A lot of us still can’t  travel anywhere due to the Coronavirus ,  aka the virus  from  hell .

It’s  almost the end of month number four and here in the United States ,  a lot of governors are opening up their  states for business again.

As much as I  miss traveling, I happen to live in a state, New York ,  that won’t  be  ready anytime soon, and I’m  sure a lot of the places where my readers live aren’t  anywhere ready to travel either.

In the meantime ,  while y’all  are  thinking about travel, let these quotes  inspire  you  when travel is officially  back.The Best Travel Quotes to Fuel your WanderlustFill your life with adventures, not things_ Have stories to tell not stuff to showTRAVEL QUOTE_ I Love AirportsTop Struggling Quotes of the Year #Quotes #InspirationalQuotes36 of the Best Solo Travel Quotes_ Inspiration for Solo Travelers

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