As I sit in my room, watching the rain and thunder strike everything in its path, I forget that we here in New York City might not get the devastation from Hurricane Florence that North Carolina got, but we can get her remnants and thats just what we’re getting right now.

The nights are starting to get darker earlier than usual, and those 90 degree temperatures with the just as high humidity are slowly going away.

(Truth be told, I won’t miss those.)

It’s the 19th of September and in two days we’re going to be saying goodbye (and good riddance) to those sweltering hot days.

The cooler weather is coming, which means stock up on all things that are Pumpkin Spice, whether it be tea, coffee, cake or even ice cream.

I’m taking a break from traveling for awhile, but who knows, that may change.

The summer months of May, June, July and August were full of good memories.

Smelling the flowers on the Bronx campus of Manhattan College, a place that I hadn’t been to since I was in college in the 1970’s.

Revisting Atlantic City , something I hadn’t done in 4 years and walking on the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk , another one of the things on my bucket list .

Eating seafood and getting a history lesson in one of my favorite cities, Baltimore, Maryland .

Yeah, there was some baseball in there too, because no matter what the season is, there’s going to be a 30 Plus Teams Tour going on.

There was even some time to enjoy New York City , Roosevelt Island and the Brooklyn Bridge Park , another thing to cross off my bucket list .

Finally in June, there was one of my favorite memories.

Getting together with other sports divas at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas , another one of my favorite cities.

Summer went very fast, but then it seems as though 2018 is going by wicked fast .

But my great memories of 2018 will live on and I hope you enjoy these memories as much as I did.

12 thoughts on “MEMORIES OF SUMMERTIME 2018

    • Yes, I was grateful for that, but I feel so down now that I’m not really going anywhere for awhile . It’s video time again for some inspiration . It’s time for another subway ride or something else. I need to hit the lottery or even a $500 win on one of those scratch off games that we have here on the east coast , lol.

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  1. It was really fun to read about your summer. I took my first trip to NY City three years ago. We walked around all day. Saw everything we could. Took the subway. Saw Times Square. You name. Time of my life.

    I’m from Western Oregon. My goal is to go back to the east and do some more exploring. So many things to see.

    Thank you for the pictures. They were great. Safe travels.

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  2. You’re right….it’s flying by wicked fast!!! (You’re making wicked my new favorite word.) Can’t even believe it. Cheers on the wonderful summer You had!!! You’re wonderful to watch as You live to the fullest. Always a really cool tale to tell. Here’s to a brilliant Fall, which I’m certain You’re already having!!! I’m so behind it’s ridiculous…but I’ll get there. Hugest hugs and Cheers!!! 🤗💖😊


    • Thanks. Never used the word wicked until I moved to Boston and my neices and nephews use the word all the time. (Yeah they’re from Massachusetts ). Supposed to be going away in mid November but God willing I’m hoping to go somewhere else as I’m not looking forward to going in november. It’s not the place that I’m going to it’s who I’m going with .

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      • It’s the best. And…Yikes!!! I hope it turns out alright and that You end up having a (wait for it….wait for it….) wicked good time!!! 🤣 But seriously….hoping it goes surprisingly well. Travel safe. ❤️


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