do   something  even more DUMBER and STUPIDER than what you  just did or said.

The next thing  you  know ,  security  might  even  have  to  be  called  in.

It could  get ugly  really  fast when it doesn’t  have  to .

Fans  of  both teams ,  please  stop  the  madness .

Remember  that  you’re  on a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  and seeing  a sporting  event  isn’t  the  only  reason  you’re  in town .

There’s  a  lot  more  things  to  do  and  see  while  you’re  in  town .

Please  act  like  you’ve  been  there  before ,  especially  if  you  happen  to  be  watching  your  team  play  in a  different  city.216719_2097466029629_2756860_n55359_4166247507873_1023227286_o11045501_10206418561516243_8356399200540478868_n16179274_10209872943153625_7404608946105937305_o


FB_IMG_1501337670663First of  all ,  Manhattan  is the  city ,  the other  boroughs of  Brooklyn ,  Queens ,  The  Bronx ,  and  Staten  Island  are  known  as  ”  The  Outer  Boroughs  ” .

Explore  more  than  Manhattan  while  you’re  doing  your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour .

The  Bronx  has  the  zoo , the  Botanical  Gardens , Arthur  Avenue  and  the  Yankees  baseball  team .

Staten  Island  has  the  ferry ,  which  is  free  and  for  a change  of  pace  in  cuisines ,  try  some  Sri  Lankan  food ,  as  this  borough  has  the  largest Sri  Lankan  population  in  New  York  City .

Brooklyn  is so big that if it were  to break  away  from  New York  City ,  it would  be  the 5 1st state .

It has the Brooklyn  Bridge ,  the  Grand  Army  Plaza ,  the  Brooklyn  Academy  of  Music  and  the  Brooklyn  Nets  basketball  team  and the  Islanders  hockey  team .

Queens  is one  of  the  most  diverse  areas  of  not  only  the  city ,  but the  country  as well .

Visit  Jackson  Heights ,  Louis  Armstrong’s  home ,  the  Museum  of the  Moving  Image ,  the site  of  the  1964 World’s  Fair , and  Flushing ,  which  has  the largest  Asian  populations  in the  city .

Queens  is  also  the  home  of  one  of  the  largest  Greek  populations ,  the  Bohemian  Beer  Garden ,  and New  York’s  other  baseball  team ,  the  Mets .

You  will  see lots  of  pigeons  in  the  city .

As much  as  you want  to ,  please  don’t  feed  them .

Contrary  to  popular  belief ,  the  pigeon  is  NOT  the  state  bird  of  New  York  City .

It just  seems  that  way .

Please  don’t  feed  the  squirrels  either .

They  may  look  all  cute  and  cuddly ,  but  these  are  rodents .

Rats  on  steroids ,  really .

Speaking  of  rats ,  yes ,  I’m  not  going  to  lie, New  York  has  a  lot  of  them  and  they  all  seem  to  be  on the  same  subway  platform  as  you  are .

They’re  on  the  tracks  as  well .

Word  of  advice ,  people .


Just  because  you  see them  on  the  train  tracks  or  on  the  platforms ,  MOVE  OUT  THE  WAY !

Don’t  snap  pictures  and  videos  of  them  to  send  back to  the  folks  in Alabama  or Japan   and please  don’t  post  them  on  Facebook ,  Instagram  or  Snap  Chat .

Trust  me ,  people  don’t  want  to  see  that.


These  rats  aren’t  here  for  you  all  to be  amused.

These are   New  York  City  Rats .

They’re  aggressive  and  they’re  all  in  a hurry  to  get  to  the  train  just  like  their  human  New  York  City  cousins .

So  do  us  and  them  a  huge  favor .

Put  down  the  cameras  and  keep  it  moving .

Don’t  block  the  doorways  of  the  subway  cars  with  your  backpacks  and  what  seems  to  be  your  big  suitcases  that  have  everything  but  the  kitchen  sink  in  them .

Trust  me ,  New Yorkers  will  give  you  more  than  dirty  looks  about  this .

Don’t  stop  in  the  middle  of  the  street  to  read  your  street  or  subway  map  either .


Know  where  you’re  going  and  what  train  to  take  to get  to  your  destination  while  you’re  in  your  hotel  room .

Better  yet ,  map  out  that  route  whether  you’re  at  home  in  Lima ,  Ohio  or  Lima ,  Peru .

