It’s that time again for the Sports Diva to do another 30 Plus Teams Tour of the newest city on the tour, Las Vegas , Nevada .

As usual I’m going for some fun, lots of sun, meeting up with some new and old friends, and since this is a 30 Plus Teams Tour , I’m going to the NHL Awards, not the ceremony itself , but the red carpet event, which is not only loads of fun , but it’s free.

I’ll talk about the goings on at the red carpet and other related things in another post as I will be in Vegas for about a week.

Last year around about this same time, I flew Jet Blue from JFK and my flight was delayed by two hours, which meant that I basically missed a day of getting lit in Vegas and acting the fool there .

This time I’m flying out of the other airport that I usually fly out of, Philadelphia International Airport .

Now you might be asking yourself since I lived in New York City, a bus ride away from JFK as a matter of fact, why would I fly out of another airport all those miles away?

In some cases, all three New York City airports are really expensive , and many times with as hectic as JFK is, I just don’t have the patience with that airport that always seems to be expanding and adding more and more carriers every year.

Now when I return home, I’m flying Delta nonstop into JFK , because by that time I’ll have been way too tired from all the “lituraration” in Vegas .

Many of you who don’t live in the Carribean , North America or Central America, probably have heard of Southwest, let alone fly it.

Maybe you’ve seen their planes, with their splashes of blue, red and orange all over it, and let’s not forget about the heart in the middle of all their planes as well.

Southwest mostly flies into the smaller cities, like Islip, Long Island , Harlingen, Texas and Long Beach , California .

They also fly out of cities like Atlanta, all three Washington area airports, as well as San Francisco and LGA and Newark – Liberty.

Southwest doesn’t have any assigned seats, so the next time you want to sit with your significant other or you and the friends want to do your own 30 Plus Teams Tour , Southwest has got you covered so that you don’t have to ask any other passengers to switch seats with you .

You all can sit together .

Do you have bags to check ?

Southwest has you covered there , too.

Bags up to three are free.

That’s right , you pay nothing unless of course your suutcase has everything but the kitchen sink in it.

If your suircase has that much stuff in it, you have to pay excess baggage charge and that some how defeats the purpose of bags fly for free.

The only drawback I have with Southwest , is their wifi.

If you want to watch movies or tv shows, no problem.

But if you want to seach the email or watch tv, it’s $8.

Today , my flight from Philadelphia took 4 1/2 hours rather than 5 1/2.

I’m not asking how the pilot know this ?

I’m just sitting back or resting , letting the pilot do their thing .

I can’t wait to get to where I’m going .

All I can say is give us wings and take the

wheel Jesus


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