The weather is actually nice here in New York City for once.

It’s not that cold at all.

Okay, it’s 43 degrees and sunny, but compared to what we’ve been having , 43 ddgrees or higher is basically a “heat wave”.

Yesterday , I spent most of my day under the covers and my dinner was Chicken Noodle Soup, Honey-Ginger Tea and a Grilled Cheese sandwich .

I was sick, really sick.

Today is different though.

The Sports Diva is going to go on another tour, an adventure , if you will in New York City .

I’m not sure where I’m going yet, but the main thing is, I’m going out and about in the city.

I might go on another zoo adventure, a return trip to one of New York’s many museums, or just a train ride on one of New York’s many subway lines.

Whatever I decide to do , you, my fellow bloggers are coming along with me.

So let the 30 Plus Teams Tour continue !



A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on how down I was due to the weather here in New York City, and how I was coping with it.

More like not coping well at all with it.


The weather, inspite of the big snow storm we got on Easter, has gotten better.

Mother Nature is, for some reason , very mad at the East Coast of the United States and is threatening to give New York City even more snow this week.

It’s April, Springtime for God’s sakes!

I want to do a 30 Plus Teams Tour of the city, especially a Yankees baseball game at Yankees Stadium and tell you all about it, but it’s hard to do that when the games keep getting cancelled due to rain or SNOW!

What’s a Sports Diva who loves to travel supposed to do?

Yes, I’m going to keep watching all those travel videos that YouTube keeps recommending that I should watch.


I’m loving all these travel blogs that I see on the blogesphere.

Keep on travelling guys, I’m loving it!

Better yet, I am getting out of the house and very soon the 30 Plus Teams Tour to anywhere is going to continue with gusto.

Thanks y’all for going on the 30 Plus Teams Tour with me.

I love my fellow bloggers.


In an earlier post, I showed you part of my day at the Queens Zoo.

The second part is more pictures from the Zoo.

They have an area dedicated to birds, birds and more birds.

As this used to be the site of the 1964 World’s Fair, the pbird Aviary is located in what used to be the Winston Churchill Pavillion.

As you walk in you’ll notice signs that tell you to look up, look down, look in the water for the birds.

Yes they are all around you as I discovered.

My favorite part of the zoo was the petting zoo.

This area held the domesticated animals in the Americas.

I was surprised to see two big Texas Longhorn cattle just minding their own businesses as tourists were snapping pictures.

Let the pictures give you an idea of what’s to see in one of New York’s lesser known zoos.


Even the Sports Diva needs some motivation to travel or at least think about traveling .

When I post those great travel quotes that y’all seem to love to read so much and I tell you to get inspired to travel, guess what?

I haven’t been lately .

As I look out my window today, I see something that I’ve been seeing way too much of here in the New York City area.

It’s snow.

We’re having N’oreaster number 4 here on the East Coast .

We had N’oreaster number 3 a week before and N’oreasters number 1 and 2 two weeks before that.

In case you don’t know, this is what this pain of Mother Nature is.

A N’oreaster is rain, then snow, then sleet, followed by heavy winds- all at the same time.

We happen to be at N’oreaster number 4 now.

Once this is done, there’s going to be either 11-15 inches of snow on the ground .

Schools in New York City are closed, that’s how you know this is serious .

N’oreasters number 1,2, and 3 gave New York City 8, 9 and 3 inches of snow.

Is there any wonder why I’m not really motivated?

I am doing something about my “funk” though.

No, I’m not going to visit a zoo, museum or taking a Greyhound bus anywhere.

I’m not even going to a hockey or basketball game.

In my mind, I’m doing the next best thing .

I’m reading all the travel brochures that I can find in my house, which is a lot.

I’m even wearing a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey shirt to remind me of a warm spot, Tampa, Florida.

I’m searching on Pinterest for pictures of luggage, airports, airplanes, flight attendants, and folks going somewhere exotic or not so exotic.

I’m looking at all those fashion catalogues that come to my mailbox every day it seems, and I’m looking at all those models in shorts, bathing suits and sandals.

I’m doing everything that I can to make me forget the nasty weather that’s making a mess of my roof, sidewalk and steps.

I’ve got my heater on because it’s below freezing outside and I’m sitting under my cozy comforter.

I’ve even gone as far as making my two favorite warm weather adult beverages, Amaretto Sour and Pina Colada.

Now this may not seem like motivation to travel for you but for me this is working.

For a few hours, I’m going to forget that I’m in snowy and nasty New York City.

I’m on my way to some place nice and warm .

Say like Las Vegas , Los Angeles , Miami, Tampa or Phoenix.

Needless to say, I’m having a blast.