It’s number 137 on my bucket list and I finally got to take a tour of the seat of the United States government , the Capitol Building ,

The tour is free and you don’t have to take it, but I would advise definitely do it because you see so much and learn so much.

Shoutout to the tour guide that I had on my tour, Elizabeth .

She was very knowledgeable and I learned so much, such as the statues that dominate the halls of the buildings are donated by each state, and the only way a presidential statue is at the Capitol Building is because the President is deceased .

So don’t expect to find a statue of George Bush or Barack Obama .

They’re still alive and a little something called separation of the branches of government .

As with the presidents, the only way you get a statue is if you’re deceased.

You also learn that the crypt of George Washington is right underneath the Capitol Building.

A star with a velvet rope marks the spot .

It also marks the spot of where Washington DC was founded .

Most people who take the tour want to see the Capitol rotunda.

You can see it from the outside , but if you take the tour you’ll see what’s underneath the rotunda.

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