As often as I come to Las Vegas and stay at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino which is in Downtown Las Vegas , I never get the chance to eat at any of the restaurants that are located inside the casino.

One of which is Magnolia’s, which seems to be popular with most of the locals and tourists that come to Downtown Las Vegas .

When you stay at the Four Queens , they give you a coupon book for alot of the things at the hotel.

Magnolia’s is one of them.

After being invited by one of the people in my Vegas Golden Knights hockey Facebook fan page for dinner while I was in town , I can see why this restaurant is popular.

(Don’t laugh, wouldn’t you expect the Sports Diva to be in a Facebook page that has to do with sports?)

The restaurant is open for breakfast , lunch and dinner .

It’s located right above the main casino floor and most people come for the $14.95 prime rib special.

My friend and I were no exception .

While she ordered her steak medium rare, I like my steak well done.

No red stuff peeking at me, cook that sucker .

The prime rib dinner came with soup or salad, veggies , and your choice of mashed potatoes , french fries or a baked potato .

We both choose the bake potato loaded with sour cream and of course what’s a prime rib without a little horseradish ?

It was so good and wasn’t even that hungry, but I finished it all .

This was the first time that I had eaten at Magnolia’s , and believe me , it’s not going to be the last.


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