I bet you thought  that  I  just write and go on 30 Plus  Teams  Tours  in my spare  time . 

Or that I  spend way too  much  time going to or listening to sports.

I  do but  that’s another  story  for another  time.

No, I actually  spend a lot of time reading a whole  lot  of  other blogs . 

Really, seriously ,  I  do.

If you look on my home blog page on ,  you’ll  discover that I follow a lot of  blogs.

They aren’t  just sports  and  travel  blogs, but religious ,  political ,  music ,  beauty ,  food, and fashion  blogs as well.

I  have  26 particular  blogs that I truly love to  follow ,  and I  try to  follow  them as soon as I see that they have a brand new post.

I  call these 26 blogs my “Team  Awesome  “.

I  hope when you get the chance, take a look  at some  of  these  blogs.
Not only do  they make some interesting  , but you might get some great tips.

It’s  a  blog about lifestyle ,  adventure ,  and travel. Lee, the author, nails it. Not only  does he tell you about his adventures all over the world ,  he gives you great information  on people  and places that you didn’t  know  much or anything  about.


Sami K ‘ s blog is basically backpacking  for beginners .  You don’t ,  however, have to be a backpacker to travel, and  she gives you all the tips you need  to  know . 


Susan ‘ s blog is just what  you  would  expect  it to be, discovering the city that never sleeps, an adventure  at a time . I  was born and live here, but there’s  so much that I  didn’t  know and places in the city that  I didn’t  know  existed , in all five boroughs . 

4. Umaima12blog.wordpress

Her blog is titled “Girl on Top”. Stop it all of you with the dirty minds. Her blog is about bring positive  about being  a  female ,  and taking  life  the good, the bad, and the really  ugly sides of it. I invite you to  check out her blog for  some of the greatest  writing  ever!


Lukas ‘ blog is about as you can tell by the title ,  photography .  It’s  more than  that ,  though. If you’re  having a really down  day, his witty puns and humor will put a wicked huge smile  on  your  face. You might even get some great information  as well.


She lives in the Bay area of San Francisco ,  and not only tells you about the latest fashion  and makeup  tips, she tells you about the latest beauty products on the market  right now. My favorite  post by her was when she showed you what to wear when you attend a baseball  game , even if you aren’t  a baseball  fan. Gotta  love  it ! 


She calls her blog “The Real Stories- The Obstacles  “, and Yoly isn’t  kidding .  She talks about everything  sad, funny, and all those, ‘are you for real right now?’ moments in the lives of her and her family .  You real enjoy her “realness  “.


He states that his blog is about “travel, life, and people  “. Maybe it us, but I  can tell you  that his blog is much more than  that to me .  Not for nothing ,  but I  think that because  of  his excellent  blogging  tips and being a sounding board for my way too many blogging  questions ,  I’ve  been  able to step  up  my blogging  game. THANKS ROLAND ! 


Liberty states that her blog is about freedom of  speech  and besides her traveling  throughout  Europe ,  it is. But this blogger writes about very mature topics and makes a whole lot of sense, and to think she’s  15 years old.


Anna G writes about fashion ,  music ,  and what she likes to  call ‘Other  Stories”. I  especially  like to  read her  posts about her music  playlists. We have some of the same tastes  in music.

11. SparkleofLucy.wordpress

Lucy talks about mental  health ,  lifestyle ,  and  other thoughts .  She’s  always  so upbeat in her posts and the title of  her blog, Sparkle of Lucy ,  says all you need to know about her .  Did I mention  that  she just turned 16?


It’s  about travel and photography and even though the author, Haley, is from Knoxville ,  Tennessee ,  she travels all over.

13. Lovetravellingaroundtgeworld.worpress

The author of this blog post calls herself ,  ‘Little  Miss Traveller  ‘, and she provides you with all the information you need for your own perfect  trip


Nicci describes herself as ‘an Expat at home’, meaning no matter what ,  yes, you can always go back to where  you  came from and appreciate  even more the places ,  people ,  and things that you  left behind . 


Gloria  calls describes herself  as ‘an adventure  travel junkie ‘ and her blog is just stories  of her travels. As a black female  traveller like Gloria ,  I  certainly  can relate to some of her travel issues . 


