Some people know this place as the home of Georgetown University, one of the premier Catholic Colleges in the country, known mostly for three things.

The Law school, the college where the horror movie, The Exorcist, takes place and third, their basketball team, the Hoyas.

Georgetown is older than the actual city of Washington DC and is across the Key Bridge from Arlington, Virginia.

As a matter of fact, when you cross the Key Bridge, the first sign that you see isn’t welcome to Georgetown, but Welcome to Washington DC.

I had a little time to kill so I spent a little time here.

Unlike most of Washington DC, there’s no Metro train to get you to Georgetown.

The closest Metro Station would be Foggy Bottom, near George Washington University, but after you get off, you have to get your walking game on .

You can do one of three things.

1.Walk over the Key Bridge from Arlington to Georgetown.

2. Walk through Rock Creek Park this connects to the Georgetown Waterfront

3. Do like the Sports Diva did. You can take the DC Circular that takes you right into Georgetown. (There are several DC Circular routes. Look for the one that says GEORGETOWN)You can even use your Smart Card that you used for the Metro.

Enjoy this brief look at “Hoya Country”, better known as Georgetown