First of all, let me tell you that when your flight from anywhere lands in San Francisco International Airport, aka SFO, you’re not in the city.

It’s not even close to Downtown San Francisco or any other neighborhood in the city.

It takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour by the Bay Area Rapid Transit, or BART, to get into the city.

I’m not even joking when I tell you that when you purchase one of the reloadable transit cards, called a Clipper Card, from one of the transit machines at the airport BART, add $70 to it.

No I didn’t stutter.

If you’re thinking of doing a day trip like I did in February, add a lot of money to that card.

If you’re going to such popular tourists sites like the Embarcadero, Union Square or Fisherman’s Wharf, it’s going to cost almost $20 round trip to and from the airport.

If you want to go anywhere else on BART or the light rails or buses run by MUNI, that’s almost $5 round trip depending on where you’re going.

Let’s say you want to take a ride on one of those famous cable cars.

You can use that Clipper Card.

It’ll cost you $7 each way.

You get the idea.

San Francisco is one wicked expensive cities, but if you have the opportunity to visit San Francisco on a 30 Plus Teams Tour or not, make sure that you have more than enough money on your clipper card.

If you have ever been to Washington DC, you know that you have to have your transit card to enter and exit the station.

Same for San Francisco.

Have that card to enter and exit the BART or MUNI Station.

That’s how they track your fare.

If you need to reload your card or add more money to your card to get out of the station, they have machines to do that also.

You can even use the Clipper Card to ride the BART to those East Bay cities of Oakland and Berkeley.

Just make sure you have enough money on that Clipper Card.

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