I was here from June 16 until the evening of June 22.

It was all about eating, having fun and oh yeah, because this is a 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas, it was all about team number 31 of the National Hockey League, the Vegas Golden Knights.

Enjoy the pictures


Cross another thing off my bucket list.

It’s number 79 on the list and that’s walking through one of the largest casino and hotel complexes in Las Vegas , the Caesars Palace .

As often as I come to this city, and that was even before Las Vegas was a stop on the 30 Plus Teams Tour , I never went into this casino to do anything, let alone gamble here.

As I had a red eye flight back to New York , I left my bags at my hotel and went to cross something else off the bucket list .

I was going to try to see as much of Caesars Palace as I could in a matter of 3-4 hours .

As I thought, it was going to take a long time walking through this place.

Caesars Palace , like most of the casinos in town has some kind of theme going on.

In this case, it’s the glory that was Rome.

It’s the closest thing you can get to Rome without flying to Italy.

You’ll see “The Spanish Steps”, “Trevi Fountain ” and all those statues.

There’s even the Coliseum, which is also a theater , but you won’t find gladiators and animals battling it out.

Nope, you’ll see Mariah Carey , Rod Stewart and Celine Dion performing.

You know that you’re in the right place if you’re looking for Caesars Palace .

The big statue of Emperor Augustus Caesar right in front is a dead giveaway.

They actually have a shopping mall inside called The Forum Shops.

You’ll find high end luxury stores as well as stores for your average Jack or Jill.

The H&M Store is one of the largest in the city, if not the country, with three floors and a DJ inside to keep you hyped while you’re spending your money.

There is also a half hour show called Battle for Atlantis that’s entertaining and seems to draw a lot of crowds, not to mention the nightclub called Omnia, which definitely draws a crowd with top name DJ’S .

I wasn’t kidding when I put this on my bucket list and said that it would take up most of my day walking through it.

It did, but on my last few hours of being in Las Vegas , it was worth doing and crossing off the bucket list .