Okay I know the saying is “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”, but in the case of my blogging journey, this isn’t the case.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs that talk about how boring and tedious writing a blog post is or has become .

There’s many reasons why but some of the reasons might be content, or lack there of, or you just don’t feel like writing a post and you need a break.

I’m one of those really rare bloggers who enjoy what I do and sharing my thoughts and all the places I go with all of you.

What’s my method to not getting bored by writing blog posts?

No, it’s not by writing posts when a game is on.

The Sports Diva would NEVER get a post done if I was watching a sporting event.

I’d be too busy yelling at the referees and players to concentrate on writing a post.

That’s where music comes in.

It can play a big or small part in writing your blog.

You can be listening to some soothing music as you’re writing a post about the sunsets in Hawaii or on Santorini , it’s up to you.

What you consider soothing music, might not be soothing music to another blogger.

You might even want it very quiet as you write or think about your post.

Personally , I hate a quiet room when I write a blog, but that’s just me.

I like music blaring all over the place.

The louder, the better.

No, not Heavy Metal music for me, that’s a little too loud for me .

I like it loud, but I’m crazy like that.

Or maybe I’ve been in too many sports arenas where it is very loud.

This is some of the music that makes writing my blog posts less tedious or even not at all.

You might not be surprised at some of my choices , but then again, yes you might.

1. Done For Me- Charlie Puth ft. Kehlani

2. The Fighter – Keith Urban ft. Carrie Underwood

3. Better Now – Post Malone

4. Girls Like You – Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B

5. G.D.F.R. (Going Down For Real) – Flo- Rida

6. Alone- Halsey ft. Big Sean and Stefflon Don

7. Havana – Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug

8. Feel It Still – Portugal . The Man

9. Thunder – Imagine Dragons

10. For The First Time – Darius Rucker

11. One Kiss – Dua Lipa ft Calvin Harris

12. Vegas Lights – Panic At The Disco

13. God’s Plan – Drake

14. Nice For What – Drake

15. Lucid Dreams – Juice Wrld

16. Ocean Drive – Duke Dumont

17. Mic Drop – BTS ft DJ Steve Aoki

18. The Middle – Maren Morris ft Zedd and Grey

19. Feels – Calvin Harris ft Pharrell , Katy Perry and Big Sean

20. Psycho – Post Malone ft Ty Dollar $

21. Trophies – Young Money ft Drake

22. Boo’d Up – Ella Mai

Not the music you expected from the Sports Diva , right?

I actually get my creative juices flowing with these songs believe it or not.

What about you?

Do you listen to music while you’re writing your blog posts?

If you do, just what songs or type of music do you listen to, if any?

Drop me a line in the comments section, and as usual, thank you for liking and following 30 Plus Teams , 30 Plus Dreams .


I’ve been on this blogger journey for three years now.

Two on Tumblr , one with WordPress .

Nothing against Tumblr, but I like the professional look and support that I get from WordPress so much better.

I know that all of the blogging “experts” tell you to not count all the likes that you have or how many followers that you have.

While I don’t worry about how many followers that I have , I do count my likes.

I’m sorry but I get very excited when I see that someone new likes my blog and their niche is no where the topic that mine is.

If they decide to follow my blog, that’s wonderful, but if not, okay.

I have a lot of email addresses from fellow bloggers and I feel bad because I don’t always respond right away or if all to people who have said that they like reading my little story about what to do in a city after you’ve gone to that sporting event.

I always want to thank each and everyone of you individually for liking my posts .

A lot of times it’s wicked hard to do that, so I hope that you can forgive me if I don’t thank you for liking my posts right away.

Instead,I’m writing this “thank you love letter” to all of you who follow 30 Plus Teams , 30 Plus Dreams .

I don’t think you know or realize how much your support means to me, especially those of you who have been at this blogging thing for awhile .

Thank y’all for liking and following my little story, even if I don’t send you an email telling you how much it means to me.

There will be more stories, travel quotes, pictures, videos and other things coming up now that the seasons are changing, and the weather is getting cooler.

There will be more traveling, God willing , to some familiar cities and not so familiar cities because hockey , football and basketball seasons are coming up, and you just know that the Sports Diva has to be wherever a game is going on.

Yes, you’re coming with me through this blog.

God bless all of you, even if you’ve been with me from the beginning or recently just joined the party .

Thank you and keep on supporting me.

Love y’all , Sports Diva


My paper , pencils and tablet are in front of me .

I’m using all three of them to write about another upcoming 30 Plus Teams Tour of some city.

I could write about my next adventure to some city to meet up with friends .

Or I could write about going to another sporting event.

