The summertime blues that I talked about in my last blog are over.

That didn’t last long, did it?

I’m on another 30 Plus Teams Tour .

Sort of.

The place im going to isn’t even a stop on the 30 Plus Teams Tour .

However, this city does fall between two cities that are very much a part of the 30 Plus Teams Tour .

As a matter of fact, these two cities are major stops on the 30 Plus Teams Tour , New York City and Philadelphia .

For three days, the Sports Diva is getting out of New York City and going down to Atlantic City , a place thst I hadn’t been to in four years .

When I was growing up , Atlantic City , or AC as it’s known to us New Yorkers, was Las Vegas BEFORE Vegas was Vegas.

This city is 3 hours away from New York and it was the original “Sin City”.

Right now though, unlike Las Vegas , I definitely wouldn’t refer to AC as “New York City on Steroids “.

That belongs to Las Vegas and believe me, they’ve earned thst nickname .

Atlantic City , on the other hand, has fallen on hard times with many of the hotels and casinos shutting down or many of the hotels reopening with no casinos in them.

The hotel that I’m staying at, The Showboat , which I will tell you about in an upcoming blog, was once owned by Caesars Resorts, but not anymore .

There’s no casino inside.

After having such a wickedawesome time in Las Vegas this summer, Atlantic City might be a big letdown.

Maybe not.

At least it gets me out of New York and out of the “Summertime Blues ”

Yes, I’m taking y’all with me to AC through this blog.

I hope we all enjoy it.

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