I’ve been talking about how I’m in “a New York State of Mind” and lots of bloggers have mentioned how much they want to see The Big Apple. Before you go, there’s some things you ought to know about New York City . Enjoy and don’t be intimidated by the city. EMBRACE THAT CRAZINESS!

30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams

FB_IMG_1501337670663First of all , Manhattan is the city , the other boroughs of Brooklyn , Queens , The Bronx , and Staten Island are known as ” The Outer Boroughs ” .

Explore more than Manhattan while you’re doing your own 30 Plus Teams Tour .

The Bronx has the zoo , the Botanical Gardens , Arthur Avenue and the Yankees baseball team .

Staten Island has the ferry , which is free and for a change of pace in cuisines , try some Sri Lankan food , as this borough has the largest Sri Lankan population in New York City .

Brooklyn is so big that if it were to break away from New York City , it would be the 5 1st state .

It has the Brooklyn Bridge , the Grand Army Plaza , the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Brooklyn Nets basketball team and the…

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My paper , pencils and tablet are in front of me .

I’m using all three of them to write about another upcoming 30 Plus Teams Tour of some city.

I could write about my next adventure to some city to meet up with friends .

Or I could write about going to another sporting event.

God willing , that’s coming up in around 21 days, but who’s counting ?

I also could write about some restaurant , hotel or hostel that I’ve ever slept in or eaten at.

I haven’t done any of these things, nor have I done any museums , monuments or memorials in awhile .

So just what’s going on here?

I’m not suffering from Bloggers Block.

It’s more like the line in that old Billy Joel song,

“I’m in a New York State of Mind.”

What does that mean?, you might ask.

Basically , I want to stay in my little corner of The Big Apple and not really do anything .

I know what you’re saying to yourself .

New Yorkers are ALWAYS on the go, always in a hurry.

What’s your problem ?

It’s the weather that’s making me this way, among other things.

As I look out my window , I still see snow.

New York as well as some other areas of the Northeast , got hit by the infamous snow storm known as the “Bomb Cyclone ” last week .

So instead of the “Nuisance Snow ” of 4-6 inches, we received “inconvenience snow” of 12 inches.

Most of it is still there , right in front of my doorway and across the street in front of my neighbors house.

As usual , no snow plows in sight.

It’s not 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside like it was last week .

We actually have a “heat wave “.

It’s 41 degrees Fahrenheit .

If the snow weren’t bad enough, I’m getting over being sick, which really puts me in a sad state of mind.

So what’s a blogger supposed to do if the weather and your health put a damper on your big plans for your 2018 ,30 Plus Teams Tour ?

Simple .

You do what I’m doing now.

You blog about it even as I’m looking out the window and see all of that dirty left over snow and try to read all those travel brochures that seemed to have taken over my mailbox .

You sit down at your table or bed, make yourself a nice cup of Ginger Tea, write your blog post and listen to some relaxing music.

New York State of Mind sounds pretty good right about now .


Before I  got sick, I took a visit the Massachusetts  State  House .

This is the “the new” statehouse ,  as the old State House, which is located in the Financial  District of Boston on State Street ,  has remnants of  Massachusetts  before it was one of the 13 colonies.

There is no trace of Great Britain  in this statehouse except the portraits of all those colonial governor’s of Massachusetts . 

Enjoy the pictures from my day at the State House  and get to know some of the history  of  the  Commonwealth  of  Massachusetts . 


I didn’t have that many followers when I first wrote this blog post. So for my new followers who got on board the 30 Plus Teams Tour , here’s a little bit more about the Sports Diva

30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams

FB_IMG_1501244723872I’ve had lots of people , not just friends ask me a lot of questions about the blog and things they didn’t know about me. So I’m going to try to answer some of them for you. If you have any other questions that I don’t answer here, feel free to contact me by email at Sportsdiva64 .


In all four of the major professional sports , that’s hockey , football , baseball , and basketball , there are at least 30 or more teams .

As for the 30 Plus Dreams part , well, for some people who love sports as much as I do, it’s a dream to attend a game in person no matter which one of the sports it is.

You don’t even have to be a fan of the team .


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I once wrote a post on what I would have done differently  in my younger years.


