When I wrote my post on how I was doing on March 29, I didn’t think I would be doing a part two of how I was coping with this.

I want to know why the virus from hell is still here with us.

Why are we here in New York City leading the nation with the most cases, sometimes switching places with New Orleans?

This virus is like a renewal of a very bad tv show or a gosh awful movie thst doesn’t need a sequel.

I’m not even going to get into who started it, what government didn’t do what, I just don’t care anymore and I’ve stopped watching news reports about it.

To be honest, I have gotten to the point where I don’t care if it started in Wuhan , China , West Bubblepuck, West Virginia or even West of Whiskey, Kentucky.

This virus is here and it’s like that relative that just doesn’t want to leave.

That’s how I feel about Covid-19.

It’s time for you to go already.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss watching my sports.

I do.

I am the Sports Diva , after all.

Seriously though, I don’t miss my sports as much as I thought I would .

What I do miss a lot though, is doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere to WATCH a sporting event and do other things.

Yes, I am missing telling you all about what’s in my suitcase .

I can’t say that I’m bored though.

There’s videos to watch, music to download, reading other folks blogs, laundry, cleaning ,cooking, eating ,and drinking non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, sometimes both together.

I go for walks still just to break up the monotony , still with my trusty mask and gloves with me.

When I return back home, gloves and masks go in the garbage where they should be, not on the the sidewalks or in the bushes where some peeps who didn’t get the memo on staying safe, just leave them.

I also spray everything, including the coat or jacket I wore, as well as the doors and hallway.

Then I wash my hands with warm water and soap.

I can only imagine what people who work in essential businesses have to go through .

This is harder on them and their families than it is on me.

This is a new “normal” that I thought I would never see in my country, let alone in my city in my lifetime .

This should have been over by now, but, unfortunately , it’s not, and life must go on as the cases in New York City especially seem to go higher and higher.

I still wish this virus from hell and the horse they rode in on would just go somewhere far, like to the moon or something .

I don’t want to write another blog post titled coping with the virus from hell part three.

I don’t know if I can cope with it.





  1. Totally understand your feelings,we have been in quarantine for a month now (and will sit for another month) and can say I miss the little things. Like going to café with my friends or ordering pizza ,but I know it’s not forever and we will be okay .Stay safe 💪 ,sending good vibes from Latvia.

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  2. Good Lord, Jo Ann. I am so sorry. I can’t imagine being in New York right now. I’m glad You are alright and are able to get out for walks. This needs to be in the world’s rear view mirror SOON. Sending You huge hugs. You’re doing GREAT!!!! 🤗❤️😊

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    • Thank you, Katy. You are so sweet. Every other state seems to be ‘flattening the curve’ but the cases keep going up and up here. We wont be opening anytime soon and thank God Governor Cuomo sees that we arent ready yet. Forget May, June more like it. How are you guys doing in Georgia? This virus needs to go. If we’re being punished by God or Karma, I think we learned our lesson. I just pray every night and keep it moving. I have to. Thanks again, girl and you guys stay safe.

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      • Yeah, Jo Ann….what’s happening in New York is truly shocking. I can’t even imagine being there. It seems, from the outside, that Governor Cuomo is doing a fantastic job. It’s absolutely crazy. Things here in GA are alright….we keep leapfrogging Texas to be the 10th worse state but they seem to have stayed in slot 10 for a few days now. Our numbers are absolutely NOTHING compared to NY. A bit over 18,000 cases as of yesterday. And we are pretty far away from Atlanta which is where there are a ton of cases. A county about 3 hours away has over a 1000 now but the numbers here in our county (49 right now) are very low and when they climb it’s slow. I am soooo very sorry Y’all got/are getting slammed so hard. It certainly does need to be over. It’s so easy for me to stand in it in such a very different and relatively easy manner for me to say this; but hang in there. It will be over….They were saying on the news yesterday the numbers in the country haven’t gone up the last couple of days….maybe it’s starting to quiet….I dunno. Praying right there with You, my friend. And seriously sending Lots of Love and huge hugs Your way!!! We are staying safe. Sounds like You’re doing a great job at that as well….rock on….🙏🏼🤗❤️🌀🦋🌊🌸

