I’m at Newark Liberty Airport waiting for a 8am flight.

I’m standing in line at 3:40am to check my bag on Spirit Airlines .

I have a 5 hour flight to McCarron International Airport in Las Vegas .

That’s right, the Sports Diva is taking her 30 Plus Teams Tour to Las Vegas , but wait I have a surprise for you .

Sin City isn’t the only stop on this 30 Plus Teams Tour , oh no.

My next stop is a place that I called home for 10 years .

It’s the City of Angels , better known as Los Angeles , California .

But that’s later in the week.

Let’s talk about my flight on an airline that I said that I would NEVER fly again, Spirit Airlines.

Never say never.

Spirit airline planes are bright yellow with black lettering on it, just like a New York City taxi cab.

If you happen to be sitting near the wing, you’ll aee the word “howdy ” on the wing.

This is because one of their hubs is Dallas , Texas, and in Texas, folks great you by saying, “howdy “.

I had taken Spirit before, either from La Guardia in New York or Philadelphia and all four times I was flying into, you guessed it, Las Vegas .

All four times I didn’t have a great experience and said that I would take a Greyhound Bus before I ever flew Spirit again .

I decided to give them a try even though Newark Liberty is no where near my house, I live closer to JFK .

But when fares from Newark to Las Vegas one way are $62 , you find a way to get there.

Now if you’ve never flown them before, here’s some tips.

You’re going to be paying for EVERYTHING , carry on bags, check in bags, snacks, drinks, including water and credit cards only.

You’ll be paying for seats that don’t recline.

You want more leg room ?

You pay for those too.

The only thing that’s free is your personal item and a lot of people stuff a lot of clothes into a small backpack.

Don’t try to cheat on your personal item, because all the gate agents are going to make sure your personal item is legit .

If not, you’re going to be paying.

Your tray table is very small, so hold onto those drinks and snacks that you just purchased.

Now if this doesn’t seem like the airline for you, take another one.

A lot of people seem to like this airline , though, much to my surprise .

I was able to move my feet up and down , dancing in my seat to the

song that was playing on my tablet.

Speaking of electronics , don’t look for WiFi on the plane.

There isn’t any.

(C’mon Spirit, step up your game , my people. Let the peeps have some WiFi ! )

The fare was good and the flight attendants were truly helpful, I might just fly the big yellow taxi in the sky again .

Now if only they flew out of JFK .


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