I’ve told you many times this summer in my quotes to get out and go somewhere .

I’m doing just that.

It’s another 30 Plus Teams Tour, which means it’s time for another edition of What’s In My Suitcase .

This time two suitcases are going .

I’m going away for a week, God willing , so I need a carryon and a bag that’s going to be checked.

More on where I’m going and my plane ride in a later post.

I’ve already packed pajamas, undies,and my hair stuff in my suitcase so you won’t be seeing that.

My chargers are in my carryon all ready, even my portable one because that’s where TSA says that’s where it’s supposed to be .

I’m not going to argue with TSA on this, I’m looking forward to my 30 Plus Teams Tour .

Here’s some of the stuff that you will see.

My hats and yes, these aren’t going on my bed because you know how superstitious the Sports Diva is- NO HATS ON THE BED!

My caryon bag from Avon and my old reliable carry on, which is getting checked in this time. Notice all those tags on my check in bag.

All my beach stuff. The leopard looking outfit was a present from my landlady and it’s actually a dress. It’s going to be used as a coverup this time. I have 3 bathing suits, because you just can’t have enough of those in the summer. The fan is what I brought during a layover in Taiwan. My beach bag is from the Boston Celtics store because I AM that sports team fashionista, even at the pool.

I’m not sure if I’m bringing all these dresses and a skirt which are from Telco , Fallas, and Pretty Girl shops here in Queens , but they sure look wicked nice.

Shorts and shirts from stores in New York City and Las Vegas .

More shirts, 2 pairs of pants, sunglasses and that black bag is my jewelry case.

Shoes, munchies,toiletries , my little wallet with kisses all over it, and yeah, a whole bag ful of Tylenol, Advil, and Ibuprofen.

My bag collection and scarves. Leopard bag is my makeup case. Gonna need those casino cards for where I’m going . That blue case holds my doodads for the nails! Brown bag is what I put my dirty clothes in. R.I.P. Kate Spade .

There you have what’s in my suitcase . Keep in mind, I might not be taking all of this stuff, but I’m gonna try!

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