God willing , that’s coming up in around 21 days, but who’s counting ?

I also could write about some restaurant , hotel or hostel that I’ve ever slept in or eaten at.

I haven’t done any of these things, nor have I done any museums , monuments or memorials in awhile .

So just what’s going on here?

I’m not suffering from Bloggers Block.

It’s more like the line in that old Billy Joel song,

“I’m in a New York State of Mind.”

What does that mean?, you might ask.

Basically , I want to stay in my little corner of The Big Apple and not really do anything .

I know what you’re saying to yourself .

New Yorkers are ALWAYS on the go, always in a hurry.

What’s your problem ?

It’s the weather that’s making me this way, among other things.

As I look out my window , I still see snow.

New York as well as some other areas of the Northeast , got hit by the infamous snow storm known as the “Bomb Cyclone ” last week .

So instead of the “Nuisance Snow ” of 4-6 inches, we received “inconvenience snow” of 12 inches.

Most of it is still there , right in front of my doorway and across the street in front of my neighbors house.

As usual , no snow plows in sight.

It’s not 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside like it was last week .

We actually have a “heat wave “.

It’s 41 degrees Fahrenheit .

If the snow weren’t bad enough, I’m getting over being sick, which really puts me in a sad state of mind.

So what’s a blogger supposed to do if the weather and your health put a damper on your big plans for your 2018 ,30 Plus Teams Tour ?

Simple .

You do what I’m doing now.

You blog about it even as I’m looking out the window and see all of that dirty left over snow and try to read all those travel brochures that seemed to have taken over my mailbox .

You sit down at your table or bed, make yourself a nice cup of Ginger Tea, write your blog post and listen to some relaxing music.

New York State of Mind sounds pretty good right about now .


A few weeks ago ,  I got nominated  for  the  Liebster  Award  by Anna from AnnasLittleThing.wordpress ,  and I hope you  all checked out her blog.

(Sportsandtravelblog.wordpress/2017/11/17/The – Liebster-Award)

I  just got nominated  again for another Liebster  Award  by Tashnee  from Tashnee . V.Mavee, so do follow  her blog as well.

Very inspiring  posts  on her blog.

Once again ,  the rules of  the  award  are this:

Thank the person who nominated  you  and link back to  their blog.

Give some info  about  yourself . 

Answer the questions  that  the blogger  who nominated  you  asked you.

Nominate 5-10 bloggers for this award  and  if they accept it, let them know about the award.

Ask your nominees five questions . 
What else can I  tell you about me that you don’t  already  know ? I’m  a fairly  good  cook, I  love to travel ,  I’m  sarcastic  as hell, I enjoy blogging ,  and the same way Beyonce Knowles  has her alter ego, “Sasha  Fierce”, I have my bitmoji alter ego, which many of you have seen  on my blog. Her name is Cece, the Sports Diva. I can talk about  sports 365 days a year, 366, if you count a leap year.

1. Besides Blogging ,  what do you do?

As I’m  retired ,  my day is free to do anything  I want to, which is sleeping ,  shopping ,  cooking ,  going for walks, getting ideas for my blog, and of course, going to as many baseball ,  hockey ,  and  basketball  games as the Good Lord allows me to.

2. If you could be the president  of  your country  for one day, what would  you  change and why?

I  would  make  sure that EVERYBODY  could  have affordable  Health  Care. I just don’t  understand  why  and how in one of  the  richest countries  in the world everyone  doesn’t  have this. It boggles my mind.

3. Name the three people  who inspired you when it comes to blogging.

There are more than three. I would say my late Aunt Ola, who was a teacher and told me to practice  writing. My teacher ,  Sister Eileen  Fitzmaurice, who actually  told me to combine my love of sports and my writing. Finally ,  I’m  inspired  by  the bloggers that I follow  and those that I DON’T  follow . You guys are wicked amazing and help me to step up  my blogging  game . 

4 Why did you start blogging ? 

I  love to write and many people ,  not just a friend, asked after you go to a sporting  event, “what do you do in the city after that?” Writing a blog was my way of getting that question  answered without  writing a travel guide or a book about it.

5. What is your favorite  gospel music ? 

Actually none, not really a fan of  it.




1. If you could win a free trip to  anywhere in the world ,  where would it be and why?

2. How did you come up  with  the  name of your blog ? 

3. What do you do when you aren’t  blogging ? 

4. What do you love about  blogging ?  

5. What is your  favorite  sport and team if you have one?
Thanks again to  Tashnee for nominating  me  for  this award.

I might sound like  a  wicked annoying  broken record, but I  can’t thank you all enough for reading, liking and commenting  on my little blog.

It means the world to me.

