Today is a very special day.

68 years ago today, Praise God, Robert Lawery Senior and his wife, Marjorie Morrison Lawery, had a change of life baby girl, at Women’s Hospital in New York City.

That little girl was me, Jo Anna Marie, aka The Sports Diva.

I was the baby as they all ready had Barbara Louise Bernadette and Robert Lawery Junior.

Today, because of that virus that continues to miss the memo to just go away all ready, I spent my birthday not in another state, but a place I don’t go to often, and it’s a bus ride away.

It’s the Green Acres Mall in South Valley Stream, Long Island.

People were shopping and doing things that New Yorkers love to do, eat, drink and be in a hurry to get no place fast.

After doing some shopping and browsing, I went up to the food court, where a lot of the places were open for business.

Because I was on Long Island, the quarantine rules for New York City are different from what’s going on with Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island.

It was so good to eat the food that New Yorkers grew up on.

No, not pizza, but Chinese food.

This was a special day but being in the food court again was very special.



In my last post, I mentioned that a special day was coming up.

It’s here.

67 years ago, Robert Lawery Senior and Marjorie Morrison Lawery welcomed their third and last child into the world at Women’s Hospital in New York City .

That little girl, the change of life baby , was named after friends of her parents, Joe and Anna.

That little girl grew up to be a freelance sports writer, at a time when women didn’t talk about or even like sports.

Now, that “little girl” has a travel and sports blog called 30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams and she’s known as the Sports Diva.

How am I going to spend my special day?

Food, drink, and watching some hockey, because why should my special day be different from any other day?

Besides that’s just how the Sports Diva rolls .

Happy birthday to me!


No matter how you say it, it means happy birthday.

Someone is celebrating a birthday .

That would be one Sports Diva .

Today is my birthday and I don’t have a problem telling you my age.

I’m 66 and I thank God for letting see this day and this age.

For once I’m just going to celebrate quietly .

No 30 Plus Teams Tour to go on, no hockey or basketball game to attend , and just because I’ve been sick with a very bad sinus infection , no alcohol of any kind because I’m still taking medicine .

I will enjoy the peace and quiet , not to mention the nuisance snow

that’s going to hit New York City again won’t let me go anywhere .

Yes, its my birthday and im just going to celebrate the fact that the good Lord has allowed me to see another day and think about where am I going to go on my next 30 Plus Teams Tour ?


Today is January  15th ,  and in the  United  States  it is the birthday  of Doctor  Martin  Luther  King . 

We usually celebrate it the second Monday in January  but this year the holiday  does fall on his actual  birthday . 

It’s  a national holiday in most of the United States ,  but some states were late to the party of really honoring MLK.

Arizona of all states was one of the last states to honor the holiday and they only did it because  they were losing tourists  dollars.

Yes, even in the United States ,  boycotts do work.

Today is the day that a lot of politicians basically  give lip service  to Doctor  King’s  words.

They can quote all of his speeches but when it comes to actually  doing the words in those speeches, that’s  another story.

This doesn’t  just include politicians  in the United  States , but many countries because  Doctor  King was influenced by  the  teachings  of  Gandhi . 

Happy Birthday ,  Doctor  King.

It’s  too bad you aren’t  around right now because not only does the United States  needs your calming influence ,  but the rest of the world  does also .