No, it’s  not  like the  woman  who gave birth  to  you.

It’s  called  MOMA ,  or officially  known  as  The  Museum  of Modern  Art.

In one of my recent posts, (  -of – Art – Breuer  ) ,  I stated that I  wasn’t  a big fan of Modern art, or at least  what passes as modern  art.

The Museum  of Modern  Art ,  which is located at 53rd Street  between  5th and 6th Avenue, does really  have modern  art.

Or at least it’s  modern  art that you have some kind  of  clue what it’s  supposed  to  be . 

There are six  floors to this museum ,  which is one of the most famous modern  art museums  in the country, if not the world.

It’s  open every day from 10:30am  until 5:30pm  except Fridays  when they stay open until 8:30pm . 

The admission  price is $25  but for seniors and students  the prices are $18 and $14.

If you have children  who are under the  age of 16, guess what ? 

They don’t  pay a thing to visit  this museum . 

Before you  enjoy the paintings and photographs  and what not on the other floors, just relax among the sculptures  that are located in the Abby Aldrich  Rockefeller  Sculpture  Garden ,  that’s on the ground floor . 

You’ll  see all sorts of  Sculpture including  works by Pablo Picasso  called, “The Goat” and “The River”.

There’s  even a sculpture that looks as though it were part of a scene  in Paris.

It’s  very comforting ,  and on a nice day, it’s  just a nice place to unwind and enjoy the scenery  around  you.

Like a lot of museums  in the city ,  don’t  even think of whipping  out that selfie  stick.

It’s  not allowed here  and security  will let you know that in no uncertain  terms . 

MOMA  seems to  have paintings from all the artists that many of  you have heard of . 

Besides Picasso ,  there are works by Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse ,  and what would a museum of modern art be without a few works by Andy Warhol and Salvador  Dali ? 

The jewel of this particular  museum ,  though is located on the fifth  floor . 

It’s  heavily  guarded, not to mention  that it’s  the painting  that EVERYONE  wants  to  see and take a selfie with.

It’s  Vincent  Van  Gogh’s  famous  painting ,  “The Starry Night”.

On the top floor of the museum, there was a special  exhibit  called “items: Is Fashion  Modern ? ”

I would have to say yes, and I can really get to like this type of Modern  Art . 
The Museum  of  Modern  Art  

11 West 53rd Street  between  Fifth  and  Sixth  Avenue  

New York  City ,  New York  10019