After more than a year, it’s back, my peeps!

It’s another edition of what seems to be everyone’s second favorite post from 30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams, what’s in my suitcase.

The Sports Diva is finally going somewhere for a couple of days.

Where am I going?

Take a guess.

Here’s some hints.

I’m going by bus because it’s not that far and there’s a big arena that I can see right outside of my hotel window.

Where am I going?

You just have to wait and see.

Anyway, I might not be taking all of this stuff, but this is what’s in my suitcase right now.

My luggage tag from Amazon

Views of my carryon from London Fog that I brought at Marshalls.

Sneakers, booties and pink bedroom slippers

Packing cubes that I can’t seem to live without now. These are from Marshalls and Amazon.

My carryon bag from Target and Louis Vuitton makeup bag.

2 bags and my New York Rangers laundry bag that I brought from Models before it closed.

My three hats to wear.

My two caftans. Only one is going but I can’t decide if I want to wear the black or red one

My outfits for going and coming, plus doing some sightseeing in case I can’t check in early at my hotel.

Face masks and beauty face masks

Lysol, hand sanitizers, and cleaning wipes, just because

More clothes and my stuffed polar bear, DJ making an appearance.

It might be Spring but sorry, it’s still cool out. I need a jacket.

There you have it.

The return of What’s In My Suitcase.

As I said, all of this might not be going, and by the time this post comes out, my little suitcase is going to be a lot lighter to lug on a bus.

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