I rarely use this train but as I’m on my way to the Queens Zoo , which is in another Queens neighborhood , I have to take the number 7 train.

The number 7 train goes from Hudson Yards and 34th Street in Manhattan all the way to Main Street in Flushing, which is the second Chinatown in New York City .

If you want to see the Highline in Manhattan , this is the train that you take.

Just get off at Hudson Yards and walk a block or so.

Of course when your 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York brings you to a New York Mets baseball game at Citi Field, you take this train as well.

By the way, if you take this train to Citi Field and you don’t know where to get off, sorry.

The train stop will tell you, Willets Point-Citi Field.

I’m on my way to Queens Zoo, a place that I never knew existed.

I’ll tell you more about my visit to Queens Zoo in another post.

Today, it’s all about the Number 7 subway line.

Many people, not so nicely, used to refer to this subway line as either “The International Express” or “The Orient Express”.

The number 7 goes through the Queens neighborhoods of Elmhurst , Woodside, Jackson Heights, Corona, and Flushing, where the populations are mostly Korean, Chinese , Filipino , Chinese, Latin American, and Indian.

Take this train to see just why the borough of Queens is one of the most diverse in the country.

The number 7 is one of the few subway lines in New York that is above ground.

It goes underground the closer it gets to Manhattan .

Enjoy the view as you see how the rest of New York City lives.

You know, the ones that the guidebooks rarely mention, if at all.

Like the rest of the New York City subway system, the nunber 7 train runs all night.

Use that Metro Card that you brought and enjoy riding on the number 7 train.


FB_IMG_1501939092366FB_IMG_1501939069714FB_IMG_1501939080434FB_IMG_1501939350161The  three  of  you  have  left  Allen  Street ,  which  is  known  as  ”  The  Avenue  of  The  Immigrants . “

As  you  walk  down  the  street  something  looks  very  different .

The  signs  everywhere ,  even  the  Starbucks  are  in  a  different  language .

Welcome  to  the  most  populated  Chinatown  in  the  Western  Hemisphere .

When  you  all  were  in  Queens  you  visited  the  Chinatown  section  of  Flushing .

But  this  is  the  Chinatown  to  end  all   Chinatowns ,  even  the  one  in  San  Francisco .

You  all  just  know  that  the  three  of  you  are  going  to  get  lost ,  it’s  that  big .

The  map  you  all  have  is  of  no  help ,  neither  is  the  guidebook .

After  you  see  some  of  of  Chinatown ,  Little  Italy  is  going  to  be  the  next  destination  on  your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New  York  City .

That’s  where  you’re  trying  to  get  to  now .

Your  guidebook  is  telling  you  to  look  for  the  Manhattan  Bridge .

That’s  what  you’re  trying  to  do ,  get  as  close  to  the  Manhattan  Bridge  as  you  can.

You  see  the  signs  for  the  Manhattan  Bridge ,  but  just  where  is  it ?

As  the  three  of  you  keep  walking ,  it  looks  like  you’re  underneath  some  scary  looking  tunnel .

You  see  people  doing  what  seems  to  be  Tai  Chi  exercises .

When  you  leave  the  tunnel ,  one  of  your  cousins  looks  up .

”  We’re  underneath  the  Manhattan  Bridge !  Look  at  at  that  view,  ”  she  says ,  very  excitedly .

You  all  look  up .

Your  cousin  is  right .

Could  this  really  be  the  Manhattan  Bridge ?

Sure  enough ,  it  is .

Now  it’s  your  turn  to  be  confused .

You  were  under  the  impression  that  to  be  under  the  Manhattan  Bridge ,  you  had  to  be  in  the  neighborhood  known  as  DUMBO ,  which  is

short  for  Down  Under  Manhattan  Bridge  Overpass .

Dumbo  is  actually  in  Brooklyn  and  you  can  see  some  of  it  from  where  the  three  of  you  are  standing .

You’re  standing  on the   East  River  Greenway ,  which  is  part  of  the  FDR  Drive .

Not  only  are  cars going  above  you  and bikes  passing  by the   three  of  you ,  but  other  people  are  admiring  the  view.
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