Whenever I go on one of my 30 Plus Teams Tour by bus, it’s usually either Megabus or Greyhound from New York City .

Coming back from this 30 Plus Teams Tour of Washington DC , I took a bus from a company that I had never heard of before, but according to a few of the passengers traveling on the bus also, Flixbus is a well known bus company in Europe .

The fare that I paid for returning back to New York City was, with the tax $6.99.

That’s right, I didn’t stutter , I said $6.99 with the tax and I had a whole seat to myself .

The bus, which is bright green, is really a motorcoach.

The seats are very comfortable, complete with seatbelts and a cup holder .

There’s no electrical outlets for you to charge your phone or other electrical doodads, or at least I didn’t see any.

So bring that portable charger with you and make sure that it’s charged up.

There is wifi on the bus though, and compared to the wifi on Greyhound , this is top notch .

Unlike the other bus companies that go to and from Washington DC , the Flixbus doesn’t go to Union Station .

You pick it up across the street from the Renaissance Washington on 9th Street NW, near New York Avenue.

Even when you arrive in New York , the Flixbus doesn’t go to Port Authority like Greyhound does or 27th Street and 7th Avenue the way Megabus does.

The bus drops you off at 31st and 8th Avenue at Penn Station , very convenient if you have that subway, New Jersey Transit train, or Long Island Railroad train to catch.

God willing , if available , I will be taking this bus again .

It was fast, clean, even the bathroom didn’t have that bathroom nasty smell that you find on other buses.

If you happen to be visiting the United States and Flixbus goes to the city that you want visit, if the price is right, by all means , take it.

You won’t be disappointed .

Or at least , I wasn’t .


With apologies to the singing group, Gladys Knight and The Pips, no I’m not taking a midnight train to Georgia.

I’m taking a midnight Greyhound bus to Canada’s capital , Ottawa, Ontario, Canada .

Yes, my 30 Plus Teams Tour is taking me up to The True North.

My final destination is Ottawa, but I have to change buses in Montreal .

I’m hoping in Ottawa to cross off two more things from my bucket list.

Whether I do it, not sure, but you’ll know because the Sports Diva is going to share it with you.

I haven’t been to Ottawa in years so I know it has changed a lot.

The last time I was in Ottawa , they didn’t have a professional hockey team.

I am very excited to see this city.

Because this is a 30 Plus Teams Tour and it is Canada , you know that a hockey game is going to break out, and God willing , the Sports Diva is gonna be there repping her team, the New York Rangers who are playing the hometown team, the Senators.

Unlike my trip to Baltimore, there will be no surprises when the bus makes a stop.

It’s hello Albany, Saratoga Springs , and Plattsburgh , New York before we cross over to the Canadian border and we go through Canadian customs , which believe me, I like a lot better than going through United States customs .

(When going through United States customs, I feel like I’m in school, answering 50 million questions. Not so much with Canadian customs. And they’re wicked polite too.)

After this, it’s on to Montreal, then my final destination , Ottawa.

I can’t wait and y’all are coming on the 30 Plus Teams Tour with me.

Jesus, take the wheel and get us to Canada safely .


I’m sitting on a Greyhound Bus, waiting to start my next 30 Plus Teams Tour .

Lately, Greyhound has been having a lot of issues with their buses and drivers .

My bus was supposed to leave at 11am, non stop to Baltimore , Maryland .

Or so I thought.

(Yeah, this is where I’m going to and there will be a few posts from my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Baltimore.)

When the bus finally left, 20 minutes late, I do what I usually do on the bus.

Sleep .

I was in such deep sleep that when the bus stopped, I was ready and eager to get off until the driver announced where we really were.



Wilmington , Delaware ?

What kind of express bus is this?

Then I looked at my ticket.

Whoops, “senioritis” has set in.

I forgot .

When I return to New York City on Tuesday, God willing , the bus will be non stop.

Going to Baltimore, the 11AM bus ALWAYS stops in Wilmington .

Why couldn’t it be the other way around ?

Greyhound make that stop on the way back to New York City , I’m not in that much of a hurry to get back.

Why is it that no matter how you travel, it seems to take FOREVER to get to your destination , but when you’re returning, it’s as though your bus driver, train conductor or even the pilot, is auditioning for the newest Fast and the Furious movie and gets you to your home city in no time.

Or is that just me that they seem to get back to New York City way quicker than I really want to get there ?

Oh well for right now, I’m not thinking about New York City .

We just left Wilmington and I have another hour and a half before I get to Charm City, aka Baltimore .

I think I’ll go back to sleep .


It’s 10:45pm and do you know where your bus to Pittsburgh is?

It’s the night before my birthday and I’m standing in line at Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York waiting for the 11pm bus to the city on The Three Rivers, Pittsburgh .

The blue and grey bus with the Greyhound dog on it is standing at the gate, waiting for passengers .

So why aren’t we boarding ?

I haven’t been to Pittsburgh in two years and I’m really wicked excited about spending my birthday there with a friend .

