I can cross off another thing on my bucket list and it’s right here in New York City .

It’s number 128 on my list of 150 things on my bucket list.

It’s the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Now, it might be called the Brooklyn Bridge Park , but there’s more to the park than just the Brooklyn Bridge.

Of course, I always advise taking the train whether you’re doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City or not.

You can take a few subway lines that will get you to the park.

The best subway line to take though, is the F train.

Get off at York Street, which is the first stop in Brooklyn.

Once you have gotten off the train, be prepared to do a lot of walking and that’s BEFORE you get out of the subway.

The hallway leading to the exit is long and hilly, so take your time, and wear comfortable shoes, please.

Once you leave the station, you’ll be on York and Jay Street.

You’ll see a bridge, but it’s not the Brooklyn Bridge .

It’s the Manhattan Bridge, which is the bridge that you see next to the Brooklyn Bridge when you take that walk across it.

Keep walking to your right until you get to the East River.

Obviously you can’t go any further, but look around you and see all the rocks in front of you.

There’s even two big rocks known as the “DUMBO Boulders”.

If you go on a nice day, you might see people sitting on the rocks and sticking their toes into the East River.

The views of Brooklyn are beautiful, but the view across the river at all the buildings in Manhattan are breathtaking , especially on a nice springlike day like we’ve been having in New York City lately.

It may be Brooklyn Bridge Park , but you’ll also see the Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge .

All three of these bridges can get you over to Manhattan and you can either ride your bike or walk on all three of these bridges.

The park has everything, including a dog park, which was closed .

But this didn’t stop anyone from walking their dogs on the sunny walkways that line the park.

The park is in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn .

No, Dumbo is not like the elephant with the big ears, Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass .

Words can’t describe how truly beautiful this park really is and I’m surprised even more people, tourists and even New Yorkers, don’t visit it more often.

If you happen to visit New York City , make Brooklyn Bridge Park a place to go to.

You won’t be disappointed .


    • No, it’s not in order. I wrote a post about it last August I think. 150 of them . I’ve done 3 things on it so far. I might be doing another one here in new york, but not sure yet, it involves walking and of course, it depends on the weather here.


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