Thank you all and God Bless  You,
Sports  Diva64


I just started blogging  for WordPress  in February  this year . 

Before that, I  had a blog on Tumblr.

I still do, but I  now just concentrate  on my blog on WordPress ,  because  nothing against  Tumblr, WordPress  is more professional  looking . 

I’m  not an expert  on  blogging  and God knows I have so much more   to learn  about  this blogging thingy.

What I can do though, is share some of  my  blogging knowledge  and offer up some pointers that I like to  call Blogging  101 and Blogging 102.

Before you decide  on that “knock it out of the ballpark  ” blog title ,  know what your blog is going to  be  all about.

Music, Beauty Tips, Travel ,  Technology , Business ,  Fashion  or even Sports, what are you going to blog about ? 

Don’t  pick a niche just because  everyone  else is blogging about it.


If you want to  blog about politics  in your country, do it.

This is your blog, remember  that . 

Blog about something  that you’re  very passionate  about . 

Don’t  blog because  you want to make tons of  money  and you want to  go on a lot of  sponsored  trips . 

It’s  not going to  happen  when you first  start and if that’s  the main reason  for starting  your blog ,  stop it.

No, really  quit  blogging while you’re  ahead.

Blog not only because  you’re  passionate  about  your subject ,  but you love to write.

Don’t  stop blogging because you’re  bored and you stop after a few months . 

Be in it for the long haul . 

Where should  you write your posts?

Should  it be somewhere quiet? Or while you’re  waiting  for  public transportation ? 

How about on your lunch  break  if you’re  at work or school?

Write something ,  somewhere no matter where  it is.

Keep a little  notepad handy and write your ideas down in the memo section  of  your mobile device . 

Should  you listen to music while you’re  writing your blog?

Some people can work with  music, others like it quiet.

I’m  writing this post while listening  to  The Weekend  on my headphones . 

I’ve  also been known to write posts while listening  to  Kenny G, also, but that’s  just me.

Do what works for you . 

Most importantly ,  follow as many bloggers as you can, not just the ones in your niche.

You might get some idea for a post of your own.

That’s  right, I said a post of your own.

Don’t  copy their style and be sure to show them some love every now and then in your own  posts.

Be yourself  when you write.

You’ve  heard all the “blogging  experts” tell you how you should write your blog.

That’s  just it.

It’s  your blog, not a thesis on the Theory of  Relativity . 

But please, know your there ,  their,and they’re , just saying . 

Should  you write a post everyday?

You can if you want to, but if you don’t ,  it’s  not a blogging  sin.

Write as often as you can, leave some of those posts in draft if you have to, and publish them later . 

Don’t do a blog every three months or every year, that defeats the purpose  of  doing a blog and it’s  a waste of time.

Plus it shows that you really aren’t  really serious  about  blogging . 

Some bloggers  have a schedule  as to when their next blog post is going to be . 

As this doesn’t  work  for  me ,  I don’t  do it.

What blogging  website should  you go on?

Again, it’s  up to you.

Try, Bloglovin, Tumblr or Blogspot.

I like WordPress  myself, and I  find it very easy to use.

There’s  two versions  of  it, the free version ,  Wordpress . Com and what’s  called the “self  hosted ” one, WordPress . Org.

I use the first  version and I think my blog looks wicked awesome . 

Now, where do your original  ideas come from?

Anywhere and everywhere.

Depending  on your niche ,  it could  be something  that  you read in a newspaper or magazine  or something  you heard on the radio  or saw on television . 

The ideas on your post could even be in response  to  a  comment  made by a friend, relative ,  classmate or a colleague . 

Whatever it is, write that suckered down and work from there.

You might even get ideas while you’re  in bed.

Don’t  laugh ,  it has happened  and I’m  not the only blogger it’s  happened  to . 

Be sure to take pictures to put on your blog  or if you’re  very creative ,  draw pictures to put on there.

Show your creative  side on your blog.

You can invest in a good camera, but your camera phone can work just as well.

Another piece of  advice and many bloggers may or may not tell you this, but I am.

When a fellow blogger tells you that  they like your work, thank them .

Get their email addresses  and thank them for liking your blog as well as write a little  comment on their email.

The comment could say something  as simple as “thank you for following  my blog . ”

If you follow someone’s  blog, comment on their comment section.

Don’t  comment with the statement ,  “Follow  my blog  “, no really  comment  on it.

If another blogger  just says that they like your blog  but don’t  comment, try not to take it personally . 

Also if a blogger has a lot of likes and follows , way more than you have it’s  not the end of the world . 

It’s  not about the follows and the likes ,  don’t  get it twisted, you aren’t  in high school.

