A lot of us still can’t  travel anywhere due to the Coronavirus ,  aka the virus  from  hell .

It’s  almost the end of month number four and here in the United States ,  a lot of governors are opening up their  states for business again.

As much as I  miss traveling, I happen to live in a state, New York ,  that won’t  be  ready anytime soon, and I’m  sure a lot of the places where my readers live aren’t  anywhere ready to travel either.

In the meantime ,  while y’all  are  thinking about travel, let these quotes  inspire  you  when travel is officially  back.The Best Travel Quotes to Fuel your WanderlustFill your life with adventures, not things_ Have stories to tell not stuff to showTRAVEL QUOTE_ I Love AirportsTop Struggling Quotes of the Year #Quotes #InspirationalQuotes36 of the Best Solo Travel Quotes_ Inspiration for Solo Travelers


When I wrote my post on how I was doing on March 29, I didn’t think I would be doing a part two of how I was coping with this.

I want to know why the virus from hell is still here with us.

Why are we here in New York City leading the nation with the most cases, sometimes switching places with New Orleans?

This virus is like a renewal of a very bad tv show or a gosh awful movie thst doesn’t need a sequel.

I’m not even going to get into who started it, what government didn’t do what, I just don’t care anymore and I’ve stopped watching news reports about it.

To be honest, I have gotten to the point where I don’t care if it started in Wuhan , China , West Bubblepuck, West Virginia or even West of Whiskey, Kentucky.

This virus is here and it’s like that relative that just doesn’t want to leave.

That’s how I feel about Covid-19.

It’s time for you to go already.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss watching my sports.

I do.

I am the Sports Diva , after all.

Seriously though, I don’t miss my sports as much as I thought I would .

What I do miss a lot though, is doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere to WATCH a sporting event and do other things.

Yes, I am missing telling you all about what’s in my suitcase .

I can’t say that I’m bored though.

There’s videos to watch, music to download, reading other folks blogs, laundry, cleaning ,cooking, eating ,and drinking non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, sometimes both together.

I go for walks still just to break up the monotony , still with my trusty mask and gloves with me.

When I return back home, gloves and masks go in the garbage where they should be, not on the the sidewalks or in the bushes where some peeps who didn’t get the memo on staying safe, just leave them.

I also spray everything, including the coat or jacket I wore, as well as the doors and hallway.

Then I wash my hands with warm water and soap.

I can only imagine what people who work in essential businesses have to go through .

This is harder on them and their families than it is on me.

This is a new “normal” that I thought I would never see in my country, let alone in my city in my lifetime .

This should have been over by now, but, unfortunately , it’s not, and life must go on as the cases in New York City especially seem to go higher and higher.

I still wish this virus from hell and the horse they rode in on would just go somewhere far, like to the moon or something .

I don’t want to write another blog post titled coping with the virus from hell part three.

I don’t know if I can cope with it.





At first I wasn’t sure if I should stop doing travel quotes because no one is travelling .

It may be the fourth month of 2020, but no one is traveling for awhile.

However, at a time like this, we need some kind of diversion to get us through this .

So the Sports Diva is going to be giving y’all travel quotes as long as I can because we need some inspiration right about now.

Once again, let these quotes inspire you to travel once travel is allowed again.