It’s that time again .

The Sportsdiva is going somewhere.

I’m going to be away from, God willing November 23-29, six days of all sorts of shenanigans.

Thanksgiving is coming up on the 25th, a time where you get together with friends and family , watch lots of football and eat a lot of food from morning until night, or at least that’s what we’ve ALWAYS done in my family.

Eat like crazy but leave enough room for dessert.

Where am I going on this 30 Plus Teams Tour?

As usual, you have to wait, but feel free to guess where the Sports Diva is going this time.

Let’s just say it’s gonna be really cold and I might not do any walking at all.

Don’t judge me, yeah I’m taking 3 bags. I’m going shopping and might buy another one or two.
It’s gonna to get cold so I’ll need some gloves
There’s gonna be lots of football watching so gotta wear my New England Patriots jersey
My carry on bag and my suitcase
My jacket/coat.
My second coat. Told you it was going to be cold where I’m going.
My red dress and a belt to go with it
3 pairs of leggings, black, red and blue
Can’t do without my packing cubes
Gotta bring the kids. Aaron J and Gleyber
2 Sweaters, and a vest. Coldness but I’m here for it
A shirt and a white vest underneath
Sneakers, booties and my warm comfy boots

That’s what going in my suitcase and as usual, all of this either won’t be taken or worn, but as cold as it’s going to be where I’m going, I might need ALL of these.

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