It’s official name is the National Museum of Crime and Law Enforcement but that takes much too long to say.

It’s better known by it’s shorter and more well known name, The Mob Museum.

It’s located in Downtown Las Vegas and visiting it was number 11 thing to do on my bucket list .

It’s open every day until about 5:30pm or so

If you’re a senior like me , admission is about $20 , if you aren’t, you pay $25.

There’s also a discount if you happen to be from Las Vegas.

This building, on Stewart Street, used to be the Las Vegas post office.

Before that , it was the building where the trials on Mob Activities in the United States took place.

You even get to visit the actual courtroom where real mobsters and their associates were grilled by United States Senators about their illegal activities .

There’s three floors in the museum , and when you pay your fee, they advise you to start on the third floor and work your way down so that you can understand just how this all began.

Guides also give you a crash course on the history of Las Vegas .

I’m sure most of you weren’t aware that the Las Vegas Strip isn’t actually in the city of Las Vegas , Nevada, but it’s located in the city of Paradise , Nevada.

Mobsters actually were interested in the Las Vegas Strip , not so much what is now Downtown Las Vegas.

One of the most popular exhibits in the museum is part of the wall from the St, Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago.

You’ll learn the events leading up to the massacre and the reason why it happened .

There are a lot of hands on exhibits, one

of which is standing in front of one of those lineup panels just like you see in all those crime shows.

People can see you, but you can’t see them.

In the basement , there’s a replica of an actual 1920’s speakeasy .

On the walls are pictures of the stars of that era like

Duke Ellington , Josephine Baker, and early actresses like Clara Bow and Anna May Wong.

There’s also an area in this speakeasy where you can taste moonshine .

(I declined doing that, so did my friend , )

All in all , I learned so many things that I didn’t know .

If you go to Las Vegas , make the Mob Museum a stop.

This also is a part of American history.


FB_IMG_1500913506497FB_IMG_1500913494497FB_IMG_1500913470650FB_IMG_1500913401718FB_IMG_1500913398340FB_IMG_1500909509863FB_IMG_1500907658227FB_IMG_1500909472369FB_IMG_1500908949970First  of  all ,  not  that  many  people  who  come  to  Las  Vegas  for  the  first  time  are even   aware  that  there  is  a  Downtown  area  of  town .

There  is  and  it’s  actually  the  oldest  section  of  town .

The  Las  Vegas  Strip  is  the  place  that  most  everyone  knows  and  associates  with  Sin  City .

All those  fancy  and flashy  hotels  all in your  face .

Not  to  mention  the  fancier  nightlife  with the  clubs  all trying  to  outdo each  other  with well  known  djs .

But some  of  you  would  be  surprised  to  learn  that  all those  casino  resorts  from  the  Mandalay  Bay  at the  beginning  of  the  Las  Vegas  Strip  all the  way  down  to  the  Stratosphere  at the  end of  the  Strip  are actually  located  in  the  incorporate  city  of  Paradise ,  Nevada .

But I guess  if you  win a lot of  money  at the  tables  and  slots ,  you’d  be in Paradise  for  awhile ,  too  .

Seriously ,  though ,  lots  of  tourists  who have never been  to  Las  Vegas  or even  the ones who  have  many times, want to  know  :

When  I  come  to  Las Vegas ,  should  I  stay  on the  Las  Vegas  Strip ,  also  known  as  Las Vegas  Boulevard  or should  I  stay in   Downtown  Las Vegas ,  where most  of  the  hotels  are on Fremont  Street ?

As someone  who  has lived and worked in  Downtown  Las  Vegas  for  three  years  and  has been  to the  Las  Vegas  Strip  more times than I  have fingers and  toes ,  I  think  I  have  some  street  cred  here .

Where should  you  stay?

It all depends ,  really .

Do you  want  to  be where the  major  action  in  Las Vegas  is?

Or do  you  want it quiet?

This  is  Las Vegas ,  folks ,  good  luck  with  that  quiet  thingy .

The Las  Vegas  Strip  or  Downtown  Las  Vegas  can give  you  both .

The  hotels  on the  Las  Vegas  Strip  are the  ones  that  you  see in every  picture  of  Las Vegas .

You  want  to  see The  Eiffel  Tower  without  traveling  to  Paris ,  France ?

There’s  the  Paris  Las  Vegas  Hotel  with the smaller  version  of  all things Paris ,  France  right  in front  of  you .

