Okay, admit it.

When I asked you guys to guess where I was going on my 30 Plus Teams Tour, some of you who guessed were sure that I was going to Washington, DC.

The hints did sort of scream out Washington DC, sightseeing, not far from New York City, taking the bus, etc.

Some might have thought it was New York City that I was going to because I said that I could look out of my hotel window and see a big arena across the street.

I could see an arena right across the street from my hotel, but it’s not the one you’re thinking of.

My 30 Plus Teams Tour was done by the Long Island Railroad from Locust Manor to Freeport, Long Island then the Nassau County bus number 43 from Freeport to the village of Uniondale, Long Island.

The arena that was across the street from my hotel is the Nassau Coliseum, home of the New York Islanders of the National Hockey League, (and the team that really gets on the Sports Diva’s nerves!)

The hotel is basically across the parking lot from the arena and no matter what floor of the hotel you’re staying on, you can’t miss it.

(More on my hotel stay in an upcoming blog post.)

Even though this was a quick trip for me, I was able to get together with one of my Circle of Sisters ,who lives nearby, for some Starbucks and some hockey chit chat.

(She is a friend of the Sports Diva, of course we’re going to be talking about sports!)

I was even to do a little bit of sightseeing since my room wasn’t ready for me yet.

All in all, I really enjoyed my little day trip staycation.

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