After five days and four nights of a great 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas, it was time to go back to New York City.

I came in to Las Vegas on February 1st from JFK on a Delta Airlines flight, I was returning to LGA on Saturday, February 5th on a Southwest Airlines flight with a stopover in Denver.

I had a little bit of time, so I brought myself a blended Matcha Green Tea and waited to board.

The flight from Denver was quicker than I thought it would be.

As usual, we had to taxi because after all, it is New York City, there’s traffic even on airport runways.

I waited for my bag just like other passengers,but while they were getting their bags, my little blue bag was no where to be found.

My next step was to go to the Southwest Airlines baggage office to see just what was happening here.

The agent looked at his computer and said, “Miss Lawery, your bag didn’t transfer from Denver Airport, so we’re putting it on the flight to St. Louis to LGA. I’m sorry for the delay.”

Great, my bag is travelling to another place before it gets to New York, meanwhile the Sports Diva is going to fight traffic on a Saturday night ride back to another part of Queens.

The baggage claim agent asked me to describe my bag and what was in it .

“Light blue with lots of Vegas Golden Knights stickers on it. There’s clothes ,toiletries, and two bottles of booze in it”

The Sports Diva has her priorities, and of course my bag has stickers of some sports team on it.

I was told that my bag would be delivered to wherever I was staying.

Not to be a jerk which I could have been, my reply was, home, I’m going back to my house.

A day later, I’m still waiting for my bag, which still hasn’t been delivered yet, but that’s not their fault.

I just haven’t been home and neither has anyone else.


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