The weather is actually nice here in New York City for once.

It’s not that cold at all.

Okay, it’s 43 degrees and sunny, but compared to what we’ve been having , 43 ddgrees or higher is basically a “heat wave”.

Yesterday , I spent most of my day under the covers and my dinner was Chicken Noodle Soup, Honey-Ginger Tea and a Grilled Cheese sandwich .

I was sick, really sick.

Today is different though.

The Sports Diva is going to go on another tour, an adventure , if you will in New York City .

I’m not sure where I’m going yet, but the main thing is, I’m going out and about in the city.

I might go on another zoo adventure, a return trip to one of New York’s many museums, or just a train ride on one of New York’s many subway lines.

Whatever I decide to do , you, my fellow bloggers are coming along with me.

So let the 30 Plus Teams Tour continue !


I don’t  think  that  I  need  to  tell  you  how  I  feel  about  people  who  have  no  desire  to  travel  ANYWHERE ,  or  discover  ANYTHING  whether  it  be  in their  own  city , state  or  country . 

I’ll  just  let  that  train  leave  the  station  and  talk  to  those  of  you  who  are  like  me .  

You  can’t  wait  for  your  next  trip  no matter  where  it is . 

So  many  people  ask  the  question ,  ‘  so  why  do  you  travel ?  ‘ . 

It’s  just  not  travel  bloggers  that  get  asked  this  question  by  other  bloggers ,  but  especially  by  people  who  don’t  travel  that  often . 

I  just  have  to  ask  one  question  though . 

So just  why  do  you  travel ?  

Is  it  to  visit  friends  and  relatives  that  you  haven’t  seen  in awhile  or  at  all?

Do you  travel  because  you’re  getting  older  and  you  might  not  have  the  chance  to  visit  many places ? 

Do you  travel  because  you  have  a bucket  list ? 

Is  it  because  you want  to  see the  sights  that  you  haven’t  seen  before  or  maybe  you’ve  seen  it  fifty  million  times  before  and just  can’t  get  enough  of  it ? 

What  about  travel  in  your  own  hometown ?

Do  you  travel  to places in your  hometown  because  you  hated  going  to  these  places  when  you  were  younger ?  

Of  course  now  that  you’re  older ,  you  appreciate  them  more . 

Do  you  travel  because  your  job  requires  you  to ?  

Do  you  travel  to  remember  a place  that  was  special  to you  and your  family ? 

Do you  travel  because  your  children  and  grandchildren  have  seen  all  those  television  commercials  about  Disneyland  and  Disney  World  and they  want  to  go  oh  so  badly ? 

Admit  it  though ,  you  want  to  see Mickey  and  Minnie  Mouse  just  as  badly  as  they  do . 

Do  you  travel  because  all  those  ”  travel  experts  ”  keep  telling  you  about  the  hottest  new  city  or country  to see  and you don’t  want  to  feel  left  out . 

You know ,  suffer  from  F.O.M.O ,  the fear of  missing  out  on  the  new  “hottest  in  spot  ”  that  travellers  say that you should  visit  now . 

Or maybe  you’re  like  me . 

Are you  doing  your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  to  watch  some  sporting  event  and you just can’t  wait ? 

Are you  traveling  to  a  place  because  the  last  time  you  saw  it was during  World  War  I I ,  the Vietnam  War  or  the  Korean  War ?  

So  just  what  is  the  reason  why  you  travel ? 

Let  me  know  in the  comments  section  and  please  share  this ! Thanks .