It’s not a huge step , but number 57 on my 30 Plus Teams Tour bucket list has been accomplished .

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While in Baltimore , I visited the home of the first American born Catholic saint , Mother Elizabeth Seton .

I not only learned about her life , which was quite tragic , but I found out much more .

(She lost her husband and became a widow at a young age with children due to illness , she was in a foreign country , Italy , knowing not a soul, and if that wasn’t bad enough , her family and her husband’s family disowned her because she converted to Catholicism . )

As the state of Maryland was founded by Roman Catholics escaping persecution in England , there is so much church history , not only at the Mother Seton House , but also at St . Mary’s Chapel , which is also on the grounds where Mother Seton’s home is .

There’s a free tour that one can take that not only shows you her home , where she not only taught her own daughters , but other young girls as well .

Her home was a safe haven for Blacks before and during the Civil War .

The tour guide not only shows you a movie about Mother Seton , but also about the French priests and nuns who came to Baltimore to escape persecution back in France during the French Revolution .

Their story just isn’t a part of Baltimore’s history , but the history of Early America as well .

I was truly fascinated by the stories of two nuns , Sister Marguerite Duchemin and Mother Mary Lange , both of whom were African American nuns .

The two of them founded two orders of nuns who were like themselves , African American .

There is a public park on the grounds where the church and Mother Seton’s home stand .

This area of Baltimore is known as Seton Hill and it’s very peaceful .

The houses haven’t changed since French settlers came to this city .

I have many more places to see and things to do on my bucket list , but I would have to say that the visit to Mother Seton’s home was one of the most inspirational .


Recently ,  I read an article  in  one of  the  travel  magazines  that some  countries  were going  to  limit  the  number  of tourists  due to overcrowding . Some  cities  have  even  seen violence  against  tourists ,  telling  them  to  ”  Go  Home  ” ,  or even  being  physical  with  some of  the  tourists .

Rome has limited  the  number  of  visitors  to  some  sites  in  the  city ,  such as St. Mark’s  Square  and  Trevi  Fountain  because  some of  them  have  waded  into  the  water ,  rather  than  throwing  coins  in the fountain  like you’re  supposed  to  do .

There  have  been  street  protests  in cities  like  Venice ,  Florence ,  Rome ,  Dubrovnik ,  and Barcelona  most notably .

This  fact  not  only  saddens  me, but it also  has  me thinking .

Could  this  happen  here  or in Canada ?

What  would  it be  like  to not  be  able  to  do a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New  York  City  due to  overcrowding ?

OK ,  I  get it.

New York  City  is a  bad example  because  if 8 million  plus  of us can live together  in five boroughs ,  what’s  a million  or so visitors  trying  to  pour into  Yankee  Stadium ,  the Empire  State  Building  or One World  Observatory ?

But  let’s  say that New  York  City  Mayor  DiBlasio  suddenly  said that Central  Park  would  be  closed  due to  overcrowding  by tourists ?

Or that only  a  certain  amount  of  people  would  be  allowed  in  Times  Square  on New Years  Eve ?

What about  two somewhat  “smaller  ”   cities  like Miami  and Las Vegas ?

Suppose  the mayor of  Miami  said that they were going  to  limit  the  number  of  tourists  that go into  South  Beach ,  Little  Havana  or Petite  Haiti ?

Could  you  imagine  the  uproar  if the mayor  of  Las Vegas   were to limit  the  number  of  tourists  on the  Las  Vegas  Strip  due to  overcrowding ?

Could this even  be a possibility  here in this  country  or even  in Canada?

Too many tourists  in Montreal  or Toronto ?

Is there really  such  a  thing  as too much tourism  and  too many tourists ?

Could  it be  due to  some  other  reason  that  some these  countries  are taking  such  drastic  measures ?

Could  it  be  that  maybe  in spite  of  all  that  money  that’s  brought  into  certain  countries ,  the  local  people  aren’t  really  that  fond  of  foreign  tourists  taking  way  too  many  pictures  of  things  that they  shouldn’t  be  taking  pictures  of ?

The tourists  might  even be  taking  selfies  of places that  are  sacred   and therefore  basically  interrupting  the  day  to day  lives  of  the  locals .

Maybe these  tourists  aren’t  even  respecting  the customs  of the  locals .

(  See my two blog posts ,  sportsandtravelblog.wordpress.com  / 2017/03/09 please-act-like-you’ve-been-there-before  and sportsandtravelblog.wordpress.com  /  2017/  03/ 06 Capital  -Journey  -please  –  respect  -the –  monuments  –  and  –  memorials  -when – you  –  visit  -Washington  -DC)

What’s  really  fueling  this  suddenly  new phenomenon  of  “overcrowding  by tourism  “?

In defense  of the local  people ,  I can  understand  why  you  would  want  to  limit  the  number  of  tourists  just a little  bit .

Some  people  just  don’t  know  how  to  conduct  themselves  when  they’re  out  of  their  own country  .

That’s  right ,  it’s  the  case  of  ”  not  acting  like  you’ve  been  there  before  “.

Why are  you  wading  through  Trevi  Fountain  like  you’ve  lost your fool  mind?

Are you  for  real ?

That’s  not  only  disrespectful ,  it’s  wicked  rude  and  it shows  a lack  of  training  on your  part .

Everyone  should  be  able  to  see the  sights  of a place whether  they’re  going to  London  to see Big  Ben ,  Buckingham  Palace ,  or the London  Eye .

This also applies  to  Spain if people  want to experience  Flamenco  dancing  where it originated .

This even  holds  true  if you’re  going  to  see all those  monuments ,  memorials ,  and museums  on that  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Washington  DC .

There should  be  some  kind  of  happy  medium  between  tourists ,  locals ,  and the city  you’re  going  to .

No tourist  FB_IMG_1501857041654FB_IMG_1501510261303FB_IMG_1501940755403FB_IMG_1500913445983FB_IMG_1501595978629FB_IMG_1501324004596sites  in a city  should  be  off  limits  due to  overcrowding .


How do you  feel  about  some  countries  limiting  the  number  of  tourists  visiting ?


Do you  think  this  could  happen  in your own country ?



Tell me  what you  think by dropping  me a line in the  comments  section  .