It’s the end of November , another month in 2019 going bye bye.

Have you travelled anywhere yet?

As usual , what are y’all waiting for?

Get that backpack , suitcase or duffel bag out and get travelling.

Let these quotes inspire you .


Here we go again, another Autumn season 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere for the Sports Diva .

You know what that means.

Another edition of the ever popular what’s in my suitcase .

This time I’m staying, God willing ,for 5 days as it’s the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States .

There may be some sports stuff going on but who knows .

I can say though, that I will be with family members and doing lots of walking and looking around .

Can you guess?

In the meantime , this is what’s in my suitcase.

Serena and Julian will be making an appearance

Boots and sneakers on top of one of my bags that’s on top of my suitcase. It’s gonna be cold and lots of walking .

My suitcase, gloves and bag from Payless

Two other bags and my hat on top of my suitcase.

My going away outfit. Grey pants from Rainbow Shops , blue sweater from a thrift shop , and grey shirt from Uniglo.

My coming home outfit. Sweatshirt from New England Patriots store and sweatpants from my cousin .

Skirt from Telco Store and sweater from a thrift shop

Jacket from a thrift shop and dress from Forever 21.

It’s gonna be cold when I leave New York , so I’m gonna need this coat that my auntie gave me for my birthday last year.

That’s what’s in my suitcase, or at least some of the things.

My packing cubes , which I rave about, are in the suitcase all ready .

Some of these things, I might not wear or carry .

Yes, I maybe carrying two bags because that’s what some of us women do.

Have you guessed where I’m going?

You’ll have to wait for my next post to see if you’re right.

Happy guessing .


Month 11 already?

Weren’t we just popping bottles of our favorite beverage and acting the fool on New Year’s Eve ?

Now we’re not only going on month 11 but almost the end of another decade.

What are y’all doing?

Did you buy those new suitcases and duffle bags that are just sitting in your closet or under your bed ?

Get those babies out and go somewhere , peeps .

Let these quotes inspire you .


It’s past midnight and the Sports Diva is on another 30 Plus Teams Tour.

Did you guess where I’m going at this hour of the morning?

One person did.

Shout out to Ken Dowell from Off The Leash.

I would suggest that you check out his blog when you get a chance.

I’m on my way to see all the sights of Washington DC and surprise even though I’m not getting tickets for it, there’s this little baseball thingy called the World Series going on while I’m in town.

As the Washington DC and surrounding areas are loaded with memorials, monuments and not one but four sports teams, the Sports Diva is going to bring you along for this ride.


Yes, I said October.

It’s my favorite time of the year.

So many hockey, football and basketball games for the Sports Diva to go to, God willing.

Maybe take a 30 Plus Teams Tour of the cities that are in baseball’s world series.

So much traveling to do before it gets really cold .

But that shouldn’t stop you from doing your own 30 Plus Teams Tour .

It maybe getting cold but get inspired , fam.

Travel and let these quotes inspire you as usual .