Raga and Nandita are a husband and wife pair of bloggers who travel everywhere and have the pictures to show you, just as though they had sent you  a postcard. I truly love the fact that when they travel, their parents sometimes go on these adventures  with them. What a blessing ! 


This blogger likes to  say that his blog is all about ‘a man, his van, and no plan’. Yeah, sometimes  he has no plan where he and his van are going to  go. He just goes .  Dude after my own heart . 

18. PinkLogs.wordpress

This blog is all about fashion ,  beauty ,  and a big glimpse  of  Indian  culture .  I keep telling  the author ,  Swati ,  that she should be one of those Bollywood actresses . 


It’s  a blog about, you guessed it, New York  City   However the tips the author, Jessica,  gives you don’t  only apply  to  New York  City .  They can apply to  any city.


Damon and Jo are speaking  my language here. Don’t  think  about where you want to  go, even if it’s  a day trip  or seeing  something  in your own town. If you have a few dollars to your name, just shut up  and  go!

21. AnnasLittleThing.wordpress

It’s  Anna ‘ s thing about life and beauty .  In her last post, she even talked about  what great finds you can find at your local  drugstore .  HELLO WALGREENS ! 


The author of this post, Rosie, is an English  lady who moved to  Florida .  It’s  interesting  to  discover  her thoughts  about packing up and moving to another country that’s not even that close to yours. By the way, she loves Florida so much that her wedding  is going to  be  at Disney  World in Orlando .  Congrats ,  Rosie . 


Do you want to know what it’s  like to travel with the little  ones? Then follow Mitiele  and her mini me , one adventure throughout  London  at a time.


Blogger Chrissy basically  has the same outlook  on life that I do. “Everyday  is an adventure ,  embrace it . ” Like my  blog, her nlog is mostly about travel  in the United  States .  My favorite blog post of hers? The post on her hometown ,  Nashville ,  Tennessee  and taking in the atmosphere  of a Nashville  Predators  hockey game .  You go  Chrissy! SMASHVILLE FOREVER!

25. Lifepunchesblog.wordpress

Efren calls his blog “Crazy Stuff Happens  “, which is life from a married man’s  point of  view .  His blog makes you really appreciate  that guy in your life ,  whether  it’s  your son, brother , husband,  father, or boyfriend .  He also gives you the REAL reason why your boyfriend  or husband  cleans up the house real fast . 

My last favorite  blog on Team Awesome  should come as no surprise  if you’ve  been following  my blog, or you know  me very well.


These three cousins  live, breathe, eat, and sleep sports . 

Sounds like the Sports  Diva 64  if you ask me !

There’s  more than covering the four major professional  sports leagues ,  they also cover college sports as well as the sports topics of the day. Like my blig, they also tell you what to do in a city while you’re  attending  that sporting event . 

There you have my list of blogs that I  call my “Team Awesome  ”

What  blogs are on your Team Awesome  list?

Let me know and I’ll  definitely  follow  them as well . 

As always    thanks for liking and reading my little  blig.

I so appreciate  your  support . 



Over the weekend  another shooting  occurred here in the United States .  

It wasn’t  in a large  or medium  size town.

It was in a very small town halfway  between Austin and San Antonio, Texas.


What is wrong with the world that you have to shoot people  ranging in ages 5 years to 72 years old?

The coward who  did this either killed himself or was shot by someone . 

We’ll  never know  why.

I’m  tired of asking why does this continue  to  happen  in my country and secondly ,  the shooter was discharged dishonarably  by the United States  Air Force for assaulting his wife and daughter.

This happened three years ago when the shooter was 23 years old!

At that age and the age that you did this cowardly  act, what on God’s  green  earth were you so ANGRY about?!

I didn’t  want to bring it up, but I just have to . 

Let’s  stop using mental health  as an issue.


ALL  of  us have something  wrong with us whether we want to admit it or not.

We don’t  go shooting  up movie theaters, schools, college campuses ,nightclubs, people  enjoying  a concert or even good folks going to church.

I’m  tired of asking why when it comes to  foreign terrorists, but I AM ANGRY that I have to ask the same question when domestic  terrorism makes a stop in the United States  YET AGAIN . 


