No, I haven’t lost my mind.

The title of this blog post is correct.

I’m actually taking three subway trains.

I know what y’all must be thinking.

How can you take two trains in one day, let alone three?

New Yorkers have been doing this since the subways have been in existence .

This is basically part of our DNA.

It’s a little foreign to tourists and to those who don’t take the subways that often, if at all.

But to those of us who take the trains more times than we care to imagine, taking more than one train is as common as changing your underwear.

Officially, it’s known as transferring from one subway train to another.

Yeah, it’s basically changing trains as it were.

This is how I did it a few days ago.

I had to get to the Bowling Green train station .

I was no where near the station.

I took the number 6 train, which begins in The Bronx, goes through Manhattan and ends at the Brooklyn Bridge stop.

The number 6 train is a local train, which means it makes all stops from The Bronx all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge Station.

However , it didn’t stop where I needed to get to.

What did I do?

I changed trains and took the number 5 train, which also begins in the Bronx, goes through Manhattan , and ends in Brooklyn.

The number 5 train stops at Bowling Green, where I met some friends, who live on Staten Island .

Being friends of the Sports Diva , I don’t need to tell you where we going, but I am anyway .

We were doing our own 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City, which meant going to a Yankees baseball game .

(The game got cancelled but that’s a story for another day.)

Coming back from the Bowling Green station, my friends and I had to get to Yankee Stadium .

The number 5 would get us to The Bronx, but not the part of the borough that we needed to get to.

Say hello to the third train that I had to take, the number 4.

Like the number 5 train, the number 4 train is an express train that also goes through Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx.

Together, these three trains carry the most passengers on the New York City subway system.

If you happen to be on Lexington Avenue in New York City , you’ll be taking one of these trains, no matter where on the avenue you are.

By the end of your own 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City , you’ll be taking the subways a lot .

Maybe you’ll get to be an expert on this transferring thing just like a native New Yorker .


I can cross off another thing on my bucket list and it’s right here in New York City .

It’s number 128 on my list of 150 things on my bucket list.

It’s the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Now, it might be called the Brooklyn Bridge Park , but there’s more to the park than just the Brooklyn Bridge.

Of course, I always advise taking the train whether you’re doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City or not.

You can take a few subway lines that will get you to the park.

The best subway line to take though, is the F train.

Get off at York Street, which is the first stop in Brooklyn.

Once you have gotten off the train, be prepared to do a lot of walking and that’s BEFORE you get out of the subway.

The hallway leading to the exit is long and hilly, so take your time, and wear comfortable shoes, please.

Once you leave the station, you’ll be on York and Jay Street.

You’ll see a bridge, but it’s not the Brooklyn Bridge .

It’s the Manhattan Bridge, which is the bridge that you see next to the Brooklyn Bridge when you take that walk across it.

Keep walking to your right until you get to the East River.

Obviously you can’t go any further, but look around you and see all the rocks in front of you.

There’s even two big rocks known as the “DUMBO Boulders”.

If you go on a nice day, you might see people sitting on the rocks and sticking their toes into the East River.

The views of Brooklyn are beautiful, but the view across the river at all the buildings in Manhattan are breathtaking , especially on a nice springlike day like we’ve been having in New York City lately.

It may be Brooklyn Bridge Park , but you’ll also see the Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge .

All three of these bridges can get you over to Manhattan and you can either ride your bike or walk on all three of these bridges.

The park has everything, including a dog park, which was closed .

But this didn’t stop anyone from walking their dogs on the sunny walkways that line the park.

The park is in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn .

No, Dumbo is not like the elephant with the big ears, Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass .

Words can’t describe how truly beautiful this park really is and I’m surprised even more people, tourists and even New Yorkers, don’t visit it more often.

If you happen to visit New York City , make Brooklyn Bridge Park a place to go to.

You won’t be disappointed .


I  was born  and  raised  in  that  other  city  that  never  sleeps ,  New York  City .

So I’ll  bet  you’re  wondering  just  why  would  I  fly  across  the  country  just  to see a  hotel  and  casino  with  a  fugazy  Brooklyn  Bridge ,  let  alone  a  replica  of  the  Statue  of  Liberty  in front  of  it ?

Um, because  it’s  there  and  I  can  because  this  is  my 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Las  Vegas .

The  first  thing  one notices  when you  stand  on  the  street  and look up at the  facade, is just  that.

The facade that represents  Grand  Central  Station .

Those  screams  you hear  aren’t  from  people  who  just  won some  money  on the  slots  or on the  tables .

Look  above you before  you  walk in, you can’t  miss it .

Yes, it’s  a  big  roller  coaster  and it’s  called  ”  The  Big  Apple  ” .

You can  pretend  that  you’re  in Coney  Island ,  watching  the  Cyclone  go round  and  round .

The  roller  coaster  cars  are  even  in the shape  of  a  New York  City  taxicab .

Do my eyes  deceive  me?

Right  behind  that  much smaller  version  of  the  Statue  of  Liberty ,  is that a smaller  version  of  what else ,  Ellis  Island ?

(Special  thanks ,  by the  way  to my fellow  New Yorker  and friend Mish  for  allowing  me  to  use the Statue  of  Liberty  picture  in this  post.)

This is  New York ,  New  York  Hotel ,  so those just have to  be replicas  of  the  Empire  State  Building  and  the  Chrysler  Building ,  right ?

Yes  they  are .

When  you  finally  walk  inside ,  there’s  more than  enough  sights  to  make a New  Yorker  or a former  New Yorker  homesick  for all those  things  that  you  remember  as a  kid growing  up  in  the  Lower  East side ,  Washington  Heights ,  Harlem  or even Brooklyn ,  Queens ,  or Staten  Island .

The buildings  with  the  fire escapes  that  a lot  of  us  used to  sit on  to get some air in the summer  because  no one could  really  afford  air conditioning  back then bring  back great memories .

Of course ,  being  the  New Yorker  that I  am, it’s  all about  the  food.

They  even have  a Nathans  , just like the  ones you remember  going  to  in Brooklyn .

What would New York   New York  Hotel  be without  some authentic ,  sort of ,  pizza  parlors ?

This was comfort  food  to many a New York  school  kid, and it still is .

I might  be  in the  middle  of  the  desert ,  but  for  a  few  minutes   visiting  New York ,  New York  brought   me back to  those  memories  of  growing  up  in the  city .