When I first did this post in 2017, I started with 150 things to do and see on my personal bucket list.

I am now down to 136 things to do and see on my bucket list .

(I apologize for my lousy math. I actually had my list down to 139. I crossed off 3 things. Now I’m up to date.)

So in no particular order, here’s my updated bucket list.

1. Visiting Halifax , Nova Scotia

2. Going to Banff , Alberta because the name sounds so wicked cool .

3. Walking through Stanley Park in Vancouver , Canada

4. Walking down Broadway in Nashville , Tennessee

5. Visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville , Tennessee

6. Visiting the home of President Andrew Jackson , The Hermitage in Nashville .

7. Visiting Graceland in Memphis , Tennessee

8. Visiting the home of Molly Brown in Denver . She was one of the survivors of the Titanic

9. Riding on the Atlanta Observation Wheel , called The Atlanta Eye.

10. Riding the High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas

11. Walking down the Las Vegas Strip in winter when there’s a few tourists.

12. Visiting the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream plant in Burlington , Vermont

13. Attending a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game. Should be wicked easy to get tickets now that Lebron has taken his talents to Los Angeles

14. Visiting Salem , Massachusetts

15. Riding through the Detroit to Windsor , Ontario , Canada tunnel

16. Attending an Atlanta Falcons football game

17. Attending a Detroit Red Wings game at the Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit, Michigan

18. Seeing the Grand Canyon

19. Visiting Lake Louise in Canada

20. Attending a Toronto Raptors basketball game

21. Eating a bagel in New York City and Montreal and seeing the differences

22. Seeing the Hoover Dam

23. Visiting the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham , Alabama

24. Visiting Newport, Rhode Island and seeing how the other half lived back in the day

25. Walking down Beale Street in Memphis

26. Visiting the Museum of Human Rights in Winnepeg, Canada

27. Visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

28. Visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown , New York

29. Seeing Pearl Harbor

30. Seeing the Civil War monuments in Vicksburg , Mississippi

31. Taking a ride on the Montreal Subway , the Metro

32. Riding on all the streetcars in New Orleans

33. Visiting the “Rose City”, aka Portland , Oregon

34. Attending an Indianapolis Colts football game

35. Drinking Mint Juleps and wearing my fancy hat at the Kentucky Derby

36. Visiting Mackinac Island, Michigan where no cars are allowed

37. Attending the Calgary Stampede

38. Going on a cruise to Alaska, even though I’m not really a ship person

39. Spending a day at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis , Maryland

40. Visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming and getting my cowgirl on

41. Attending a New England Patriots game in Foxboro , Massachusetts

42. Visiting Yellowstone National Park

43. Looking elegant at the Casino Du Montreal

44. Spending time in Albuquerque , New Mexico

45. Visiting Catalina Island in California

46. Taking a tour of Alcatraz

47. Spending time in Santa Barbara , California

48. Visiting the gravesite of Doctor Martin Luther King in Atlanta

49. Seeing where JFK was shot in Dallas

50. Seeing the home of Robert E. Lee at Arlington , Virginia

51. Reliving history at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

52. Going to the John Heinz History Museum in Pittsburgh

53. Attending a Montreal Canadiens hockey game in Montreal

54. Getting a history lesson at The Alamo in San Antonio

55. Visiting some of the lighthouses in Maine

56. Walking through the Kennedy Center in Washington DC

57. Attending the Sundance Film Festival in Utah

58. Going to Aspen , Colorado in the winter

59. Having some barbecue in either Kansas City , Texas, North Carolina , Memphis or St Louis

60. Going to visit Fort Sumter where the Civil War started

61. Eating at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savanah , Georgia

62. Going to Chase Field and attending a Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game in Phoenix

63. Going to Quebec City and soaking up French Canadian culture

64. Tasting Maple Syrup in Vermont

65. Understanding Civil War history in Gettysburg

66. Visiting the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City

67. Attending an authentic luau in Hawaii.

68. Riding on the Monongahela and Duquesne inclines in Pittsburgh

69. Spending the day at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana

70. Taking a sightseeing tour of Chicago riding on the Chicago River

71. Paying my respect at the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

72. Attending the Iditarod Dog Race in Alaska

73. Seeing all the neighborhoods in New Orleans not just the French Quarter

74. Visiting the Butchard Gardens in Victoria, Canada

75. Eating a hot dog at The Varsity in Atlanta

76. Visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art but not running up the stairs like Rocky did in the movies. That’s not an option.