In the first part of this blog, I mentioned some cities that you should visit  if  you  come to the United States  or Canada. 

Some of the cities 1-20 you can do a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour ,  many of them no.

Here are the rest of  the  cities that you should  visit  starting  with  number  21.


This city isn’t  pronounced   QUIN-CEE, but QUIN-ZEY. It’s  a  subway ride away from Boston ,  so you can definitely  do a day trip from the city. It’s  the city that gave the country two presidents ,  John Adams  and  his son, John Quincy  Adams.


This city is a train or a bus ride from New York  City .  It has  many museums  and art galleries  that are either free or very inexpensive .  What’s  the  main reason  to visit  the  city? It’s  the home of the  third oldest  college in the country ,  Yale University .  Many of  the  art galleries and  museums in the city are located  right on the Yale campus . 


When most tourists  come to  the  United  States ,  the state of  Idaho  isn’t  one of  the  states they’re  thinking  of visiting .  Same thing with most Americans .  Idaho isn’t  on the radar. The closest most Americans  get to Idaho are the  Idaho potatoes  that we buy in the supermarket . Boise has the largest Basque  population  in the world next to Spain  and  France .  There’s  even a Basque  Museum  and Cultural  Center in town.


Like  Quebec  City ,  this is another  place to  practice  your French ,  but you can get by with English .  Visit another one of  the  most  beautiful  cities  in  North  America .  Have that comfort  food ,  Poutine, which is French Fries with Gravy and Cheese Curds. You can even find it at McDonald’s  in town. For another  taste of the city, have a smoked meat sandwich  at one of  the  many delicatessens .  If you happen  to  go to Montreal  in the colder months, do what a lot of Montrealers do- go to and fro via Montreal’s  Underground  City.


This underrated  city on the Three Rivers (the Ohio, Allegheny ,  and Monongahela  )might not  be  a choice for a visit, but surprised  yourself  by taking a bus, train, or plane ride there. Not only are there  museums ,  and “The Nationality Rooms”, at the University  of  Pittsburgh ,  I would  advise  you to  take a ride on one or both of the two working inclines  in town, the Duquesne  and the  Monongahela. They start running  at 5:30am and a lot of locals ride them to work, so get to know the city and it’s  people  by riding either one of  them. Pittsburgh  is all about their three sports teams, so be sure to pack something  black and yellow with you . 


It’s  the  capital  of  the  state  of  Maryland ,  the home of the  United States  Naval Academy, which you can visit ,  just bring some identification  with you. It’s  also the sailing  capital  of  the  country as it sits right on the Chesapeake.


It’s  old world  charm in the country with all the horse  drawn carriages, and their style of food called “Low Country”, which is a lot of good quality  seafood and of course lots of barbecue  since this is the South. Shrimp and Grits, Pulled Pork sandwhiches, anybody ?  This is also the place where the first shots of the Civil War  were fired ,  so make sure to visit Fort Sumpter as well.


It’s  down the road from Washington  DC  and Annapolis ,  Maryland .  You could do a day trip by public transportation  from DC if you wanted to ,  but visit “Charm City” for a few days without going to DC. Visit  the Inner  Harbor , Little  Italy ,  Fells Point, and just do some shopping  at  Lexington  Market, one of the oldest markets in the country .  Learn about  the story of the  American  National  Anthem  at Fort McHenry .  The city is famous  for  its  crab cakes ,  so be sure to have some no matter where you go in B’more.


This is definitely   “Big Sky Country ” . You’ll  see a skyscraper  or two, but you’ll  mostly  see people  driving  way above the 55 MPH speed limit. (Most people  do 75 here.) Since it’s  so close to  the Canadian  border ,  don’t  be surprised  if  you see just as many Canadian  license  plates as you do American  license  plates. If you travel a little  bit  out of town, you’ll  come to another  part of U.S. history .  It’s  the location  of  the  Battle  of  the  Little  Bighorn ,  which many an American  knows as , “Custer’s Last Stand.”, in which  268 U.S. Calvary soldiers  led by General  George  Custer were killed by an army of no less than 2,000 Lakota and Cheyenne  Indians.


