This  is  one of  the  many museums  in ”  The  city that never  sleeps  “, that not a lot of  tourists  know  about ,  maybe even  a lot of  New Yorkers as well.

This museum  has been  around  since 1961.

Admission  to  the  museum  is free, but there is a suggested  donation  price of $10 when you enter.

The museum  is  closed on Mondays ,  but open on Tuesday  through Sunday . 

It’s  located  at 2 Lincoln  Square ,  which  is  on Columbus  Avenue  between  65th and 66th Streets . 

Even  though  the  museum  is  called  The American  Folk  Art  Museum ,  it focuses  on art, manly quilts ,  that weren’t  mass produced ,  but mostly  made by ordinary  people  like you  and  me.

I  other words ,  people  who  were what  the  museum  calls ,  “self-taught . ”

On  the  day  that  I  visited ,  the museum  had an exhibit  called ,  “War and  Pierced”, which were quilts  made from, of all things, military fabrics ,  especially  from uniforms . 

This exhibition  continues until January  7, 2018.

I was amazed  at how  beautiful  and colorful  some of  the  quilts were.

Some of  them  were done, not by women, but men, many of whom were injured during  war time.

If you happen  to  be  in the New York  City  area, visit this little  known  museum . 
American  Folk Art  Museum  

2 Lincoln  Square  

(Between  65th and 66th Street and Columbus  Avenue  )

New York  City ,  NY  10023


Tuesday  – Thursday   11:30am- 7pm

Friday   12 pm  – 7:30pm

Saturday   11:30am- 7pm

Sunday   12pm- 6 pm  

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