1. So sweet. God. When My son was growing up I told him I’d support him in whatever path he chose to walk. But always, under my breath, I would pray, “‘Please God. Not a soldier or a policeman.” Selfish mother’s prayer? Yes. Bless all of those who freely offer their lives. And…my son chose neither. Also, blessings on the women who married and who mothered the soldiers and policeman. It’s so beyond anything I can imagine. Cheers. Thank You.

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      • Oh! Not a bad seed thing at all….just that I would have lived in absolute terror of him getting killed or of having to be in situations where his actions may haunt him for life. I do feel bad for all policemen getting a bad rap for the horrible ones. I’ll never understand how those types get a badge at all. How do they slide through the cracks? It’s got to be such a hard job. The bad ones really, on such profound levels, wreak havoc for all. I was watching the new Queer Eye on Netflix. It’s hilarious! But one episode they have a white, Southern police officer they are making over. One of the gay guys is black. Of course they go “there”. I figured that was one of the reasons that man was chosen. It was nicely done though. And a really good conversation was had. Healing. God. I’m talking a lot. Cheers!!!


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