It’s  not a popularity  contest .

It’s  about your blog and getting it out there . 

Finally, speaking  about  your blog, don’t  be ashamed  to tell people  that  you have a blog . 

Tell everyone  about it and if you have business cards with the name of your blog on it, wicked awesome ! 

Share your blog posts with people  on Social  Media . 

Better yet ,  create  a page just for your blog on Facebook , Twitter,Instagram ,  Google  Plus, or Pinterest.

That’s  right, promote the heck out of  your blog ,  be proud of  it.

That’s  my advice for newbie  bloggers.

What advice would  you give?

Drop me a line in the comments  section  or on my email  address and let me know . 

As usual ,  thank you  for  following  and liking my blog.


Thanks  again  to those of  you  who have been following  my blog from the  beginning  and those of you who have just climbed  aboard  the  30 Plus  Teams  30  Plus  Dreams  bandwagon . 

I really  appreciate  y’all  reading  my blogs, enjoying  them and  giving me  some really wicked  great feedback . 

I was nominated again  for a Versatile  Blogger  Award  by Mitiele from . 


If you haven’t  checked out her blog yet, do so.

You’ll  love reading  about her adventures  with her little mini me.

In case some of  you  are new to  the rules  of  the  Versatile  Blogger  Award , here  goes  :

First ,  give the link to  the  person  who  nominated  you  :


Second, give 7 facts  about  yourself ,  so here’s  7 more facts about moi!

1. I  love going to  Museums  and Libraries ,  no matter  what  city that I’m  in.

2. I love to  shop, especially  for sports  related  items . 

3. Vanilla  and  Shea Cocoa  Butter scented  lotions  are my favorites . 

4. I love spaghetti  with seafood, like Mussels, Shrimp, and Red Clam Sauce.

5. Ginger Ale and Root Beer are my favorite  kinds of  soda.

6. I really  love blogging  

7. I  love walking  around  city streets  whether  it be the streets  of  New York  City  or any other  city.

Lastly ,  nominate up to  15 blogs for the  Versatile  Blogger  Award . 

Great news fellow  bloggers.

If you’ve  been  nominated, you’re  a winner!

Here are my new nominees  and please check out their blogs when you get the chance.




http://  Umaima12blog.wordpress


http://  chrissyadventures . com  

http://  Annaslittlething.wordpress



http://  elizabethwaltonwordpresscomblog.wordpress
Thanks  again  to all of  you  for liking and going on my little journey  with me. 

Thanks again  to Mitiele for nominating  me . 

God bless all of you guys.


FB_IMG_1501244723872I’ve  had lots  of  people ,  not just friends  ask me a lot of  questions  about  the  blog and things they didn’t  know  about  me. So I’m  going  to  try to  answer  some of  them  for you. If you  have any  other  questions  that I  don’t  answer  here, feel  free  to  contact  me  by email  at Sportsdiva64 .


In all  four  of  the  major  professional  sports ,  that’s  hockey ,  football ,  baseball ,  and  basketball ,  there  are  at  least  30  or  more  teams .

As for the  30  Plus  Dreams  part ,  well, for some  people  who love sports  as much  as  I  do, it’s  a  dream  to  attend  a  game  in  person no  matter  which  one  of  the  sports  it is.

You  don’t  even  have  to  be  a  fan  of  the  team .


That  would  have  to  be  my  girlfriend ,  Mish  T ,  who  is  forever  asking  the  question  “but what’s  there  to  do  there ? ” Hopefully ,  this  blog  answers  that  question  for you  after you’ve  gone  to  that  sports  event.


I  have  been  a  baseball  fan  since  1963, when my late  Aunt  Blecka  took  me  to  a  baseball  game  at  Yankees  Stadium .  I don’t  even  remember  what  team  was playing  against  the  Yankees  that day . Sports  was always  something  we  talked  about  in my  family ,  the  women  as well  as  the  men .

Some  things  don’t  change, although  some members  of  my family  just don’t  get my crazy  obsession  with  hockey .

I  was a  freelance  sports  writer  and  most  of  my  work  was done  with  the  Boston  Bruins  and  Los  Angeles  Kings  hockey  clubs .


In  this  order ,  Baseball ,  New  York  Yankees .  Hockey ,  New York  Rangers  and Boston  Bruins .  BASKETBALL .  Boston  Celtics  and football ,  New England  Patriots .


I  took  my  first  plane  ride  at  age  12  from  Martha’s  Vineyard ,  Massachusetts  to New York  City .  I  worked  for  Delta  Airlines  in Boston  and  Los  Angeles ,  and for  Malaysia  Airlines  in Los  Angeles .


