4 thoughts on “My video with the Giraffes at the Bronx Zoo

    • Thanks for liking this blog video. They were so wicked beautiful . I had just left the pen where the Hyenas were and I swear I was getting mean mugged by those suckers. This was so peaceful . As it was cold outside, the giraffes were inside eating .

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      • Authoress51 says:

        I wish you had videotaped them. I would love to see a Hyena mean-mug someone! Your choice of words make me laugh, and I like your accent.

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      • Ha ha thanks. My accent is a combination of New York and when I get really excited those 13 years of living in Massachusetts come out. Oh no I didn’t want to get any closer to those hyenas. They call them “African Wild Dogs”. I know people that have a pit bull and she doesn’t even give me the looks these two hyenas were giving me.

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