It’s 10:45pm and do you know where your bus to Pittsburgh is?

It’s the night before my birthday and I’m standing in line at Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York waiting for the 11pm bus to the city on The Three Rivers, Pittsburgh .

The blue and grey bus with the Greyhound dog on it is standing at the gate, waiting for passengers .

So why aren’t we boarding ?

I haven’t been to Pittsburgh in two years and I’m really wicked excited about spending my birthday there with a friend .

If that wasn’t nerve wracking enough, we’ve been told that we have to wait for another bus because the bus that’s at the gate isn’t working right.

No, this isn’t happening .

Are we for real right now?

This isn’t the way I wanted my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Pittsburgh to begin.

Finally, after 11:15pm, it was time to board and because I’m a “senior”, I get to sit right behind the driver.

The bus isn’t crowded and I get my own seat, right behind the driver.

I’m on my way to a little birthday “turnup” and a 30 Plus Teams Tour.

# winning

6 thoughts on “GREYHOUND BUS BLUES

      • Yikes. Well, at least You can’t help but pack Your wonderful sense of humor and take on life….so at the very least You’re gifting smiles around the world with Your travel tale!!! Cheers and here’s to a quality of ease next trip!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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