It was stop number 3 on my visit to Washington DC for the day after Thanksgiving day.

It’s also number 81 on my 30 Plus Teams Tour bucket list .

It’s the United States Supreme Court Building and I am presenting my visit in pictures .

There are roughly 2 floors at the Supreme Court Building , one of which you can reach by walking up a spiral staircase .

If you don’t want to walk up all those stairs, you can take the elevator .

Or just do what I did.

Look at the pictures of the former Supreme Court justices that line the wall and take up most of the first floor like the statue of the first Supreme Court Justice John Marshall .

You’ll see all the justices and their pictures on the wall, except 9 of them.

I was told by a security guard that they only put portraits of the Supreme Court justices once they have died .

I never knew this and after I went back to another section of the city , I wanted to know one thing:

What is it with this city’s obsession with dead public figures?

So, here in pictures is a visit to Number 81, the Supreme Court Building .

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