Now you might think that the Sports Diva spends a lot of time watching and attending sporting events in some city in the United States or Canada and not doing anything else.

You might be wrong.

It seems like it, but no I don’t .

As I’m retired with no children and no significant other , I spend a lot of time reading other people’s blogs .

I came across one of my favorite blogs, from Tausha, who’s blog is called The Globe Getter.

It’s a blog I think you should check out when you get a chance .

In her post, she was lamenting the fact that there were things that she referred to as ” her biggest travel regrets ” .

Now that I’m almost 66 years old , there are some things that I , too , regret .

Some of them aren’t travel related and I don’t refer to them as “regrets.”

I call them, my “what ifs ” .

What if I have had children , would I have been a good mother or given the fact that I was always traveling, would I have been a neglectful mother?

What if I hadn’t made the decision to leave home and move to Boston the first time ?

What if I had stayed in LosAngeles and never have moved to Las Vegas ?

What if I had continued to work for the airlines, would I have visited a lot more countries than the ones that I visited?

What if I hadn’t attended college and studied Sports Journalism ?

There are a lot of “what ifs ” in my life , and if I spent most of my life worrying about them, I’d be a real nervous wreck right about now, and sorry , life is too short and beautiful to think about all of my “what ifs”.

Given the fact that I’ve survived a heart attack and a mini stroke , I’m going to concentrate on the things that I can control, and not look back at all the “what ifs ” in my life .

Besides, as long as the good Lord allows me to , there’s a lot more 30 Plus Teams Tours to go on .

8 thoughts on “WHAT IF???

  1. Sweet post. And…yes! We can make ourselves absolutely crazy with what ifs! Whenever I catch myself on that hamster wheel I try to yank myself off as quickly as possible!!! You’re delight just the way You are, Sports Diva!!! Cheers and Happy September…WHAT?!!! OH! And happy football season minus that wacked out “not a catch” B.S. call against the Falcons last night. Man. πŸ€£πŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜³!

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    • There’s so many a “catch isn’t a catch” calls in the past two years in the NFL . Don’t know what instant replay is for if they can’t get it right. I sometimes, no, a lot of times lately I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t come back to New York and stayed in Las Vegas . Then I quickly get it together and say but I did come back to New York and so many things, good and bad have happened, so I keep it moving and don’t think about the what ifs

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