When I come to DC, the first thing I want to do is check and see what restaurants are close by.

Usually, I go to restaurants that’s recommended by friends or family who live in the area.

This time, I wanted to try a different restaurant.

I was really wishing and hoping for one of my favorite foods, Thai , and I was hoping with as many different type of restaurants that DC has, I’d be able to find at least one Thai restaurant in the area where I was going.

Enter Absolute Thai Restaurant at 541 G Street, right across the street from the Capital One Arena, home of the Washington Wizards basketball team and the Washington Capitals hockey team.

(Could the Sports Diva be any luckier since I was taking pictures of the Capital One Arena?)

The restaurant is easy to get to by Metro.

Since it’s at the Gallery Place Chinatown station , just follow the signs to the arena.

But then it gets tricky.

You’re on 7th and G street, but you have to walk around Capital One Arena to get to the lower numbers of G Street.

Or you can do what I did. Walk through the alleyway of Gallery Place.

You’ll see the restaurant, which is small.

Now what about the food?

I had my favorite food to have whenever I go to a Thai restaurant.

Penang Curry with beef and Jasmine rice.

I started off with Chicken Satay with red onion and cucumber salad and peanut sauce which I gobbled down like it was my last meal or something.

As for the Penang Curry, it was enough for 2 or more people to share.

It was so good and not too spicy, just the way I like it.

Of course I had to have some Thai Ice Tea to go with it, even if it was cold outside.

All of this came to $30 or so, not including tip, which I was happy to give because the waitresses were so friendly and helpful.

This restaurant isn’t expensive at all even though they’re that close to the arena.

I would definitely go again, but next time no appetizer, just my delicious and mouth watering Penang Curry.


Since 2012, one of my Circle of Sisters and I have traveled to the city on the Chesapeake Bay , Baltimore , Maryland , also known as “Charm City “.

Back then, when I first went, there was no such thing as a 30 Plus Teams Tour .

We went to Baltimore because we both love baseball and hockey, too, but that’s another story for another day .

Our trips to Baltimore , which usually takes place in either April, June, July, August , or September .

Basically , its the months when the Yankees play the Baltimore Orioles at the place that just happens to be the favorite ballpark of both of us , Orioles Park at Camden Yards , or just Camden Yards for short.

This is the time for my bestie, Sue, and I to really get together.

She lives in Pittsburgh , I live in New York City.

Baltimore is sort of the midway point between the two cities .

Forget what you’ve seen on television or read in the news about the city .

Baltimore is a very beautiful city with a lot of very friendly people.

It’s just as historical as Boston, Washington DC , and Philadelphia are.

There’s bad areas of the city, yes, but there are a lot of cities in the world with bad areas.

Do your research and stay away from those areas if you can.

Talk to the locals while you’re in town.

Don’t be surprised if you’re called “Hon” a lot.

That’s short for honey, and it’s not sexist.

It’s a term of endearment in B’more .

We’ve talked about besties and baseball , what about that other “B”, Beer?

When you’re at a baseball game at Camden Yards , or some other baseball park, you MUST have a Hot Dog, Nachos loaded with cheese and jalapeños, and some French Fries .

Oh, you didn’t know this?

Trust the Sports Diva on this one, it’s sports related.

It’s baseball food and what do you have to wash it down with?

No, not a milk shake, water or a soda.

Beer, that’s the drink of baseball aficionados while at a game, cheering their team on.

They even sell it in the stands during a game.

(Just have your id ready and tip the vendors, don’t be cheap! Remember , after the 7th inning, you can’t get beer because they stop selling it.)

Baltimoreans love a locally brewed beer called “Natty Bohemian ” or Natty Boh for short.

Personally, I go with either Stella Artois Cidre, Blue Moon or Shock Top.

I must admit that this is the only time that I really do beer, because nothing says baseball in the summer like an ice cold beer.

This year, the Yankees don’t make an appearance in Baltimore on Labor Day .

So that means August was the only month that my bestie and I got to see this ball park .

No more Bestie, Beer, and Baseball time this year.

God willing, my bestie and I will have to wait until the 2019 baseball season begins to experience another bestie , beer, and baseball trip down in Baltimore .

We’re looking forward to it.


In a city known for its buffets and five star restaurants , you wouldn’t expect to see any kind of Thai food, let alone good Thai food.

Venture off from the Las Vegas Strip and head down to Fremont Street , a little bit past the Fremont Street Experience and there it is, Le Thai Downtown Restaurant .