You  don’t  want  to  travel  to  Egypt ,  but that hotel  that’s  shaped  like  a  pyramid  looks  very interesting  to  you .

That’s  Luxor ,  people .

Or maybe  you  want to  see a replica of  ”  the  glory  that  was  Rome  ” ?

The  ginormous  Ceasars  Palace  is the  place  you want  to  be.

You  say that  you  want  to  stay  on  the  Las  Vegas  Strip  but  some  of  these  hotel  casinos  are way too  overwhelming  for  you .

How  about  the  quiet  elegance  of  the  Bellagio  or the  simple  elegance  of  The  Wynn  or its  sister  property ,  Encore  at  The  Wynn ?

You  say  that  you  brought  the  kids  with  you ?

How about  Circus  Circus  or the   Excalibur ?  Or even The  Stratosphere ?

Now   that you’ve  heard about  the  Las  Vegas  Strip ,  just  what  does  Downtown  Las  Vegas  have  for  you ?

Will you  see things  that  you’ve  never  seen  before  like on the  Las  Vegas  Strip ?

This is  Las  Vegas ,  folks .

Of course  you  will .

Where else  would  you  see  a  Dennys  Restaurant  with  a  wedding  chapel  or a  restaurant  called  The  Heart  Attack  Grill   where people  can weigh  themselves  right  outside  of  the  restaurant ?

Want  more  craziness ?

Take  a  ride on that zip line  that  flies  over  you  and  several  thousands  of  visitors   at the  Fremont  Street  Experience .

Yes ,  that  is  a  humongous  slot  machine  that people  are  shooting  out  of .

The  zip line  is called   “Slotzilla .

There’s  not  a  lot  of  casinos  Downtown .

There’s  only  11  of them and  most  of  them  are located  around  the  Fremont  Street  Experience .

If  you  want  a friendly  atmosphere ,  Downtown  Las  Vegas  is the  place  for  you .

There’s  a  light  show  every night  here from 8 pm  until  Midnight .

It’s  loud ,  but  this  is  Vegas  after  all .

From  Seventh  Street  up to  111th  Street ,  this area  of Downtown  is known  as   Fremont  Street  East .

You’ll  find  clubs, restaurants  and  a place  called  the  Downtown  Container  Park where everything  seems  to  be  made  from  old  shipping  containers .

There’s  even  a  Praying  Mantis  in front  of  the  building .

This being  Las  Vegas ,  even the  insects  have  to  put on a show ,  so at night ,  the Praying  Mantis  lights  up too .

I  would  say that this  is as far as  you  should  venture  on Fremont  Street .

After 11th  Street ,  there’s  no need to  venture  any further  down  Fremont  Street .

If you  decide  to  stay  on  the  Las  Vegas  Strip ,  but you  want  to  go Downtown ,  you  can  get  there  by public  transportation ,  either  the  Deuce  or the  SDX  can get you  there  and  back  .

So where would  I  advise  you  to  stay ?

In spite  of  the  glitter  and  glamour  of the  Las  Vegas  and  the  fact  that  some  areas  around  Downtown  are  sketchy ,  I  would  still  say stay on  Fremont  Street ,  Downtown  Las  Vegas .

The  hotels  are  much  cheaper  and  unlike  many ,  if not  all  the  casinos hotels  on the  Las  Vegas  Strip ,  some  of  the  hotels  don’t  have  a resort  fee ,  where  you  basically  pay for  everything  on top  of  paying  for  your stay and not to mention that they charge   $100   for incidentals ,  which  you get back when you  check out.

Providing  that you haven’t  used up $100   worth of  incidentals  ,  of course .

Some  of  the  hotels  collect  the  fees  when you  check  in ,  others when you  check  out .

Paying  the  resort  fees  are  not  optional ,  by the  way .

For  the  Las  Vegas  Strip  hotels ,  the  fees  can  range  from   $23  a night  all the  way  up  to   $35  a night .

The  hotels  Downtown  that  do have  a  resort  fee  charge   $  9  to   $20  a night ,  and no not  paying  the  fees  isn’t  an option  here  either .

From  Las  Vegas  McCarron  International  Airport ,  shuttles  can  get you  to  both  those  fancy  hotels  on the  Las  Vegas  Strip  as well  as  the  not  so  fancy  hotels  Downtown  that  you  and  the  family  decide  to  stay  at.