When I started my little  story in February  of this year on WordPress.com   about what to see and do in a city after you’ve  gone to  that football , baseball , hockey , or basketball game, I didn’t  think  anyone  would  be  interested in it.

We’re  now at almost the end of September ,  and I discovered  that I  was wrong.

A lot of you do like my little  travel  story.

101 of you to be exact and  for that I thank all of you.

I will continue to  write stories about places to see and things to do on a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  as long as the Good  Lord  allows  me  to  and I hope even more of you will go on this journey with me, and maybe get inspired to visit some of these places.

Even if you aren’t  doing a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour . 

Thank you  all again and God Bless You!

Sincerely ,  Sports Diva 64


Fort McHenry  is the place that inspired  Francis  Scott Key to write the United  States  National  Anthem ,  “The Star Spangled Banner.”

He watched the bombardment  of this fort by the British during the War of  1812.

The British  had just burned down Washington  DC ,  and were heading to Baltimore . 

Fort McHenry  was in their way.

These are some pictures of  the  fort that I  took on my 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Charm  City . 

The fort is pretty much the  same as it looked during the war.

After the war, the fort was used to  house Confederate  Civil War Prisoners  and was a Naval hospital  during World  War  I . 

If you happen  to  get the chance to visit Baltimore ,  make Fort McHenry  a stop .

If not, I hope some of  the  pictures  will inspire you.


I   hadn’t  checked  on  my  emails  or  read  any  other  blogs  in a  few  days .

Silly  me !

Imagine  my  surprise  when  I  read  a  blog  post  from  one  of  my  favorite  bloggers ,  The  Warrior  Traveler .

(  Congrats  on  the  nomination  for  the  Versatile  Blogger  Award ,  dude . )

Under  his  list  of  nominated  blogs  for  the  Versatile  Blogger  Award  was  sportsandtravelblog.wordpress.com



Thank  you  and  God  bless  you ,  Warrior  Traveler  for  nominating  my  ”  little  story  about  traveling  to  a  sporting  event .  .”

If  you  don’t  know  the  ends  and  outs  of  the  Versatile  Blogger  Award ,  here  goes .

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List  seven  random  facts  about  yourself .

Here’s  mine  :

1. I’m  a  HUGE  sports  nut  and  I’m  in  Seventh  Heaven  right  about  now  because  Baseball  and  Football  season  are  both  underway  and  Hockey  is  right  around  the  corner .

2. Boston  is  my  favorite  go  to  city .

3 .  Most ,  if  not  all  of  my  stuffed  animals  are  named  after  athletes .

4 .  I  love  to  read  as  many  travel  guides  as  I  can  no  matter  if  it’s  a  guidebook  or on the  internet .

5 .  My  motto  is  ”  Staying  Home  is  NOT  an  Option  ” ,  so  therefore  if  there’s  no  one  to  travel  with  me ,  three  people  are. ME, MYSELF  AND  I .

6. I HATE  SQUIRRELS !  Sorry ,  they  may  look  all  cute  and  cuddly  to  you ,  but  they’re  rats  on  steroids  to  me ,  just  saying .

7 .  I  want  to  take  as  many  30  Plus  Teams  Tours  as  long  as  the  Good  Lord  allows  me  to .

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It was  Labor  Day  here in the  States  and that meant  that  it was time  for  my annual  30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  one  of  my  favorite  cities ,  Baltimore ,  Maryland . 

Normally ,  I take  Greyhound  at Port Authority  Bus Terminal  to and from  the city on the Chesapeake  Bay . 

Not  this  time . 

As Megabus  unfortunately  doesn’t  go into  Downtown  Baltimore ,  this  was not  an option . 

Megabus  goes into  an area known  as  White Marsh.

I would have taken that bus, but instead  I  went on the  internet and checked  for an inexpensive  bus ride.

No, let me keep  it real.

I  was looking  for  a  really  cheap last  minute  ride to  Baltimore . 

I noticed one of  the  “Chinese” buses , which are very popular  here on the East  Coast . 

They cater mostly  to Asian passengers and they pick you up in the Chinatown  neighborhoods  of most cities . 

Some of  them had  a  bad reputation ,  so I  never thought  of  taking  one of  them.

I had heard  all sorts of  horror  stories  about  them . 

It was my first  time  taking one and I really  wasn’t  that impressed ,  especially  since I had to  show my online ticket and identification  at the office  on 31st Street and Fifth Avenue ,  but then walk to  32nd Street  and Broadway   to get the bus.

It’s  not that  long a walk, really ,  but my backpack  was heavy.