It’s  now 2018 and while I’m  not a fan of making New Year’s  resolutions ,  I have made a promise  to  myself  this coming year.

I’m  going  to  try to take it as easy as I possibly  can this year.

I’ve  reached that stage in my life that I can no longer  wear those tight skirts or dresses that go up my butt and I’m  thinking  that I  look really hot and as cute as a button . 

News flash, I’m  not looking as cute as a button or anything  else . 

If anything, I’m  looking  like an old, broke down skank.

Sorry, I’m  just about keeping  it real.

I’ve  learned  that  too in my old age.

Keeping it as real as you can.

The main thing that I have to realize that I’m  not  as  young  and active as I used to be.

I need to slow the body down before it breaks  down  and I get sick, which is exactly  what happened  on Christmas  Day . 

I was sick for a whole week, which  meant that I wasn’t  able to get “lit” and act the fool on New Year’s  Eve.

But that’s  okay, I really  wasn’t  that  upset at all . 

I’ve  come to  the  realization  that some things that  were really  important  in my late 30’s, 40’s  or  even  late 50’s, just aren’t  really that important  at all in my middle  60’s.

One thing that  hasn’t  changed  is the support  that I have from my Circle  of  Sisters  who were telling me all along to remember  that I can’t  act like Beyoncé ,  Rhianna  or Taylor Swift  when I’m more like Diana Ross, Tina Turner  or even Oprah  Winfrey ,  who shares the same birthday  as me, by the way.

These same friends have told me to celebrate and embrace  my age and don’t  try to be something  that I’m  not anymore-

a Spring Chicken . 

I just have to  remember  that . 

Happy 2018, everyone.


The Boston  public  transportation  system  is officially  known as the  Massachusetts  Bay Transit  Authority  or MBTA  for short.

Unofficially ,  it’s  known by Bostonians  and people who travel there a lot as “The T”.

So, if you happen to  be in the city of  Boston  or in one of its  many neighborhoods ,  look for the signs with the big black letter “T” on it.

There are four main transit lines in  the city, the Orange  Line, the Green Line, the Blue Line, which takes you to the airport, and the Red Line, which takes you towards Harvard Square . 

Word of warning when you take the T.

There’s  no Uptown  or Downtown ,  like you’d  see in a city like New York.

Instead, you’ll  see “Inbound and Outbound”.

Inbound means coming towards the city of Boston ,  outbound means going away from the city.

You’ll  mostly  see this if you take the Red Line.

If you get confused, look for the friendly transit ambassadors in the red jackets.

They’re  there to take the confusion  out of your trip.

The city also has a commuter  rail called the Purple  Line and a bus and train line known  as  the  Silver Line.

It’s  all about  the  colors when it comes to transportation  in the city.

Just as it says, the Silver Line buses and trains are more light greyish in color, which I guess you could describe as “silver”.

Like the other modes of transit in the city, you will see the big black letter T on the side of the buses and the train.

On my way to catch  my bus at South Station  Bus Terminal ,  because  I  was  staying  so close to Boston  Logan  Airport ,  I took the  Silver Line train to South  Station . 

If you arrive  in Boston  by plane  and you want to  get to the city quickly ,  rather than take the shuttle  bus to the Blue Line airport  station ,  take the Silver Line to South Station where you can catch the Red Line trains.

From there ,  connections to the Green, Red, and Orange Lines are easier to get to than if you took the Blue Line.

For one thing, from the airport ,  the Silver Line is free . 

That’s  right, you pay nothing until you get to the South Station Red Line stop.

The Silver Line makes stops at Terminals C and E, which are the two terminals that most of the flights come leave ftom.

As the train leaves from the airport ,  expect the train to be very crowded . 

The ride is comfortable  and  smooth as it leaves the airport terminal and begins the journey  into the  city.

You’ll  be seeing areas of the city that you wouldn’t  otherwise  see.

If you happen  to  get on the train in the South Boston neighborhood  of  the  city, be ready to pay the normal  fare of $2.75.

It’s   not free anymore, only from the airport . 

While  you might not want to  take public  transportation  to get to Boston  Logan ,  taking the Silver Line is the cheapest  option to getting there, and you won’t  have to worry about traffic.