The restaurant is in the area of Fremont Street known as Fremont Street East , which is the entertainment area of downtown Las Vegas .

You’ll find nightclubs, Downtown Container Park, which I’ll talk about later in another post, and one of the oldest casinos in town, El Cortez, which at one time was owned by mobster Bugsy Siegel.

If you take a walk down this street, you will definitely miss Le Thai.

I know I have the many times that I’ve been in town.

The restaurant is open every day but on Monday thru Saturday, there’s happy hour and lunch specials.

The lunch special is from 11am until 3pm and it cost only $9.95 plus tax.

That’s a good deal if you ask me.

I love Thai food and on the special lunch menu, I was happy to see my favorite Thai food , Panang Curry on the menu.

You have a choice with all the items on the special of white or brown rice with either chichen, tofu, shrimp, beef, or pork.

I had white rice with beef, and lemonade.

I was asked by the waitress on a scale of spicy from 1 to 5, how spicy did I want my food?

I went for 2 and it was still spicy but oh so good.

I have had Panang Curry at other Thai restaurants , but not like this.

This curry was very flavorful and instead of string beans, it was loaded with carrots.

It was so good and so filling that I had enough for leftovers.

To say that I would recommend this restaurant to people if they are ever in Las Vegas , the Strip or even Downtown Las Vegas, would be an understatement.

If the weather is nice, you can sit outside and enjoy the view.

The prices are reasonable, even if you don’t do the lunch special or go for Happy Hour.

You can even do take out.

No matter what you do, you can’t go wrong with Le Thai Downtown Restaurant on 6th and Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas .


I’m sure  that  I’m  going  to  leave  out  something  , but these are  some  of  the  things  that  I  really  love.



Handbags  – No, they don’t  have  to  be  name brands .  I  LOVE HANDBAGS !

Jewelry  – Especially  rings, bracelets  and  necklaces .

Nail Polish



Travel  Guides  –   No matter  where  it is

Dancing  – I’m  not really  great  at it ,  but who cares ?

New York  style  Cheesecake

Ginger Ale

New  Years  Eve  and New  Years  Day

Snowy  Days

Coffee  – No ,  definitely  not Starbucks .  Try 7-Eleven ,  Dunkin  Donuts  or even  Tim  Hortons


Comfy   heavy  sweaters

Scented  Soap

Scented  Candles

Kuala  Lumpur ,  Malaysia

My stuffed  animals  – who you just know  are named for athletes ,  except  one. Her name  is  Posh  Spice

Fashion  magazines

Going on  a bus ride  no matter  what  city  I’m  in

A Primanti  Brothers  sandwich  while  I’m  in  Pittsburgh  –  RIGHTEOUS ! !

Going  to  or watching  a sporting  event

Going  for  a  walk  in  the  city ,  no matter  what  city  it is

New England  Clam Chowder


Ice Cream

Watching  Travel  Shows  on t.v.

Watching  cooking  shows  on t.v.

Thai Food

Jamaican  Food

Vietnamese  Food, especially  Pho  Soup

Malaysian  Food

Jack Daniels  and  Fireball  Whiskey  – Yeah, I  like  my adult  beverages

Watching  the  ESPN  TV  series ,  “30  For  30  ”

Opening  ceremony  of the  Summer  and  Winter  Olympics , especially  when the countries  make their  entrance  into  the  stadium



Going  to  a new place and getting  souvenirs ,  whether  it  be  postcards ,  shot glasses ,  tshirts, magnets ,  key chains  or a bag  with the  city’s  name  on it .

Flying  in  an airplane

Seeing  different  airports  Barbecue  Potato  Chips

My family and My Circle  of  Sisters  FB_IMG_1501501270624FB_IMG_1501501296835FB_IMG_1501501410548FB_IMG_1501243884865FB_IMG_1501502313003FB_IMG_1501501509961FB_IMG_1501501213628FB_IMG_1501502557944FB_IMG_1501502583576FB_IMG_1501502500062FB_IMG_1501502493086

Watching  some reality  shows  – my two guilty  pleasures  are Love and Hip Hop  -Atlanta  and Basketball  Wives

Listening  to  a  song  by either   Hall and  Oates ,  Kenny  G ,  Sade ,  Drake ,  Justin  Timberlake ,  Maroon  5 ,  Chicago  or Flo-Rida .


Blogging   (naturally  )

Thanking  God  for being  able  to  go on  a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour


I gave  you  my  things that I  love. What  about you?

What’s some  of  the  things  that  you love?

Let me  know  in the  comments  section .