If that wasn’t nerve wracking enough, we’ve been told that we have to wait for another bus because the bus that’s at the gate isn’t working right.

No, this isn’t happening .

Are we for real right now?

This isn’t the way I wanted my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Pittsburgh to begin.

Finally, after 11:15pm, it was time to board and because I’m a “senior”, I get to sit right behind the driver.

The bus isn’t crowded and I get my own seat, right behind the driver.

I’m on my way to a little birthday “turnup” and a 30 Plus Teams Tour.

# winning


It’s  Christmas time  and I’m  going on another 30 Plus  Teams  Tour . 

I’m  excited  because  my tour is bringing  me  up to  Boston . 

I’m  not  taking  Amtrak ,  Megabus ,  or one of  the  Chinese  buses  that I  took when I went to  Baltimore .

Greyhound  isn’t  an option  anymore.

I’ll  only take them if there’s  no other  option . 

This time I’m going  to  take  one of those green and white buses that are the Peter Pan buses.

The Peter Pan bus lines aren’t  really  a new bus line, they’ve  been around for a long time, but you only find them in the Northeast  states.

They go as far down as Baltimore . 

They were once affiliated with  Greyhound ,  but no longer.

They also leave from Port Authority  and arrive at some of the same bus terminals that Greyhound  arrives at.

Peter Pan buses are spacious  and very comfortable . 

The buses are also  equipped  with seat belts in EVERY seat.

They even show you a video of what to expect  when you get on the bus, like the WiFi . 

One thing  that  Peter Pan doesn’t  have  are outlets for charging your mobile devices  in every seat.

You have to sit in the seats that are on the left  side  of  the  bus.

Unfortunately ,  on my return ,  neither of the two outlets in my seat worked.

Not good  guys, if you’re  hyping up the fact that  you have WiFi . 

Because I got  my ticket early, my bus fare was cheap, and I got the senior  rate.

Don’t  wait until  the  last  minute  to buy that ticket.

The fare might not be as cheap as you think.

Going to Boston  was smooth and I  was able to look out the window  and  see areas of the city that Greyhound  or Megabus  doesn’t even travel on their way to Boston . 

Coming back, even though I wasn’t  feeling well ,  I could actually  put my seat back and sleep in comfort . 

Given the fact that we were coming back to  New York  City ,  traffic  was a nightmare  and instead of getting  back to New York  City  at 4:30, it was more like 6 pm that the bus arrived.

I would still definitely  recommend  Peter Pan Bus lines to anyone  if you happen to be visiting  the  Northeast  areas of the United  States . 

Just make sure that Peter Pan goes to  the  places that you want to go  to  and don’t wait until  the  last  minute  to buy that ticket.

Check their website  at peterpanbus.com


It was  Labor  Day  here in the  States  and that meant  that  it was time  for  my annual  30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  one  of  my  favorite  cities ,  Baltimore ,  Maryland . 

Normally ,  I take  Greyhound  at Port Authority  Bus Terminal  to and from  the city on the Chesapeake  Bay . 

Not  this  time . 

As Megabus  unfortunately  doesn’t  go into  Downtown  Baltimore ,  this  was not  an option . 

Megabus  goes into  an area known  as  White Marsh.

I would have taken that bus, but instead  I  went on the  internet and checked  for an inexpensive  bus ride.

No, let me keep  it real.

I  was looking  for  a  really  cheap last  minute  ride to  Baltimore . 

I noticed one of  the  “Chinese” buses , which are very popular  here on the East  Coast . 

They cater mostly  to Asian passengers and they pick you up in the Chinatown  neighborhoods  of most cities . 

Some of  them had  a  bad reputation ,  so I  never thought  of  taking  one of  them.

I had heard  all sorts of  horror  stories  about  them . 

It was my first  time  taking one and I really  wasn’t  that impressed ,  especially  since I had to  show my online ticket and identification  at the office  on 31st Street and Fifth Avenue ,  but then walk to  32nd Street  and Broadway   to get the bus.

It’s  not that  long a walk, really ,  but my backpack  was heavy.

Once I got on the  bus, my opinion  changed.

It’s  not that  the buses are cleaner than Greyhound ,  they really  aren’t . 

However ,  I felt safer riding one of  these buses as compared  to  the  sometimes  roller  coaster  ride that is riding  on the  Greyhound  buses.

The seats were just as comfortable  as the seats on Greyhound . 

They even showed movies.

Ok, they were in Chinese with English  subtitles ,  but Greyhound  doesn’t  show  movies  of any kind on their buses.

Seeing  that this is  a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  that I’m  on, they had a movie about traveling  to  Korea and Japan and the baseball  scene there, which is  quite huge.

The ride to Baltimore  wasn’t  an express  bus though, as we stopped  in Wilmington ,  Delaware . 

When we arrived  in  Baltimore ,  it wasn’t  at a terminal  in Downtown  Baltimore ,  it was the  O’Donnell  Street  Transit  Park  in the Canton  neighborhood  of  the  city . 