I  have  lived in  four places. I  don’t  count  Dayton ,  Ohio, because  I  went to  college  there from August  to April  of 1971 at the  University  of  Dayton .  I have lived in Boston ,  Los Angeles ,  Las Vegas ,  and  New York  City ,  where I  am  now .


This is  a  very  long list and forgive  me if I  left out a few places. INTERNATIONAL  and I  do consider  Canada  as international . Kuala  Lumpur ,  Malaysia ,  London ,  England ,  Singapore ,  Brisbane ,  Australia ,  Sydney ,  Australia, Penang ,  Malaysia ,  Niagara  Falls ,  Canada ,  Toronto ,  Canada ,  Vancouver ,  Canada ,  Barrie, Canada, Calgary ,  Canada, Ottawa, Canada and Montreal ,  Canada.

In the  United  States ,  Portland . , Maine ,  Providence ,  Rhode  Island ,  Baltimore ,  Philadelphia ,  Pittsburgh ,  Washington  DC ,  Atlanta ,  Los  Angeles ,  St. Louis ,  Boston ,  New Orleans ,  Phoenix ,  Detroit ,  Nashville ,  San Francisco ,  San  Diego ,  Salt Lake  City ,  Denver, Buffalo ,  and Wheeling ,  West Virginia .


International ,  it’s  a  tie between  Toronto  and Kuala  Lumpur .  In this  country ,  there’s  no contest .  It’s the  city that will  ALWAYS  be  home  to me, Boston .


Yes, Dublin , Belfast ,  Tel Aviv , Dubai, Winnepeg, Memphis ,  Seattle ,  Chicago ,  Miami ,  and Cleveland .


DEFINITELY !  Progessive Field  – Cleveland ,  Miller  Park  – Milwaukee ,  Lambeau  Field  – Green  Bay ,  United  Center  – Chicago ,  Great  American  Ballpark  -Cincinnati ,  ComericaPark-Detroit ,  Gillette  Stadium  -Foxboro ,  Massachusetts ,  Nationwide  Arena  -Columbus ,  Quicken loans  Arena  -Cleveland ,  and the new Busch Stadium  in  St. Louis .  I saw the  old one ,  but the  new one looks  amazing !


I  had started  a blog  on blogspot .com many years  ago ,  but I  wasn’t  really  passionate  about  it ,  plus  I  was working  full time  and didn’t  have  the  time or the patience  to  keep  up with  it. Now that I’m  retired ,  I’m  blogging  about  the  two  things  that I’m  very passionate  about ,  travel  and sports .

I follow  a lot of  bloggers now not just those who blog about travel, either . 

You guys really  inspire me .  THANK YOU !


WOW!Where  do I  start?! What  can I  tell you  without  leaving  out a whole  lot  of  things  to  do ?

Of course  while  you’re  in  New York  City ,  you must take in a baseball  game  at  Yankees  Stadium  or Citifield ,  home of  the  New York  Mets. In Boston ,  visit  one of  the  oldest  baseball  parks  in  the  United  States ,  Fenway  Park ,  home of  the  Boston  Red Sox .

Even  if  you  aren’t  a fan  of  baseball  or you aren’t  a  fan of either team, just go.

If you know  NOTHING  about  baseball ,  just go for the  atmosphere ,  especially  when the Mets play against  the  Yankees  or whenever  the Yankees  play the  Red Sox .

As for visiting  the  other things that New York  City  has to  offer ,  I could  tell you about seeing  the usual  touristy  places, but I’m  not .

Visit  the other areas   like Washington  Heights  or Harlem .

Visit  New York ‘ s  “Outer Boroughs  “.

That  would  be  Brooklyn ,  Queens ,  The  Bronx ,  and  Staten  Island .  

You’d  be  surprised  at  what you  see there .

Take  a  ride on  the  Staten  Island  Ferry ,  which  is  free  and  it  runs  all night .

As for  Boston ,  it’s  all about  the  seafood  and  the  history .

Take a  picture  with that ginormous  statue of  Paul  Revere  sitting  on  his  horse ,  walk along  the  Freedom  Trail  , and say hello  to  Samuel  Adams  in front  of  Faneuil  Hall.

Don’t  neglect  the cities  of  Salem ,  Cambridge ,  Lexington  and Quincy . 

By the  way, we don’t  pronounce  it Quincey , we say Quin zee  .

You might  have  heard about  these cities  in  history  class, so see them  up close .

Take a walk through  Harvard     Yard and  say hello  to  the  statue  of  the  guy that we’re  not  sure really  is John Harvard .

After the  hectic  pace of  New York  City ,  Boston  is a  welcome  change .