As you know, the Sports Diva loves this time of the year.

Baseball season is in and the basketball and hockey playoffs are in full swing.

Although this hockey playoff season so far has raised my blood pressure and driven me to drink stuff that I never even considered, like wine and JagerMeister, with all of these overtimes and double overtime games.

This is only the first round, but I digress.

While checking out other bloggers that I follow, I came across the newest post from one of my Team Awesome bloggers, Forresting 365, and I suggest you check out her blog , Forresting My Cloud for some great art and inspiring words.

Her newest post is called “Decisions , Decisions “.

It’s such a nice day for a change here in Nee York , with temperatures between 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit .

I made a decision of my own.

I’m always telling you all to get out there and do your own 30 Plus Teams Tour of your own neighborhood , so that’s the decision that I made today.

My 30 Plus Teams Tour is taking me to the Queens , New York neighborhoods of Locust Manor/Springfield Gardens .

What a nice day it is, although it’s getting cloudy out like it might rain.

But that’s okay.

For a few hours, I made the decision to get out of my house , enjoy this beautiful

Spring day and do a 30 Plus Teams Tour of my neighborhood .

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