It’s  one of the smallest  states in the country. Boston and New York  City  are about less than two hours away. You can do a day trip here and be sure to visit  Federal  Hill, which  is the city’s ,  Little  Italy. Take a stroll not only around the waterfront, but also around the transportation  hub, Kennedy Plaza. Providence  is also the home of another Ivy League  school ,  Brown  University . 


Cowboys ,  Cowboys, and more Cowboys, that’s  the state of Wyoming .  It was, however ,  the first state to give women the right to vote in 1869, long before the rest of the country did in the 1920’s. They elected their first female governor  in 1924. If you’re  thinking  about  visiting  in July, you’re  just I  time for a part of Wyoming’s history ,  the Cheyenne  Frontier  Days. It’s  not just about cowboys,chuck wagon  races , and rodeos .  Oh no .How about going to Cheyenne  Frontier  Days and a Keith Urban ,  Jason Aldean or a Carrie Underwood  concert breaks out? One or all of these Country and Western  music superstars  just might be there . 


It’s  the  home of the Girl Scouts of America  and during the Civil War ,this is the city that the Union Army DIDN’T  burn down because it was too beautiful  a city . It still is. Take a trip for yourself and find out.


Do you want to get an idea of  how Americans lived before the Revolutionary  War?  Take a trip to Colonial  Williamsburg .  Basically  most of the town is a step back  in town with the majority  of the people wearing period  clothes  from the 19th Century .  If you take a guided tour  or self guided tour of the town, you’ll  see the blacksmith  shop, the governor’s  palace, and even slave quarters. Do you think that you or especially  the little  ones might get bored ?  Busch Gardens  amusement  park  is also located here.


It’s  the  largest city in the Green  Mountain  state of Vermont .  The city’s  waterfront  is right near Lake Champlain ,   which is on the border of  New York  state and Vermont .  You’ll  also see where Ben and Jerry’s  ice cream comes from. If you want to get really adventurous ,  grab your passport  and  head up to Montreal .  It’s  not that far either.


The city isn’t  far from New York  City  and Boston .  However , it’s  even  closer to Providence .  You can  take public  transportation  at Kennedy  Plaza and within no time you’ll  be at the summer homes of the  Vanderbilts  and Astors, as well as the fictional  home of Jay Gatsby , as F. Scott Fitzgerald  set one of most famous  novels here .  You are allowed to visit  the summer  mansions  of New York  City’s  rich and infamous  for that ,  “oh my God, did they really live here!?”moment as you walk along the area known  as   Cliff’s  Walk.


This town may sound  very familiar  to  many of  you ,  even if you don’t  know that much about  the  country .  It’s  the home  of  the  fourth  largest  college  in the country ,  Princeton  University .  For four months ,  it was the capital  of  the  United  States .  It was also the  scene of  one of the battles of the Revolutionary  War, the Battle  of  Princeton. You can get there by a New Jersey  transit bus from Port Authority  bus terminal  in New York  City . 


It’s  the  second  largest  city  in New York  state, and it’s  the  city that gave the worod, “Buffalo  Chicken  Wings”. You can visit Anchor  Bar, the place where they were supposedly served first .  If you want to visit the American  side of Niagara Falls ,  it’s  not that far. Neither is the Peace Bridge, which separates Buffalo from Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. Toronto  isn’t  that far from Buffalo  either.


This town isn’t  that far from Baltimore ,  and I would advise  you  to  visit when you come to the United  States .  During the  Civil War ,  the whole  town was a battlefield . For three days it wasn’t  only the troops from the North and the South who were fighting  each other, it was neighbor versus  neighbor .  Take a tour of the city and be sure to visit the battlefields  with tour guides  who will give you a better understanding  of  what  life was like during this time . 


This is the capital  of  the  Commonwealth  of  Pennsylvania .  While in town, be sure to visit  the  state capital  building  as well as the Civil  War  Museum  if you can’t  get to Gettysburg .  While a visit to Gettysburg  will only tell you about the Battle  of  Gettysburg, this museum tells  you  the entire history  of this dark  time in American  history .  If this is a  little  too much for you and the family ,  go an hour or so from town to the place known as “Chocolate  City  “. You got it, Hershey, Pennsylvania . 


