While walking on the Arlington Bridge that separates the Commonwealth of Virginia from Washington DC, I looked across the Potomac River and saw the Kennedy Center.

This was one of the places to visit on my bucket list, but with all the times that I was in DC, I never got the chance to do so.

This time, I was so close, I could feel it.

Forget the fact that it was hot, humid, and going to rain any minute, I decided to cross this off my bucket list.

When you first enter the center, which isn’t just a Opera House, it’s basically all things John Kennedy

On the walls outside the building were quotes from the late president.

Also inside is the great hall with the flag of all 50 states

In another room, which was closed off, are the flags of all the nations that had diplomatic relations with the United States.

Even though a lot of the building is closed off, the Kennedy Center is a place you must visit if you’re in Washington DC


I have a 3 hour ride on Amtrak, something that I haven’t done since the 1990’s when I lived in Boston.

We just went quickly by the Secacus New Jersey Transit stop.

When I asked you to guess where was I going to now, some of you said Boston or Philadelphia.


I’m spending time with some presidents and my nieces and their kids and grandkids down in Washington DC.

They’ll be lots going on, so stay tuned.


We going to try this again.

Sometimes things happen beyond your control as with the 30 Plus Teams Tour of Atlantic City that I was supposed to go on with my aunt and cousin/landlady two weeks ago.

While counting down to my next 30 Plus Teams Tour, I got sick with Allergic Rhinitis, which is a fancy schmanzy medical term for seasonal allergies.

So in my carryon bag along with hand sanitizer, face masks and Lemon scented wipes, are the two medicines that I have to take, so no wild drinking on this trip.

I’m ready this time for another 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere close by.

As usual, guesses appreciated.

I’m staying for 4 days and 5 nights this time in a place that I haven’t been in a few years, but there’s gonna be a lot of walking on those streets and a lot of history up in there, just saying.

As usual, I might not be taking everything but better to over pack than under pack.

Outfit going away
Outfit coming back
Joe and Serena are coming along too
My wigs need a suitcase too.
Two hats
Can’t go anywhere now without the packing cubes and pouches in my suitcase
Suitcase and my carryon
4 little bags because women need to change bags, just saying
It’s almost Labor Day, gotta wear these white pants asap
4 pairs of shoes including 2 pairs of sneakers cause there’s gonna be a lot of walking going on
I don’t care if it’s gonna be hot, gotta have my comfy Vegas Golden Knights throw
Shorts and two shirts. Might wear the football shirt since it’s almost football season
Gotta have some dressy pants and a shirt


More than a year ago, August 11, 2020 to be exact, I took a bus ride about 10 minutes away from my house in Locust Manor to the Springfield Gardens/Rosedale border to Springfield Park.

We had just had a n’oreaster, which is a step below a hurricane, so a lot of trees were blown down all over the park, and there was yellow police tape all over the place.

Not because there was an accident or someone had gotten killed, no it was because of the trees falling.

Today, August 13, 2021, a Friday no less, was a real New York summer day.

Hot and humid as heck.

So what’s a Sports Diva suppose to do if she can’t get to the beach but wants to get out of the house?

She makes a return trip to Springfield Park.

I didn’t stay long, an hour was good enough to make a return visit to Springfield Park.


The suitcases were all packed, checklists done, everything was ready to go for that fun filled few days to get out of New York City and head on down to the Jersey Shore.

The Sports Diva even did the infamous What’s In My Suitcase post.

But sometimes life happens.

Growing up, my parents being the true Southerners that they were, used to say, ” Know a way to make God laugh? Tell him you have plans”

Bless their hearts, it’s true. We plan and God un plans, if there’s such a word.

So no trip to the Jersey Shore, or to be more precise, Atlantic City.

What happened? No one died, praise God.

Let’s just say that when you have three ladies of a certain age, things will happen.

Or like that old Country and Western song says, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”

Am I disappointed? I’d be lying if I said no, but in all my years of travelling, things will happen and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You just get ready for the next 30 Plus Teams Tour that will happen, God willing.

That’s just what the Sports Diva is gonna do.


We are actually in the second day of August but we still need some inspiration for travel, right?

Have you gone anywhere this summer?

It’s almost over and the cooler weather is going to be coming in soon.

That’s not an excuse to not travel, just once again, remember the masks and hand sanitizer because Corona is still with us and she’s brought her big sister, Delta variant with her.

Be safe and as usual, let these quotes inspire you.


Covid what Covid? Vegas is back and while it’s optional to wear masks in some places, others say if you’ve been fully vaccinated, you don’t need to wear one.

If you haven’t been fully vaccinated, you need that mask.

