My great 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas is over and I’m returning home to New York’s JFK .

I’m NOT a happy camper after a week in Las Vegas .

I used to work for Delta and fly them from time to time .

I had an idea of what their planes are like.

Or I thought I did.

At Las Vegas McCarron International Airport , you have to make sure that you have your boarding pass BEFORE you get on line.

If you have bags to check, pay before you get there, because they DON’T take cash.

There are machines in the airport where you can buy a card to pay for your checked baggage , but you pay $5 more for it.

The agent that checked me in told me a way to get around paying extra for a prepaid card and how to keep my money.

It’s called consolidation .

Put my handbag in one bag so that I only have a personal item and a carry on.

It worked as my carryon bag fit in the overhead bin and the personal item did fit under my seat, which had a blanket , still wrapped in plastic.

I relaxed on the flight even though as usual going through good old TSA, was always an adventure.

As I settled in my seat, I watched the safety feature.

I have to give Delta major props for having one of the most innovative safety videos .

Not only do they tell you what to do and what not to do, the flight attendants are all wearing Delta uniforms from all the years that Delta has been flying.

I don’t know who in Atlanta thought of this or how they found all of these uniforms, but it was brilliant , just saying .

I was able to take out my headphones and either watch tv, listen to music, track the flight, which I did quite often, or see a movie.

As I didn’t like any of the movies or music, I watched some tv.

Being the sports diva that I am , yes I did watch some of the shows on ESPN.

I can’t tell you about the beverages or food served on the flight, nor can I tell you if my flight had a lot of turbulence .

I have no idea on either.

After the takeoff, I settled into the middle seat and went to sleep.

I didn’t wake up until the flight was landing at JFK .

Yeah, I was THAT tired.

As much as I was unhappy about leaving Las Vegas , it was good to come home and just jump on my bed with my comfy pillow and my even comfy stuffed animals.

Thank you for getting me home safely , Delta .



FB_IMG_1501159878484FB_IMG_1501159862716FB_IMG_1501159859682FB_IMG_1501159892351I’m  really  excited  about  going  to  Las Vegas ,  Nevada ,  but then I  get really  excited  about  going  anywhere  whether  it’s  a  30 Plus  Teams  Tour  or  not .

Or  at  least  I  was  until  I  reached  JFK ,  which  is  the airport  basically  in my backyard .

Jet  Blue  airlines  had told me via email  to be prepared  for  delays  at the  airport  due to  the  major  construction  that  always  seems  to  go  on at this  airport   so I  knew what  to expect .

I always  try to   get to  the  airport  or bus terminal  early  because  I  hate being rushed and I  also  like  to  people  watch.

I  checked  in for my flight ,  JetBlue  flight  7-Eleven  JFK New York  to Las Vegas  McCarron  International  Airport .

The  departure  time was  6:30pm ,  NewYork  time arriving  at  9:20pm ,  Las Vegas  time .

With  the  time  change ,  it would  be  a  five hour  and  50 minute  flight .

That’s  right ,  I  said  supposed  to  leave  at  6:30pm .

As  I  looked  down  at  my phone ,  I had received  another  email  from  Jet  Blue .

My flight ,  which  originated  from  San  Juan ,  Puerto  Rico ,  was going  to  be late  getting  to New York   and therefore  we would be  delayed  leaving  JFK  but also  arriving  in  Las  Vegas .

How  much  delayed  at JFK ?

”  Just  an hour  “,  was the  word from  the  gate  agents .

The  “just  one  hour  ” turned  into  almost  two hours and the gate  changed as well from Gate 18 to Gate 2.

Finally ,  around  8 pm ,  our row numbers  were finally  called .


Or so we thought .

This  is  JFK ,   nothing  ever goes  smoothly  at this  airport ,  including  airplanes  taking  off when  they’re  supposed  to .

It’s  like  the  New York


City  traffic  during  rush  hour ,  bumper  to bumper .

Nobody  is  going  ANY WHERE ,  even  on an airplane  runway .

So for  another  hour, or so it seemed ,  I  wasn’t  leaving  on a JetBlue  flight  and neither  were the  other  passengers .

Around  9:30pm  or so, the pilot  said  those  words we all wanted  to  hear


By the   grace  of  God ,  Las Vegas ,  Nevada ,  here I  come!