No visit to  the   United States  would be complete without  a visit to Sin City .  Everyone  who visits here should  have this city on their bucket lust, just to see the neon lights at night, eat like crazy at one of the many buffets in town that seem to try to outdo  each other with the amounts of food they serve ,  see the shows , or just  dance the night away. You can even gamble, but guess what, you don’t  have  to .  There’s  so much else to do here. Where do you start ?  Like everyone  else, you start on the Las Vegas Strip just to gawk at all those hotels that look larger than life .  Don’t  neglect the Fremont  Street  Experience  in Downtown  Las Vegas. You can even get out of town to Hoover Dam or even the Grand Canyon .  There’s  something  for everyone ,  but please try to leave the  little  ones at home.
These are some ideas of what cities to visit if you come to  the  United  States  or  Canada . 

If you’ve  been  to either country before ,  what cities would you suggest that might or might not be on this list ? 

Drop me a line in the comments  section  and as always , thank you for your  support  of my little  blog.


The United States  and Canada  are two countries  with lots of big ,  small ,  and medium cities that you  should  visit  if you get the chance . 

You might think I’m talking about  Boston ,  New York ,  Los Angeles ,  San  Francisco ,  Chicago  or Miami ,  cities  that lots  of  tourists  want to  see when they come to the United States . 

I’m  not  talking  about  these cities though.

Nor am I talking  about  Nashville  or Memphis  either.

The cities  that I’m  referring  to  aren’t  the  ones that many of  you think about when you come to the United States  or Canada.

Some of  you might not have even heard of the states  or provinces that they’re  located  in . 

Some of  these cities you could definitely  do  a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour in if you wanted to.

Other cities that are listed, no way, and they aren’t  even close to places where you can do a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour . 

Since they’re  40 cities on this list, this post is going to be in two parts.

Here’s  numbers   1-20.


It’s  the  capital  of  the  state of  Texas, and outside of some good Texas barbecue ,  it’s  known  for  the big music  and arts festival  known  as  South by Southwest .  While  you’re  in town, visit one of the largest colleges in the United  States ,  the University  of  Texas.


While you’re  on the west coast  of  the  United States ,  head  up to one of  the  most  beautiful  cities in the world .  Take a walk through the neighborhoods  of Chinatown ,  Gastown, the Waterfront ,  and of course take a walk through Stanley  Park and admire the totem poles. Take a ride on Vancouver’s public transportation ,  the Sky Train .  If you’re  really brave, walk on the Capilano  Suspension  Bridge.


Be really adventurous and say hello to  the  49th state, Alaska .  Anchorage  is a very cosmopolitan  city and by all means to fully appreciate  the state, visit in the summer months .  Take a cruise  or fly. Alaska will definitely  surprise  you.


Cheesesteaks, Revolutionary  War relics ,  Independence  Hall, Reading Market, and of course, the Liberty Bell. What else can  you  say about The City of  Brotherly  Love? Try walking on those cobblestone  streets  that you’ve  only seen in pictures .  Take a walk down to Penn’s Landing, even on a cool  fall say.


It’s  “The Biggest Little  City in The World”, or at least  that’s  what  it calls itself .  Unfortunately ,  it sits in the shadow of  that  big glitzy city across the state .  Reno has more of   a western  feel to it than Las Vegas does .  Visit and see for yourself . 


It’s  the other Portland  in the country. This Portland  is all about the seafood. You know you want one of those mouth watering  Maine  Lobsters  so that you can brag to the folks back home that you actually  had one. How about some scallops ,  shrimp, or other fruits of the sea while you’re  admiring  the  view of  the  Portland  harbor ? 


Take a walk around  Parliament  Hill, see the buildings  that make up the capital  of  Canada .  If it’s  warm by all means  take a  picture  of  the  tulips in front, which were a gift from the Dutch Royal Family to Canada. Do some shopping at Byward Market or if you want to show off your skating  skills ,  join the other good citizens  of  Ottawa and go ice skating on the frozen Rideau  Canal.