Now how do they know who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t, that’s another story.

With mask in hand, my cousin and I decided to cross something off my bucket list.

Riding on that big wheel that’s known as the High Roller.

Now let’s not get it twisted.

The High Roller is NOT a ferris wheel.

It’s an OBSERVATION WHEEL, and it’s the tallest in the United States, if not the world coming in at 650 feet tall.

The difference between a ferris wheel and the High Roller is that a ferris wheel stops to let passengers get on.

The High Roller doesn’t.

It goes slow enough to let people on WHILE it’s moving.

Scary right?

Now if you have a thing about heights like I do, you’re going to be really surprised as your pod, (and that’s what the individual cars are called,pods.)slowly rises to the top.

How do you know when you’re at the top?

This is Vegas people. There’s a narrator counting down like it’s New Year’s Eve and says ,”Congratulations we’re at the top!”

Now it seems that it didn’t take long to get to the top because the ride is so smooth.

I paid $33 for a ride in the daytime.

I understand that it’s more spectacular at night, but seeing the Bellagio Fountains , Caesars Palace and other places, I was pretty impressed with the High Roller in the daytime too.

Would I go on it again?

Oh you betcha!


The last time I stayed in this hotel which is between the Luxor and New York New York Casino was in March 2020 right before you know who came.

I decided to stay here again for my 2021 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas.

Now I didn’t get that great rate that I got at Bally’s, but since Excalibur is part of the MGM Properties, as a member of the MLife Players Club, I was able to get a good rate for my stay, which was Wednesday June 23 until Friday morning, June 25.

(Yeah, the Sports Diva plays the slots a lot in Vegas and Atlantic City, which also has MGM and Caesars Properties, don’t judge me!)

I had requested a room in the older, Resort Room section of the hotel.

When I arrived, I did what a lot of people do when they come to Vegas.

I asked if there were any complimentary upgrades on rooms.

All they could say was no, right?

The front desk clerk said she would check and five minutes later, I was moved to one of the newer rooms in the Royal Tower, all the way on the 24th floor, with double beds.

I had a nice view of not only Mandalay Bay and Luxor Hotel Casinos, but Las Vegas McCarran Airport, where I could watch the planes take off and land, and a partial view of Allegiant Stadium, home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders.

Being the Sports Diva, you know I was happy to see something sports related.

This was a 30 Plus Teams Tour anyway, right?

The bed was nice and comfy.

My only complaint was unlike my stay at Bally’s a few nights before, there was no refrigerator in the room.

You just know another 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas is going to come, God willing.

If I can get a good or even a great rate, I’ll be making another visit to Excalibur.


In two days or so, we’re going to be in month number 6, July.

Slow it down 2021, you’re moving WAY TOO FAST!

Have you traveled yet now that things are somewhat back to what we all thought was “normal”?

You’re still waiting to do your own 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere?

Can’t say that I blame you because well, Corona is still out there and some people still can’t travel.

But for those who can travel, get out there and do so.

Just don’t forget the travel Wipes, hand sanitizers and most importantly, your masks.

Let these quotes as usual, inspire you to travel.


The last time I rode on Jet Blue was March 2019.

I was going from Los Angeles back home to JFK.

This time, and screw you, Covid, I’m taking Jet Blue again.

This time from Terminal 5 at JFK to Terminal 3 at Las Vegas McCarran Airport.

That’s right, for her first trip post the virus from hell, the Sports Diva is making an appearance back to where all the craziness and mayhem always starts and ends , Lost Wages, Sin City, Nevada.

Of course being the Sports Diva is going to be taking in some live sports as the local hockey team, Vegas Golden Knights are in the Stanley Cup semifinals.

But enough about that, let’s talk about my Jet Blue flight.

I was able to check in early and I had all ready picked and paid for my seat, an aisle seat.

The $10 that I paid for a seat, wasn’t bad. Way to go, Jet Blue.

As usual, though, the flight to Vegas was packed, so much for social distancing.

But I didn’t care if the middle seats weren’t blocked off.

I still had a lot of legroom and after a year, it was so good to be on a flight period that I didn’t mind or care that we were packed like sardines but with masks on.

The only thing that hasn’t changed since 2020 on Jet Blue is that they always seem to change the gate that you’re departing from.

My trip was no exception.

I was supposed to leave from Gate 29 and I look down on my phone and there’s a message from Jet Blue.

Your gate has changed.

If you’ve ever been to JFK, you KNOW that some of the gates aren’t close to each other.

It’s not like Chicago O’Hare or Atlanta Hartsfield- Jackson, but it is spread out.