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      • Hugs girl, we are New Yorkers. We went through 9/11 and came back strong so the virus from hell is just a pain in the ass. The only things running around the city are the pigeons and the rats on steroids, aka the squirrels. We are hanging in there, this is a new norm for us. Numbers are going down but folks need to do their part too. I heard how bad Atlanta is. My nephew lives in Alpharetta. Chicago is even getting bad. I dont understand how some of these states want to open so early. Yeah i know business is bad but really are businesses more important than people? Thats what it seems like. Its okay to lose people but we cant lose businesses. Dont get it girl. Hugs from us here in NY to you guys in Georgia

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      • ABSOLUTELY! You New Yorkers KICK ASS! Y’all are seriously some of my favorite people. I LOVE New York. And MAN! Don’t even get me started on them wanting to open everything back up! When it was first becoming apparent that this virus was very serious and they shut Atlanta down….our beaches…everything here…. was still open. We live in a small beach town/tourist destination. Guess what/ We got FLOODED with Spring breakers coming up from Florida where the beaches had wisely closed and from people in Atlanta who actually had the gall to show up saying things like, “Everything’s closed in Atlanta! There’s nothing to do so we came down here!” Thanks a hell of a lot. We were all kindof waiting for things to explode here and so far, knock wood, are pleasantly surprised. The news kept saying the South was going to explode. God Bless Louisiana…and Florida. The news says it might not get as bad as predicted. I’m aiming for that. BUT….OUR SERIOUSLY NOT THAT BRIGHT in this instance Governor reopened our beaches about 3 weeks ago. YUP. And took the hold off vacations rentals. YUP. So that people could come here. Strange because most businesses her are closed. He actually said that Georgians were getting depressed because they can’t walk on the beach. Most people I know lost their minds over it. I shot him an email saying I truly don’t know anyone here that’s that simple minded in this situation. I think he got a lot of push back because he reclosed the rentals but left the GA beaches open for exercise only purposes. My mind was blown. Anyway… far….we’re fine. I hope Your nephew is doing well. I have friends in Atlanta and it sounds like everyone is taking a cue from NY and being uber conscientious!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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      • Girl I cant believe the gall of some of these politicians. Why open the beaches? We didnt know before but now we know how it is and sorry, April 30th to May 2 is too early to open anything. Poor Louisiana,as if that state hasnt suffered enough. Good on you for sending an email to the governor.

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      • Right? Silliness. 2 things that may make You laugh. The first being that I actually called the Governor’s office as well. I’ve never done that before in my life! Felt very efficient and like a real go-getter! Got a sweet young lady on the line who I reckon is an intern. Voiced my concern and she said I needed to email him. I told her I had but that I just wanted to cover all bases. Turns out he doesn’t have his interns take messages from his constituents. AT ALL. She said he does not ever know who calls or why. There’s no tally sheet or way for them to keep track of why people are calling or how they feel about specific issues….there’s nothing. Her only job it to listen and tell people to email him. Amazing. I thanked her for her politeness ad for listening and that was that. Alrighty then! You just gotta laugh. Wow. Ok. I truly have mellowed about it…it is what it is….but the day I found out about the rentals and beaches I was pretty upset and calling friends to figure out what we could do. So lastnight a dear friend I’ve known since we were 14 shot me a text with a snippet from Jaws. It’s where Richard Dryfuss and Roy Sheider are on the beach yelling at the politician that he has to shut the beaches down! Her only caption was, “You’re Richard Dryfuss.” 🤣Pretty much. Anyway….I am so glad Your powers that be are doing such a great job. Cuomo is amazing. I hope You have a day that gifts You some sweet surprises and some joy. I can’t wait for You to be bopping around the country again!!! HUGEST hugs Your way!!! 🤗❤️😊

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