77. Visiting Little Havana in Miami

78. Getting my sexy on at South Beach, Florida

79. Attending a Winnepeg Jets hockey game

80. Visiting Louisville , Kentucky

81. Going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio

82. Attending a Fourth of July concert in either Washington DC , Philadelphia or Boston .

83. Going to Miller Park in Milwaukee and attending a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game

84. Attending a US Open tennis match here in New York

85. Spending the day in Richmond , Virginia

86. Taking a tour of Lambeau Field and attending a Green Bay Packers football game

87. Spending the day at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York

88. Seeing the Civil War monuments at Stone Mountain , Georgia

89. Taking a ride on The Maid of The Mist and seeing Niagara Falls close up

90. Visiting Cincinnati and seeing the Underground Railroad Museum

91. As I am part Cherokee Indian on my mother’s side, I want to see some of “The Trail of Tears”, where the Cherokee Nation was forcibly moved from North Carolina to what became the state of Oklahoma .

92. Visiting the Great Blacks In Wax Museum in Baltimore

93. Seeing the “Bean Sculpture ” in Chicago

94. Getting up close and personal with “Sue” the T Rex at the Field Museum in Chicago

95. Attending the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City

96. Seeing the Space Needle in Seattle

97. Seeing the Riverwalk in San Antonio

98. Going to the Indianapolis 500 car race

99. Living the glamorous life for a day or two in Palm Springs , California

100. Eating some real Tex- Mex food in San Antonio

101. Going to a Chicago Cubs baseball game and tour Wrigley Field

102. Visiting the Johnson Space Center in Houston

103. Seeing the Charles Wright Museum in Detroit

104. Eating some seafood and watching the fish “fly” at Pike Place Market in Seattle

105. Catching some “rays” in Fort Lauderdale , Florida

106. Visiting “The U”, the University of Miami

107. Attending a Seattle Seahawks football game

108. Learn Colonial history in Williamsburg , Virginia

109. Going to University of Pittsburg and visiting “The Nationality Rooms”.

110. Going on a Hurricane Katrina Tour in New Orleans

111. Visiting the Ohio State University campus in Columbus

112. Going on a caleche ride in Old Montreal

113. Seeing Mount Rushmore close up

114. Visting the unfinished but still majestic statue of Crazy Horse in South Dakota

115. Attending a Vegas Golden Knights hockey game in Las Vegas

116. Walking around Lower Downtown Denver, known as LoDo.

117. Taking a carriage ride in Charleston , South Carolina

118. Visiting Myrtle Beach , South Carolina

119. Visiting any city in the state of Montana just to admire the beauty of the state.

120. Taking an Amtrak train from Northern California all the way to San Diego in Southern California

121. Going to an Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game

122. Going to the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena , California

123. Visiting the George W. Bush Museum and Library in Dallas

124. Taking a trolley from San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico

125. Walking down Lombard Street in San Francisco

126. Eating all kinds of food in New Orleans

127. Visiting the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs , Colorado

128. Try to visit some of the plantations in the South

129. Looking at the colorful houses in San Francisco known as “Painted ladies”.

130. Visiting Prince Edward Island in Canada

131. Shopping like crazy at the West Edmonton Mall

132. Can’t forget shopping at the Mall of America in Bloomington , Minnesota

133. Visiting Mount Vernon , the home of George Washington

134. Visiting Monticello , the home of Thomas Jefferson in Charlottesville, Virginia

135. Going to a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game just to see and hear that humongous cannon at the Nationwide Arena.

136. Attending a Ohio State and University of Michigan football game. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at the “Big House” in Ann Arbor or ” The Horseshoe ” in Columbus, the Sports Diva wants to be there.

These are the things left on my bucket list .

What are some of the things left on your bucket list?

Drop me a line in the comments section and as usual thank you so much for liking and supporting my blog .


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