I’m looking forward to to my birthday and my next 30 Plus Teams Tour .

I should be really excited to be taking my first trip to anywhere in 2018.

Instead, I’ve got another nagging medical problem .

I’ve got a massive toothache that won’t seem to go away.

I should make a trip to the dentist , but no, instead I’m self medicating myself with the following things:

Gargling with warm salty water.

Taking Motrin like it’s candy, not pills that I can get addicted to.

Taking Orajel, which is a dental product here in the United States that people take when you can’t make it to or don’t want to go to the dentist.

In my case, I don’t want to see the dentist .

I don’t like them.

It’s gotten so bad that for the past two nights, now three if you count today, I can’t sleep on my right side, because it hurts so badly.

Now, compared to what some other bloggers are suffering from , this toothache is a minor thing.

If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know that they’re the worst.

Which brings me to the title of this blog.

Be careful what you wish for.

No, I didn’t wish for a really bad toothache that would prevent me from sleeping on my right side .

Nor did I wish to be really sick during Christmas and New Year’s Weekends.

There’s an American football championship game on and I can’t even enjoy it because I just want to lie down and stop the throbbing that’s going on in my mouth.

What I wished for really badly was to be older when I was a little girl.

I prayed that the good Lord would protect me and watch over me.

He has all through every illness that I’ve gone through no matter if it was my Hysterectomy , my mini stroke, the sarcoidosis that I suffer from and even the heart attack that I had when I was 16.

In the United States with our lack of health care , seniors are basically a gold mine for doctors and hospitals.

They know that we have insurance so they make appointments for us whether we need to see them or not or even to prescribe more medication for us.

When you wake up in the morning , the only snap, crackle, and pop that you should be hearing should be coming from your cereal , not your legs or any other part of your body.

I am grateful to be at the age that I am now, but I do remember the times that I would tell my parents , sister and brother , who were much older than me, how much I couldn’t wait to get older.

‘Don’t rush it you’ve got time’, my sister would tell me.

I didn’t understand what she meant then as I couldn’t wait to get older.

I might have been a teenager or in my 20 ‘ s and couldn’t wait to be oh so much older.

Don’t get me wrong , I’m blessed to be the age that I am now, but I never realized what happens when you get older.

If you get sick, it doesn’t last a few days , try more like a week or longer.

Doctors want to see you so they can tell you not what you really have, but something that you DON’T have and they’ll prescribe some medication that your insurance only pays a part of.

Looking back now, my late sister’s words ring true.

‘Don’t rush it.’

For those of you who were like me, in my 20’s, who can’t wait to be older , the Sports Diva has a piece of advice for you.

Don’t rush it.

Be careful what you wish for .


My paper , pencils and tablet are in front of me .

I’m using all three of them to write about another upcoming 30 Plus Teams Tour of some city.

I could write about my next adventure to some city to meet up with friends .

Or I could write about going to another sporting event.

God willing , that’s coming up in around 21 days, but who’s counting ?

I also could write about some restaurant , hotel or hostel that I’ve ever slept in or eaten at.

I haven’t done any of these things, nor have I done any museums , monuments or memorials in awhile .

So just what’s going on here?

I’m not suffering from Bloggers Block.

It’s more like the line in that old Billy Joel song,

“I’m in a New York State of Mind.”

What does that mean?, you might ask.

Basically , I want to stay in my little corner of The Big Apple and not really do anything .

I know what you’re saying to yourself .

New Yorkers are ALWAYS on the go, always in a hurry.

What’s your problem ?

It’s the weather that’s making me this way, among other things.

As I look out my window , I still see snow.

New York as well as some other areas of the Northeast , got hit by the infamous snow storm known as the “Bomb Cyclone ” last week .

So instead of the “Nuisance Snow ” of 4-6 inches, we received “inconvenience snow” of 12 inches.

Most of it is still there , right in front of my doorway and across the street in front of my neighbors house.

As usual , no snow plows in sight.

It’s not 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside like it was last week .

We actually have a “heat wave “.

It’s 41 degrees Fahrenheit .

If the snow weren’t bad enough, I’m getting over being sick, which really puts me in a sad state of mind.

So what’s a blogger supposed to do if the weather and your health put a damper on your big plans for your 2018 ,30 Plus Teams Tour ?

Simple .

You do what I’m doing now.

You blog about it even as I’m looking out the window and see all of that dirty left over snow and try to read all those travel brochures that seemed to have taken over my mailbox .

You sit down at your table or bed, make yourself a nice cup of Ginger Tea, write your blog post and listen to some relaxing music.

New York State of Mind sounds pretty good right about now .


December  25 is officially  over ,  but I’m  still thinking  about Christmas  songs . 

You might recognize the song that goes, “on the first day of Christmas ,  my true love gave to me- a partridge  in  a pear tree.”

I don’t  remember  too much of the sing, but I’m  going to  change the words.

A lot.

My true love didn’t  give me  anything  nice on the first day of Christmas . 

Instead, for the first  day of Christmas ,  this was my present  from the city of Boston ; 

A white Christmas ,  chills, a sore throat ,  coughing ,  sneezing ,  and wheezing . 

While many people  were ripping the covers off their presents, I was putting  covers over my body.

I was shivering!

The rest of my “12” days of Christmas  weren’t  any different . 

No, let me stop lying.

It went downhill from the first day of Christmas . 

My second day of Christmas ,  I was on a Peter Pan Bus along with a few other  people  who  were in the same  shape that I was.

Most of us were wrapped  up  warmly, coughing ,  sneezing and freezing  all the way from South Station  Bus Terminal  in Boston  to Port Authority  in “The Big  Apple  “.

(More on the Peter Pan bus ride to and from Boston  in a later post.)

On my third day of Christmas ,  I didn’t  have ladies dancing, there were no pipers piping, or lords a leaping.

I had doctors and nurses taking my temperature ,  my vital signs and doing xrays to make sure that I didn’t  have pneumonia . 

My “last” day of Christmas, day number four, was spent like days one thru three.

I’m  under the covers except now I’m  taking medicine and drinking lots of fluids.

There will be no five thru 12 days of Christmas  because  I just know it’s  going to be like days one thru four, just saying.

I once wrote a post about my favorite holiday . 

Christmas  wasn’t  it, and now I know why.

I didn’t  get a partridge  in a pear tree for the  first day of Christmas  or any of the other days of Christmas . 

Instead ,  I  got a box of  tissues, chicken soup, orange juice, a blue surgical mask, and a bottle of  cough syrup.

Merry Christmas  to me!