I crossed another thing off my bucket list .

As I shopped until I dropped at the Rideau Centre in Ottawa, I stopped at the province of Ontario liquor store , The LBCO or Liquor Board of Ontario.

I brought a bottle of Ice Wine , which is number 2 on my bucket list.

It’s actually pretty good and I’m not really a wine drinker.

Jack Daniels, Patron Tequila and Fireball Whiskey is more like it for me.

I’m here in Ottawa for two more days and I’m drinking this sucker before I go back to New York .

How can I describe the taste of it?

The saleslady told me it was more like a desert wine, so drink small glasses.

She was right.

Why is it called “ice wine”?

Could be that the grapes are frozen and the wine is cold even when it’s on the shelf, but I’m not really sure.

It wasn’t that expensive either.

$15.99 Canadian , I can deal with it.

One more thing off the bucket list with more to come.


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