Whenever I’ve gone to Washington DC for a 30 Plus Teams Tour , I either stay at a hotel or a hostel.

I usually stay at one particular hostel, Hostel International Washington DC , which is a DC Circular bus ride away from Union Station.

Because the hostel was all filled up, I went with another hostel in a neighborhood that I really didn’t know anything about but had heard of .

It’s the U Street Hostel in where else but the U Street Corridor , and it’s not even that far from the green and yellow metro station of U Street /African-American Memorial / Cardoso .

The actual address is 1931 U Street NW at 13th street .

One word about adresses in DC, make sure you know if it’s NW or SW that you’re going to.

Most of the areas that tourists go to when they come to DC is NW.

But let’s get back to the hostel.

The beds which really aren’t beds, they’re pods.

Your pod has their own reading light, and you can control the air or heat in your own pod.

You know you want to take selfies for those perfect Facebook or Instagram pictures,right?

No need to leave your pod.

There’s a mirror right in there and a light to get that perfect or not so perfect picture .

You want privacy while you’re in your pod?

Just pull down your privacy shade.

You can only check in at 3pm or maybe closer to 3, say like 2:30 or so if a bed is available .

Check out time is 11am on the dot and unlike most hostels, you don’t have to check in at the front desk , just put your key fob in the mail slot, right by the desk .

Now how do they know who checked out?


Your key fob has your room and bed number so don’t think you’re pulling a fast one on the staff.

The showers are in the basement and while that’s inconvenient , it is what it is.

They are kept very clean as is the rest of the hostel .

The staff is very helpful and tell you all you need to know about your stay at the hostel .

They even give you a tour of the hostel before you check into your room.

They don’t have a kitchen but a continental breakfast of toast , waffles and cereal is available everyday from 7:30am until 9am.

Plus tea and coffee are available all day.

There’s no lockers so find some space by your pod or the wall for your suitcase .

What hostel do you know has a robot vacuum cleaner and art works from local artists that you can buy?

U Street Hostel does.

You ask when I go back to DC would I stay here again?

You bet your sweet pod I would .

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