Before  there was Las Vegas,”AC” was the place where people  went to gamble  and see all the big name entertainers .  It still is, but there’s  more to  the  city than that. If you’re in either in New York  City  or Philadelphia ,  you can do  a  day trip from either city. Take a walk along the  famous  Atlantic  City  Boardwalk  and see the Atlantic  Ocean ,  no matter what  time of  the  year it is. Make sure  to  get some salt water taffy as well . 


These two cities are so linked together ,  that they’re  known  as  “The  Twin  Cities  “. St. Paul  is actually  the  capital  of  Minnesota ,  but most people  go into Minneapolis  more iften. It’s  the home of Prince, and many people  want to visit the studio where he made music. Do you want to visit one or both cities but don’t have a car ?  There’s  a rapid transit  train that not only  takes you to both cities, but the airport  and to one of  the  largest shopping  malls  in the country, The Mall of America . 


Please forget about what you  heard or read about this city in the news. Visit Thomas Jefferson’s  home, Monticello ,  as well as visit the school with most of the buildings  that he designed ,  the University  of  Virginia .  Get to know the good and decent people  of Charlottesville ,  who are doing many positive  things.


It doesn’t  matter  if  you  refer to  it as “T.O.”, “The 416” or just “The Six”, this city has the second  largest film festival  in the world  next to Cannes, France .  You can’t  go anywhere  in town without  seeing one of the tallest free standing  structures in the world ,  the CN Tower .  Take a ride on the subway system  that has the third largest ridership in the world next to Mexico  City  and New York  City .


It’s  known  as  “The Gateway City”, so make sure  to  visit the Gateway Arch which seems  to  dominate  the skyline  of the city. You can even go inside of the arch and take a ride. If you’re  claustrophobic ,  don’t  even think about  going on it. For a real St. Louis  experience, have some Toasted Ravioli  in Little  Italy.


By all means visit the capital  of  the  United States .  Many tourists for some reason avoid this city like the plague ,  and they’re  missing  out on all those monuments ,  museums ,  and memorials ,  so many of them are free. See the Cherry Blossoms in the Spring and visit areas of the city that you didn’t  even know existed and that the travel guides  hardly  ever  mention .  Take a walk along Dupont Circle where all the different  foreign  embassies  are. Some of them have open houses.


Forget all those doom and gloom  stories you heard  about this city. “The D” is back. You know it’s  famous for the Motown  Music sound, but it’s  also the home of Techno Music .  Take a walk around the International  Riverwalk ,  Greektown, Corktown, and a very vibrant theater district  as well as downtown .  Have a Detroit favorite, the Coney Dog while you’re  in town . 


Most people  know  that other city in the state, Seattle .  Spokane  doesn’t  have a Space Needle ,  nor is it the home of Grunge Music. What it does have is one of  the  largest  man made marvels ,  the Grand Coulee Dam, which visitors can take a tour of ,  if they wish . 


It’s  a bit of France  in North America .  It may be the provincial  capital  of  the  province  of  Quebec ,  but many people  pass it by going to Montreal  instead .  Visit the Upper and Lower Towns of the city, get a little  history  at The Plains of  Abraham ,  and above all, practice  that French . 


The food, the Creole  and Cajun culture ,  and Mardi  Gras .  There’s  more to “NOLA” than just these things. Take a street  car ride through the different  neighborhoods ,  or take a Hurricane  Katrina  Tour. Visit the National  World War I  I Museum .  Don’t  forget to buy some Pralines  and Beignets to bring home with you.


Visit the capital  of  what’s  called ,  “The New South”. Take a ride on the big ferris wheel  that sits in the middle  of  town. See Coca-Cola  World as well as Doctor  Martin  Luther  King’s graveside  on the “Sweet  Auburn  ” section  of  the  city.


It happens to  be  one of  the  oldest  cities in the country ,  but more people  know Albuquerque  when someone  mentions  New Mexico .  Don’t  neglect  this city if you happen to go to New Mexico .  While you’re  in Santa  Fe, take in the history, the Spanish  and  Native American . 