From there ,  it was easy to  get  a  city bus into  Downtown  Baltimore  where my hotel  was.

You can’t   beat across  the  street  from  the  transit center  and for the fare of $1.80.

Six days  later, I decided  to  take  Greyhound ,  even though it was more expensive  than  the   $20  that  I  paid  for  the  Chinese bus.

The terminal  on Haines  Street ,  in the shadow of  Downtown  Baltimore , has been  remodeled  since I  was  last in town ,  which was a year ago . 

Compared to  the  way  it used to  look, it looks very modern and spacious  now.

I would  love to  show  you  pictures of  the  new and improved  Baltimore  Greyhound  Terminal ,  but they don’t  allow  pictures  for some  reason ,  which I found odd.

The Greyhound  bus from Baltimore  to the  Big  Apple  was an express  bus.

It didn’t  even  stop for a rest stop.

Greyhound  buses even got  a  new  makeover.

But having  said  that ,  it’s  not just about the look ,  but more about the price and service  that will make me decide  what bus I’ll  take.

Lots of  times, I don’t  get that from riding  Greyhound . 

If any of these  buses go to  the  city where my next 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  is, and once again ,  Megabus  isn’t  an option ,  guess who else won’t  be  an option ? 

That’s  right, Greyhound . 


It’s  that  time  again . 

It’s  time for  my own  annual  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Charm City . 

As I’m  going  for  five  days ,  I don’t  need  to  carry  a big suitcase . 

As usual ,  it’s  the bus to  get  down  there, but not Greyhound . 

More on my bus experience  down  to  Baltimore  on a later post.

I need a bag that’s  lightweight  and  easy  to  carry  because  I  do a lot of  walking  BEFORE  and AFTER  I get to Baltimore.

I also  want  a  bag that  fits everything  that  I’m  carrying . 

This is  a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour, so you just know  there’s  going  to  be  some  baseball  games at my favorite  baseball  park, Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards . 

Since the  New York  Yankees  are playing  the  home town team, the Orioles ,  I will  DEFINITELY  have some  baseball  related articles  of clothing  in my bag.

As wordpress.com  blogger, Morgan  from Bay Area Beauty  Blogger stated in her post of August  25 of this year, “What to wear to a baseball  game  “, you don’t  have  to  wear a  baseball  jersey to a game . 

I agree  with her 100%.

If  you  don’t  have  a  baseball  jersey  to  wear to the  game, go to the next best thing.

Wear something  with  the team logo, colors, or a player’s  name on the back.

As you can see from my  pictures ,  I don’t  wear jerseys  either.

I wear team shirts with  the  player’s  name and number on the back or something  on the front.

I have put all the things I’m  taking  on the bed, except  for  the  two New York  Yankees  hats that I’m  carrying  with  me.

I’m  superstitious ,  so that’s  why  the  picture  of my hats are where they are are and not on the bed.

It’s  bad luck  to put your hat there, by the way.

Besides the unmentionables, toiletries ,  hair stuff, and my stuffed  animals , this is what you’ll  find in my bag for my trip to “Birdland  “.

I still  have  them at my age and carry three particular  ones when I go away on my own  30 Plus  Teams  Tour .

 Don’t  judge me, just saying . 


All rings from H & M 

Black bracelets from Forever  21

Brown  bracelet  from Rainbow  Shops  

Earrings  from Clare’s

Pearl necklace with heart from Forever 21

The necklace on the jeans was my late aunt’s. As you can guess, it has very sentimental  value  to me. I wear it everywhere.


Robe is from H &  M.

Baseball  caps are from Modell’s Sporting  Goods  

Black hoodie from Rainbow  Shops  

Leggings  from  Rainbow  Shops  

Grey shirt from  Uniqlo

Yankees baseball  shirts  from Modell’s Sporting  Goods  and  The Yankees  Clubhouse  

Baltimore  Orioles  shirt from Baltimore  Orioles  Team Store  

(You might be wondering  just why I  have a shirt from the Orioles  if I’m  rooting  for  the  Yankees . This particular  player happens  to  be  one  of  my  favorite  players and besides ,  I’m  not  walking  around  town wearing  Yankees gear my entire time  there.)

Green and black pj’s  from Primark

Black scarf from Rainbow  Shops  

Black jeans from  Primark  

Blue drawstring  bag from Sketchers Sneaker Outlet

Brown  drawstring  bag from Macy’s  

I use the brown one for dirty clothes and the  blue one when I don’t  feel like carrying  a  purse.

Handbag from Macy’s  

Leopard  make up case from Forever  21  

Sneakers from Payless Shoe Stores  

Black sweater from Rainbow  Shops  


Will all this  stuff fit in my little  backpack?

Of course it will.

Some of  these things I’m  wearing  on the bus and the other stuff will fit, with a little  creative  packing .

What’s  in your bag when you go somewhere ? 

Do you  travel  with a suitcase or a backpack ? 

Let me know and share your thoughts on this post.