It may not seem like it, but everytime I do a 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere, there always seems to be food involved.

My 30 Plus Teams Tour of Washington DC was no exception.

I met up with a friend that I haven’t seen since my last visit to DC.

When I come to DC, I let my friend, Harriet F, choose the restaurant.

The last time we met up was a restaurant in Downtown DC(and after that a Washington Capitals hockey game. If she’s a friend of the Sports Diva, you just KNOW that a sporting event is going to take place.)

This time, Harriet outdid herself and choose a restaurant in the DC suburbs, near her house.

It’s called Fontina Grill and it’s located at 301 Pleasant Drive in the city of Rockville, Maryland.

To get to the restaurant, which is in the King Farms neighborhood of Rockville, you can get off on the Red Line Metro stop of Shady Grove.

The Red Line Metro stop of Rockville is a stop before Shady Grove, but Shady Grove is an easier stop for the restaurant, and then of course you have to walk a few blocks if you don’t have a car, which we didn’t.

The cuisine is mostly Italian, with a lot of seafood thrown in.

You are in the state of Maryland, known for its seafood, so don’t be surprised to see a lot of shrimp and especially crab cakes on the menu.

When you look at the menu, you are amazed at how inexpensive this restaurant is.

(Being from New York City, I know I was.)

Even the appetizers are inexpensive and you can have just those rather than order something from the main menu.

You won’t leave the restaurant hungry, and if you do, that’s on you boo boo.

While Harriet had the Meatball Fra Diablo, which was three huge meatballs loaded with cheese, I had what is known as one of the “Fontina Favorites”, Mussels Caprese.

It’s a huge bowl of steamed mussels cooked with garlic, lemon juice, white wine and olive oil.

It was only $11.95 and it makes my mouth water still just thinking about it and how muy delicioso it was.

I was in seventh heaven when the waitress asked if I wanted a side salad with it for only $2 more.

Never one to turn down a salad, especially with a side of Raspberry Vinaigrette, as a dressing , you know I said yes.

Let me just say that the Sports Diva isn’t a big fan of garlic, but this wasn’t the type of garlic sauce that overwhelms you.

The other ingredients complimented the garlic perfectly.

If there’s ever a time that I come back to DC, and I want to go to a different restaurant with or without a friend, I’ll do a solo trip to Fontina Grill.

It’s that good.


FB_IMG_1501852283860FB_IMG_1501852234521FB_IMG_1501852237544FB_IMG_1501852370974FB_IMG_1501852344592While  walking  back  to  the  Baltimore  Hostel  where  you  all  are  staying  at ,  right  across  the  street  from  you, you all notice  the Baltimore  Basilica ,  which  happens  to  be  the  oldest  cathedral  in  the  United  States .

The  state  of  Maryland  was  settled  by  Roman  Catholics  from  England  who  couldn’t  practice  their  faith  back  home .

Even  if  you  aren’t  Roman  Catholic ,  I  would  advise  you  to  visit  the  cathedral .

You  will  have  one  of  those  ”  Oh  my  God  ”  moments  when  you  walk  into  the  entrance .

The  church  was  already  beautiful  but  the  renovations  which  have  taken  place  in  the  past  few  years  have  made  the  cathedral  even  more  beautiful  to  look  at .

If  you  want  to ,  you can  even  attend  weekday  Mass ,  which  begins  at  Noon ,  or  you  can  just  go  in and  light  a candle .

You  may  take  some  pictures ,  but  just  remember  that  you  are  in a  church .

No selfies  please .

Save  those  for the  Baltimore  Ravens  football  game  or an outing  at  Camden  Yards .

That’s  really  what  your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Baltimore  is all about .

If you  don’t  want  to  have a  little  peace and  quiet  inside  of  the  church ,  just walk  outside .

Not even  a  block  away  is one  of  the  most  serene  and  peaceful  places  in  the  city .

It’s  the  Pope  John  Paul  I I  Garden .

Take  time  to  enjoy  your  surroundings  and  think  about  what  you  want  to  see  next.