To see and visit this city now, one would  never believe that its nickname  was “The Mistake  on The  Lake.”Not anymore . It’s  not just two of their sports teams that’s  making the city rock  , but a few of their neighborhoods   , Ohio City , University  City, and of course the Downtown  Area that are rocking also .  Let’s  not forget  that big building  that sits right near Lake Erie  in the Downtown  area ,  the Rock and Roll Hall  of  Fame . 


I’m  doing  my own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New York  City  right now . 

I’m  on my  way  to  Barclay’s  Center  in Brooklyn  for a sporting  event . 

It’s  a hockey  game  between  the  Vegas Golden  Knights  and the New York  Islanders . 

Like  many New Yorkers, I  don’t  drive  anywhere . 

I have to  take public  transportation  from my house in the borough  of Queens  to get to  Brooklyn . 

This of course ,  means taking a New York  City  subway . 

Even the train that I’m  on now, the “F” train does go into Brooklyn ,  it’s  not the section  of  Brooklyn  that Barclay’s  Center  is located in . 

The borough  of Brooklyn  is so big that if it were to break away from New York  State, it might just be the 51st state.

So, I do have to transfer to another train, something  that  a lot of New Yorkers  do quite often  whether  they’re  going  to  work ,  school ,  a Broadway  show, a dance club, or even a sporting  event . 

There’s  no way around it when you take the subway in New York  and you live in the “Outer Boroughs “, that’s  Brooklyn ,  The Bronx, Staten Island ,  and  Queens . 

You can even transfer from a New York City  subway to get the PATH train, but you do have to pay another fare.

If you transfer from one New York  City  subway to another, it’s  a free transfer.

Unlike  the  PATH  trains, the New York  City  subway is old, extremely  crowded, and I’ve  got  to  keep it real here, not very clean.

(Sportsandtravelblog.wordpress/2017/10/23 Start  -spreading  -the  -news-new-york  -new-york-a-ride-on-the-PATH-train)

If you  happen  to  be  in New York  and  take the subway  to get anywhere ,  you’ll  notice people  eating everything  from a bagel  with cream cheese  to sandwiches  and even Chinese  food.

They’ll  also be drinking their morning coffee from Dunkin Donuts and eating snacks right in your face.

Don’t  expect the NYPD  or train personnel  to tell them to stop   because it’s  New York . 

It’s  one of  the  things you just do.

You might even see people  walking through the subway  cars, begging  for  money.

You’ll  never see this if you take the  PATH  train.

The New York  City  subway  system ,  is old, very  old, and the subway  cars break down  – a lot.

Many a New Yorker would be a  billionaire  for all the times we’ve  heard this announcement when the train is either not moving or moving extremely  slow  :


My subway ride to Brooklyn  was no different . 

Like most New Yorkers, I know that train delays are a given, and that there are three sure things in our lives.

Death, taxes, and the MTA (that’s  the Metropolitan  Transit  Authority) either messing  up  your subway  ride by rerouting your train, the ever popular  “track work  “or making your ride longer than it needs to be because of  mostly  these four reasons  :

1. Someone has gotten sick on the train.

2. A fight has broken out.

3. One of the rails on the train is broken and it needs to be fixed.

4. Someone  has either jumped on , fell on, or was pushed onto the train tracks.

Normally, it takes 45 minutes to an hour or so to get to Atlantic  Avenue  in Downtown  Brooklyn . 

Not this time.

Try almost two and a half hours to reach my destination  because  my train was rerouted.

We New Yorkers like to  complain about  our subway system, how much it costs ,  why is the fare going up for such lousy service, and why are the subway cars so filthy?

In spite of these problems, we STILL take it everyday and we DARE any tourists or people  who don’t  ride it everyday  to say something  about  it.

Basically ,  it’s  a pain but it’s  our pain in the you know  what . 

Still, thank you, MTA, for making my ride on the New York  City  subway  so “enjoyable  “.


I’ve  asked  this question  far too many  times  now.

I asked  why when people  were killed  in  Nice, Belgium ,  Berlin ,  Barcelona  and Paris . 

I asked why when it happened  twice in London . 

I didn’t  think  that  I  would  need to ask why in New York  City .

But it seems  as though  I  have  to .

