The last time I did a post like this was in the summer of last year.

I was doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of one of my favorite cities , Baltimore, Maryland .

This time I’m getting ready to go on another 30 Plus Teams Tour .

I’m going to the city on the Three Rivers, Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania .

More on my adventures in the Steel City in upcoming posts .

Right now, it’s all about what’s going in my suitcase .

The last time I took a small backpack .

I’m staying for three days , but a small backpack isn’t going to cut it.

Not only is it going to be my birthday when I arrive, but after all this is a 30 Plus Teams Tour , so you just know a sporting event is just waiting to happen, and yes, the Sports Diva is going to be there, God willing .

Besides the hair products , unmentionables , and toiletries , let’s see just what else is going in my suitcase .

Sneakers from Payless Shoe Stores and boots from Macy’s , cause it may snow in Da Burg !

Yeah , I’ve gotta bundle up. Temperatures are supposed to be in the 30 ‘ s. Coat from Marshalls .

Robe from my late aunt and pajamas are from Primark Store in Boston .

Black jacket from thrift shop , gloves from Rainbow Shops , and of course my stuff animals, Jorge, Aaron , and Piglet MUST come along for the ride.

Unfortunately , these guys have to come along for the ride too.

Jewelry , socks, and leggings from the Rainbow Shops, blue sweater ftom a thrift shop.

Sweater from Rainbow Shops , bag from Payless Shoe Stores , scarf a gift from my cousin , makeup bag also from Rainbow Shops, jewelry a Christmas gift.

My City of Pittsburgh shirt, a gift from a friend who lives there and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey shirt from the Pittsburgh Penguins store.

Grey shirt from Uniqlo Store and shirt from Penguins store. This is the player’s name that happens to be on the back of the shirt in the above picture . As he is one of my favorite players on the team, you’d better believe this shirt is going to be in my suitcase . Being the Team Sports Apparel Fashionista that I am , I will be ROCKING this shirt at the game.

There’s what’s going to be in my suitcase this time.

What goes in your suitcase when you go away?

Let me know and as usual , thanks for liking and following my blog .


Another 30 Plus Teams  Tour  of New York  City  /New Jersey  is about to happen . 

Again I’m  off to  Prudential  Center  in Newark, New Jersey  to see the New Jersey  Devils  and Boston  Bruins  play, and yes, I’m  going to  take the PATH  train . 

What do you wear when your 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of a city includes a hockey game ? 

If you really  aren’t  a fan of either team, you can go with the team  colors.

In the case of the Devils ,  it’s  black, red, and white.

However ,  just because  it’s  a hockey  game ,  don’t  do what happens  to  be  a  major pet peeve of way too many hockey fans, including  me.

Don’t  put on a jersey of a team that isn’t  even playing . 

It might be a hockey game you’re  going to but don’t  bust out a New York  Rangers  or a Pittsburgh  Penguins  hockey jersey unless those teams are playing . 

Stay in your lane.

Know what teams you’re  going to  see.

If you decide  to  go with the “it’s a hockey game ,   so I’m  going to wear a hockey jersey  no matter what team it is” thingy, be ready for some side glances not only from the home team fans, but from the visiting fans too.

Hockey fans are very passionate and will definitely  make comments about the swag you have on.

Also ,  please  don’t  show up in a football  or basketball  jersey to a hockey game.

Really, don’t  take it there.

Once again ,  know  the sport that you’re  going  to  see.

If you have to, buy a hat from the city that you’re  in.

Wear that Atlantic City  hat proudly if you’re  in New Jersey . 

Better yet , don’t  wear any team stuff or their colors  at all.

Just go to the game and take in all the craziness  that is seeing a hockey game in person . 

What about if one of your teams is playing?

Let me show you.

1. My Boston  Bruins jersey that I brought from the Hockey Hall of  Fame Store in Toronto  oh so many years ago.

2. My black pants from The Rainbow  Shops in the United  States.

3. My sneakers and socks are from Payless  Shoe Stores in the United  States.

4. The rings and bracelets  are from Forever  21   and H&M.

5. The necklace  belonged  to  my late aunt and I  wear it all the time.

To complete my what to wear to a hockey  game  look, oh yeah, you’d  better  believe  I’m  going  all out.

My jacket has the colors of the team that I’m  rooting for.

Gold (yellow) on the inside and black on the outside . 

It’s  not reversable ,  though.

On the front ,  there’s  the logo of the Boston  Bruins . 

I’m  ready to  go . 

Now THIS is what  to wear when you go to a hockey  game . 


I’m sure  that  I’m  going  to  leave  out  something  , but these are  some  of  the  things  that  I  really  love.



Handbags  – No, they don’t  have  to  be  name brands .  I  LOVE HANDBAGS !

Jewelry  – Especially  rings, bracelets  and  necklaces .

Nail Polish



Travel  Guides  –   No matter  where  it is

Dancing  – I’m  not really  great  at it ,  but who cares ?

New York  style  Cheesecake

Ginger Ale

New  Years  Eve  and New  Years  Day

Snowy  Days

Coffee  – No ,  definitely  not Starbucks .  Try 7-Eleven ,  Dunkin  Donuts  or even  Tim  Hortons


Comfy   heavy  sweaters

Scented  Soap

Scented  Candles

Kuala  Lumpur ,  Malaysia

My stuffed  animals  – who you just know  are named for athletes ,  except  one. Her name  is  Posh  Spice

Fashion  magazines

Going on  a bus ride  no matter  what  city  I’m  in

A Primanti  Brothers  sandwich  while  I’m  in  Pittsburgh  –  RIGHTEOUS ! !

Going  to  or watching  a sporting  event

Going  for  a  walk  in  the  city ,  no matter  what  city  it is

New England  Clam Chowder


Ice Cream

Watching  Travel  Shows  on t.v.

Watching  cooking  shows  on t.v.

Thai Food

Jamaican  Food

Vietnamese  Food, especially  Pho  Soup

Malaysian  Food

Jack Daniels  and  Fireball  Whiskey  – Yeah, I  like  my adult  beverages

Watching  the  ESPN  TV  series ,  “30  For  30  ”

Opening  ceremony  of the  Summer  and  Winter  Olympics , especially  when the countries  make their  entrance  into  the  stadium



Going  to  a new place and getting  souvenirs ,  whether  it  be  postcards ,  shot glasses ,  tshirts, magnets ,  key chains  or a bag  with the  city’s  name  on it .

Flying  in  an airplane

Seeing  different  airports  Barbecue  Potato  Chips

My family and My Circle  of  Sisters  FB_IMG_1501501270624FB_IMG_1501501296835FB_IMG_1501501410548FB_IMG_1501243884865FB_IMG_1501502313003FB_IMG_1501501509961FB_IMG_1501501213628FB_IMG_1501502557944FB_IMG_1501502583576FB_IMG_1501502500062FB_IMG_1501502493086

Watching  some reality  shows  – my two guilty  pleasures  are Love and Hip Hop  -Atlanta  and Basketball  Wives

Listening  to  a  song  by either   Hall and  Oates ,  Kenny  G ,  Sade ,  Drake ,  Justin  Timberlake ,  Maroon  5 ,  Chicago  or Flo-Rida .


Blogging   (naturally  )

Thanking  God  for being  able  to  go on  a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour


I gave  you  my  things that I  love. What  about you?

What’s some  of  the  things  that  you love?

Let me  know  in the  comments  section .