Follow  the  lead  of New  Yorkers  while  you’re  here .

Have  that  bag  of  Wise  Potato  Chips  on  the  D  train  or  number  4  train  while  heading  to  Yankee  Stadium  for  a  game .

Don’t  be  shocked  that we’re  eating .

New Yorkers  do  eat  and  drink  on  the  trains  and  nobody  is  going  to  tell  them  to  stop  doing  it .

Even  while  we’re  waiting  for  that  number  7 train  to  take  us  to  Citifield  to  see  the  Mets  or to  have some  Malaysian  food in Flushing ,  you’d  better  believe  that  we’re  going  to  bust  out  the  Dunkin  Donuts  bag  and  eat  right  in front  of  you .

Breakfast  at  home ?

You  think  New  York  City  people  have  time  for  that ?  !


We’re  going  to  chug  down  that  7-Eleven  coffee  and  eat  that  bagel  with  cream  cheese  right  in  front  of  you  while  all  of  us  are  waiting  for  the  E  train  to  the  World  Trade  Center .

You  say that  it seems  like  New Yorkers  dress in  black  all the  time  like  we’re  in  mourning  or  something .

No, we just  like  to  look  hip  and  edgy .


New  Yorkers  seem  to  be  loud  and  obnoxious ,  and  rude.

That’s  not  true  it’s  a  myth  – .

Wait  a  minute ,  no it’s  not .

It’s  what  makes  New York  City  what  it is .

Deal  with  THAT  too as you  wait  for  the  PATH  train  to  take  you  to  New  Jersey  to  watch  the  Giants  and  Jets  play  football  at  Met  Life  Stadium .

You  aren’t  in  Kansas  anymore .

Inspite  of  what  the  folks  back  in  Nebraska  told  you ,  don’t  be  afraid  to  take  a  New  York  City  subway .

If  you  happen  to  be  in  the  city ,  say  you  and  your  besties  around  11P.M ,  there  will  be  a  train  to  take  you  all  back  to  that  fancy  hotel  in  the  Meatpacking  District .

Just  remember  to  sit  in  the  conductor’s  car  so  that  he or she  can  answer  your  questions .

It seems  to  you  that  New  Yorkers  always  seem  to  be  in  a  hurry .

No, it’s  not  your  imagination .

They  are ,  ALWAYS .

Remember  to  stand  on the  right  side  of  the  escalator  so  that  people  can  pass  on  the  left .

Please  don’t  take  up  the  whole  sidewalk  when  the  four  of  you  are  walking .

You  aren’t  in  a  scene  from  Sex  in  the  city ,  so stop  it .

You  will  get  dirty  looks  and  someone  will  make  some  nasty  comment .

Trust  me ,  this  is  New York ,  it’s  a  given .

That’s  a  pet  peeve  among  New  Yorkers .

You  say  that  New  York  City  is really  expensive .

It is   but there  are  ways  around  that .

Don’t  take  cabs  everywhere .

Walk  or  take  the  subway .

No, seriously ,  take  them ,  even  though  Aunt  Martha  back  in  South  Dakota  told  you  how  scary  they  look .

They  aren’t  and  they  run  24  hours ,  seven  days  a  week .

You  want  to  be in  the  middle  of  the  action  but  you  don’t  want  to  pay those  high  city  prices .

Stay  in  one  of  the  Outer  Boroughs ,  like  Brooklyn  or  Queens .You  can  even  stay  in  New Jersey  to see a hockey  game ,  no matter  if  it’s  the Rangers  at  Madison  Square  Garden  or New Jersey’s  hockey  team ,  the  Devils ,  at  Prudential  Center  in  Newark .

You  can  get there  from  here  on  your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour .

You can  even  use that  New York  City  Metro  Card  to  pay  for  your  ride  on the  PATH  Train .



You’ve  never  experienced  anything  like  New  York  City  and  you  probably  never  will  again .

Don’t  be  intimidated  by  anything  about  the  city .

It may  sound  simple ,  but  please  act  like  you’ve  been  there  before .

Embrace  the  craziness  that  is  the  “city  that  never  sleeps . ”

Have  that  coffee  and  danish  while  waiting  for  the  R  or  N  train  to  take  you  to  Brooklyn to  see  some  Nets  basketball .

Act  the  way  you  would  if  you  were  back  in  Ireland  or  Wyoming .

Just  on a  much  grander  scale .