On Halloween  afternoon ,  that’s  October  31st  to the rest of the world ,  a rented truck with a logo from the lumber and other goods store, Home Depot, drove down a street  on the city’s  very busy West Side Highway . 

The street he drove down, West Street ,  is mainly a bike and pedestrian  only street.

According  to  witnesses, he was going the wrong way from Houston  to  Chambers Street . 

If you know New York  City ,  you know this is about 20 or so long blocks.

This was NO accident  that the driver  was going the wrong  way  and very fast.

He was going out of  his way to cause as much damage as possible.

In the end, eight people  were killed and as of now 15 people were taken  to  hospitals .

Ironically ,  this bike path is in the shadow  of  the  Freedom  Tower, also know as One Observatory  Tower.

It replaced the fallen Twin  Towers of the World  Trade Center . 

As with the other cities, a truck has suddenly  become  “The weapon  of  choice” to create as much death and destruction  as possible . 

The people  who  were killed were from Argentina  and  Belgium  just biking on a path that a lot of New Yorkers use every day.

Among the injured were two children  on a school bus.

Besides ramming the truck into pedestrians and bicyclists ,  he also hit a school  bus.

Unlike the others who carried out these attacks in the name of “religion  “, the person who did this is in a New York  City  hospital.

As of right now, they don’t  have a reason why he chose  this particular  street  in New York  City  or why the city was a target again . 

I don’t  care what his reason was or why this seems  to  keep happening  everywhere  now.

I’ve gotten tired of  asking why.


I started travelling by myself  when I was in high school . 

It was a weekend  trip to  Boston  and I can honestly  say that  I  really  didn’t  know  what  to  expect ,  nor did I  do  any research  on where I was going.

This is something  that  you should  NEVER do whether you’re  going  on a trip around  the  world  or doing a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  somewhere . 

Do your  research  before  you  go  anywhere ,  that way you have some idea of what’s  expected  of you.

I have since traveled by myself  to London, Singapore ,  Kuala  Lumpur  and Penang ,  Malaysia  as well as Brisbane  and Sydney ,  Australia . 

I won’t  even mention all the times and places in the United  States  and Canada that I’ve  traveled  to  by myself . 

Did I feel  uncomfortable  going by myself  to these places, in some cases ,  not knowing  anybody ? 

I’m  not  lying  to you when I say no.

Actually ,  I didn’t  and I still don’t  even  after all these years of traveling  by myself . 

Don’t  get me wrong.

Lots of thoughts  went through  my mind, but nothing like will any physical  harm come to  me in these places . 

I was more concerned  about will I have a problem  because  I’m  carrying  an American  passport?

This was way before the current  political  climate ,  by the way.

I worried  about when I went overseas ,  will these places have people that speak English ? 

How do some of the places that I’m  going to  feel about a woman  traveling  by herself ? 

Most of all  I worried about will I have a problem with  the  fact that I’m an older woman  of color travelling  by herself . 

Luckily, I didn’t  have a problem  and people  were very nice.

Although ,  in Singapore  and  Malaysia  some well meaning ladies that I met in the shops and on my plane ride wanted  to  know  “where was my husband  and  how could he let me travel by myself ? ”

Most of my travel now is in the United  States  and Canada . 

Because  I  was  raised to be very independent  by my folks, may they rest in peace, I don’t feel uncomfortable  at all traveling  by myself.

I like to  think  that  the  Good Lord  is watching  over me no matter where I go , so everything  is  going  to  be okay . 

Of course, even here in my own country, I research  and  am very aware of my surroundings . 

If something doesn’t  feel or seem right, I avoid it like the plague . 

I don’t  wait for anyone  to  go  with me, I have to  go somewhere  because ,  you know, staying  home  is NOT  an  option . 

Although when I do one of my famous  30 Plus  Teams  Tours, and I’m  asked by some well meaning person  why am I going  to this city ,  who do I know there ,  I’d be a multimillionaire  for all the side glances I get when I tell them that  I’m going for a baseball ,  basketball  or a hockey game.

What about  you ?  

Do you ever feel uncomfortable  when you travel  by yourself ? 

If so, how do you handle it?

Drop me a line in the comments  section ,  let me know and as always, thank you for liking  and  following  my  blog posts .