I’ll admit it .

Being from New York City , I am that Pizza snob.

No pizza is as good as the pizza in New York .

Chicago style pizza, though is right up there with New York style pizza though.

That deep dish pizza is DA BOMB!

When I’m up in Canada , I have to make a stop at the pizza chain known as Pizza Pizza.

Now whether they’re affiliated with Little Caesars chain here in the United States , I don’t know .

It’s one of the first places the Sports Diva goes to when I’m in The True North , next to Tim Horton’s that is.

Gotta have my Tim Horton coffee or Vanilla Latte while I’m in Canada you know.

But back to Pizza Pizza.

It’s so good and while it doesn’t hit the spot like New York and Chicago style pizza does, I can eat it all the time while in Canada .

The slices are big and they slice them in two.

Can never turn down two slices for the price of one, peeps, and like a true New York City gal, I fold my pizza to eat it.

My favorite is the Pepperoni special for $5.49.

For me it’s pepperoni pizza, ginger ale and one of the most popular kind of potato chips in the country, All Dressed.

They even have a gluten free pizza, which takes a little longer to make , but according to my Circle of Sister Mish, it’s so good .

Mish is also a New York City pizza snob , so that’s high praise.

The only no no that the Sports Diva has about Pizza Pizza is when they ask you if you want dipping sauce to go with your pizza.

It cost extra.


Sorry, you can take the girl out of New York City , but you can’t take the Five Boroughs out of the girl .

Dipping sauce for pizza?!

Are you for real right now ?

That’s like putting pineapple and ham on pizza, although I understand some folks like that too.

You might not be a pizza fan (what’s wrong with you?!), but while in Canada, visit Pizza Pizza for some cheap eats that won’t break your budget.


You might think that while I was on my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas , all I did was eat.

You might be right and it just wasn’t at one of the many buffets or restaurants that the city is famous for.

At The D Hotel and Casino right in the middle of the action on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, there’s a 24 hour restaurant that might just be familiar to those of you who have either been to or lived in Detroit or any other city in Michigan .

The restaurant is called the American Coney Island Chili Dog.

Now, there’s no Coney Island in Detroit , but when the many Greek immigrants who settled in Detroit first came to this country, they went to New York first, and what was the first American thing they ate?

You guessed it, hot dogs.

For some reason, they were given the name Coney Island dogs and these immigrants brought them to their new home, Detroit.

These hot dogs are grilled and slathered with chilli sauce, but don’t look for beans in this chilli .

You won’t find them.

Instead you’ll find a flavorful sauce with onions and you can add mustard or ketchup to it, although I have no idea why you’d want to mess up a perfectly good hotdog by adding ketchup to it, just saying.

This restaurant chain,which is all over the city of Detroit, might have been one of the favorites of the owner of the hotel, Derek Stevens, who was born and raised in Detroit.

In case you didn’t know, the hotel’s name, The D, is another nickname for the city of Detroit.

Prices at the restaurant are reasonable and they use the same recipe for the sauce that was used by the founders of the original American Coney Island Dog back in Detroit .

You might even see a relative of the founders behind the counter as they do come to Las Vegas from time to time just to make sure the restaurant is sticking to the formula that made this place so popular with Motowners for all these years.

You might not be a fan of hot dogs, but trust me, if you can’t get to Detroit , or if you are from the Motor City, and you want a taste of home while you’re in Las Vegas, get yourself over to Downtown Las Vegas for the American Coney Island Chilli Dog Restaurant .


When people visit Las Vegas , they stay mostly on the Las Vegas Strip , and if they happen to be staying at one of the downtown casino hotels, people only go to check out the Fremont Street Experience, then they return to their hotels to gamble or if they’re staying at one of those fancy hotels on the Las Vegas Strip , they return to the Strip.

But those tourists in the know, who have been to Las Vegas more than once, know about a place that the locals also know about.

It’s the entertainment district of Fremont Street , known as Fremont East .

Right in the middle of Fremont Street East , on 7th Street is the Downtown Container Park.

What’s so special about this place?

The restaurants and stores are made from shipping containers, hence the name Container Park.

Plus it’s located in Downtown Las Vegas , so there you go, Downtown Container Park .

It opens up at 10am or so, and has an area for children, as well as a domed area for showing movies.

But at 9pm, like the rest of the city, the park comes alive.

No one under 21 allowed in the park after 9pm.

Just like in Paris and other cities, you’ll see “locks of love”, but unlike Paris and other cities, these “locks” aren’t on a bridge .

They’re on a heart with other locks, right on Fremont Street .

Also in front of the park is a giant Preying Mantis .

Don’t worry , it isn’t real , but this is Las Vegas , after all, and you just know that this insect is going to do something like put on a show or something .

After awhile, the eyes of the insect light up and out of its antennas comes fire.

Yeah, that is real, so don’t get too close to it.

To say that the sight of the insect spewing fire might startle you is an understatement, so don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

If you’re staying on the Las Vegas Strip and you know that you want to see the light show at the Fremont Street Experience or glide through the air on Slotzilla, don’t return back to the Las Vegas Strip just yet.

Take a walk down to 7th and Fremont Street and do a little shopping or eating at one of the shops at Downtown Container Park .


First of all, let me put it out there .

In-N-Out Burger DIDN’T sponsor this post, this is my own opinion.

(But if they were to ask me if I wanted free burgers for life when I go to wherever they have branches, oh heck yeah I’ll take them up on that offer.)

Since this is my own opinion , you can keep your Burger King , Wendy’s , McDonald’s and definately kerp those Shake Shack burgers that y’all stand in line for all over New York City .

When I lived in California, I couldn’t wait to try a “double double”, with a side of those hand cut , not frozen fries, and that mouthwatering vanilla, chocolate and strawberry milk shakes, which were the real deal, also.

So imagine my delight after all these years when I discovered that right there on the Las Vegas Strip, in the Linq Promonade , there’s that familiar food place with the red, white and yellow logo with those cheeseburgers that I loved so much .

We don’t have this food chain in the eastern part of the United States and you guessed it, the Sports Diva is not happy about this.

On my visit by myself , I ordered a double double, which are two cheeseburger patties , that are fresh, not frozen, and it comes made up with tomatoes, lettuce , and special sauce .

If you want to have onions on it, you can ask for them raw or cooked .

As for that “special sauce”, don’t ask me what that is, I have no clue, but it sure makes the cheeseburger taste just as good as I remember it.

You can also have peppers on it if you’d like .

The peppers are on the counter , right next to the ketchup .

They have little paper bags to put the peppers in.

Did I mention that nothing is frozen?

I really missed eating this burger so much that a few nights later when a friend came to Vegas, I took her to IN-N-OUT also.

It was her first time there and yes, we ate for a third time there.

They tasted just as good as I remembered all those years ago back in California .