Today is January  15th ,  and in the  United  States  it is the birthday  of Doctor  Martin  Luther  King . 

We usually celebrate it the second Monday in January  but this year the holiday  does fall on his actual  birthday . 

It’s  a national holiday in most of the United States ,  but some states were late to the party of really honoring MLK.

Arizona of all states was one of the last states to honor the holiday and they only did it because  they were losing tourists  dollars.

Yes, even in the United States ,  boycotts do work.

Today is the day that a lot of politicians basically  give lip service  to Doctor  King’s  words.

They can quote all of his speeches but when it comes to actually  doing the words in those speeches, that’s  another story.

This doesn’t  just include politicians  in the United  States , but many countries because  Doctor  King was influenced by  the  teachings  of  Gandhi . 

Happy Birthday ,  Doctor  King.

It’s  too bad you aren’t  around right now because not only does the United States  needs your calming influence ,  but the rest of the world  does also . 


  1. Happy Birthday, indeed!!! You may already know this, but I’d never heard it. On NPR the other day they were doing a show about MLK. They were interviewing a man who stood beside Dr. King the entire time he was standing up for equal rights. I’m SOOOO embarrassed that I don’t remember the name of the gentleman they were interviewing…..but it was BRILLIANT!!! And the thing he spoke of at length was Dr. King’s FANTASTIC, constant sense of humor! I had no idea. He spoke of being late to a get together at a hotel and of a pillow fight with everyone, including Dr. King, that ensued! He said Dr. King was very adamant about them all being okay with death. Dr. King even wrote them all elegies and made death a humorous subject. He made them all at ease with dying. So much so, said the gentleman, that when Dr. King was shot, he actually thought it was fireworks. And when he ran to Dr. King’s side, he sincerely thought he was joking and pretending to be dead. The interviewer asked him what his first thought was. He said that he asked God, why didn’t You take me instead? It was a beautiful interview and I’m sure it’s somewhere on NPR. I heard things I’d never heard before. What an Angelic, Wonderful man. Thank You and Cheers! 🙂


  2. I just finished Coretta Scott King’s memoir and I was struck by how hard it was for her to find her role in the movement, and how much she had to fight for her place, especially after Reverend King’s assassination. She was a great movement leader, too and I think her support and contribution are also key to the King legacy.

    (I just reread Letter From Birmingham Jail and every time I read it I am struck by how timeless it is … it seems as urgent and important today as it was in 1963 … which just breaks my heart that we’ve come so far, and yet we haven’t really.)

    Beautiful post!


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