Once I got on the  bus, my opinion  changed.

It’s  not that  the buses are cleaner than Greyhound ,  they really  aren’t . 

However ,  I felt safer riding one of  these buses as compared  to  the  sometimes  roller  coaster  ride that is riding  on the  Greyhound  buses.

The seats were just as comfortable  as the seats on Greyhound . 

They even showed movies.

Ok, they were in Chinese with English  subtitles ,  but Greyhound  doesn’t  show  movies  of any kind on their buses.

Seeing  that this is  a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  that I’m  on, they had a movie about traveling  to  Korea and Japan and the baseball  scene there, which is  quite huge.

The ride to Baltimore  wasn’t  an express  bus though, as we stopped  in Wilmington ,  Delaware . 

When we arrived  in  Baltimore ,  it wasn’t  at a terminal  in Downtown  Baltimore ,  it was the  O’Donnell  Street  Transit  Park  in the Canton  neighborhood  of  the  city . 

From there ,  it was easy to  get  a  city bus into  Downtown  Baltimore  where my hotel  was.

You can’t   beat across  the  street  from  the  transit center  and for the fare of $1.80.

Six days  later, I decided  to  take  Greyhound ,  even though it was more expensive  than  the   $20  that  I  paid  for  the  Chinese bus.

The terminal  on Haines  Street ,  in the shadow of  Downtown  Baltimore , has been  remodeled  since I  was  last in town ,  which was a year ago . 

Compared to  the  way  it used to  look, it looks very modern and spacious  now.

I would  love to  show  you  pictures of  the  new and improved  Baltimore  Greyhound  Terminal ,  but they don’t  allow  pictures  for some  reason ,  which I found odd.

The Greyhound  bus from Baltimore  to the  Big  Apple  was an express  bus.

It didn’t  even  stop for a rest stop.

Greyhound  buses even got  a  new  makeover.

But having  said  that ,  it’s  not just about the look ,  but more about the price and service  that will make me decide  what bus I’ll  take.

Lots of  times, I don’t  get that from riding  Greyhound . 

If any of these  buses go to  the  city where my next 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  is, and once again ,  Megabus  isn’t  an option ,  guess who else won’t  be  an option ? 

That’s  right, Greyhound . 


While on my annual 30 Plus Teams Tour of Baltimore, I visited   a museum that wasn’t  on my bucket list .  

It’s  the  Babe Ruth  Baseball  Museum.

Most baseball  fans  know that Ruth played for the  Boston  Red Sox and especially ,  the New York  Yankees . 

But what a lot of  baseball  fans didn’t  know  is that he was born in Baltimore, not far from where Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards  stands now.

If you happen  to  be  a  baseball  fan this is  one  museum  you should visit  while in the Charm  City.

There’s  an easy way to  get to  the museum  if you happen  to  be  staying  at  the  Hampton  Inn  Downtown  Convention  Center  or you went  to  a  game  at Camden  Yards . 

Follow  the  60 baseballs that are on the sidewalk . 

60 is the the number of  home runs  that Babe Ruth  hit in case you didn’t  know . 


This  building  is located  in  one of  the  most  visited  neighborhoods  in  the city of Baltimore ,  Maryland . 

It’s  the Inner  Harbor . 

The Inner  Harbor  is one of  the  top tourist attractions  in the city.

I’ll  talk about  my visit  to  the  Inner  Harbor  in a later  post.

On this day, September  11th ,  I  thought  it’s  only right  to mention  one of  the  tallest  buildings  in the  Inner  Harbor . 

The World  Trade  Center  in Baltimore . 

You can go inside  the  building  and get a bird’s  eye  view of  the  Inner  Harbor  as well as some other parts  of  the  city.

However, it’s  what’s  inside  of  the  building  that  makes  one stop and reflect  on what happened  on this day 16 years ago  in New York  City ,  Washington  DC ,  and  Pennsylvania . 

It’s  the 9-11 Memorial  of Maryland . 

It’s  a  simple  piece  of  white  marble.

On one side of  the  marble  are the words, “Together  we remember  the  people of Maryland  who perished  on 9-11-2001.”

On the other side  of  the  marble  are the  names of  the  people  who were either on the plane from Washington  DC  that crashed into  the  Pentagon  or those people  who lived in Maryland  and worked at the Pentagon . 

On top of the marble is a mangled piece of  steel  from the World  Trade Center  in New York . 

It’s  a very  sobering  sight  and I  wasn’t  the only  tourist  who stopped  to look at  this  simple  but moving monument  and to never forget what happened  16 years ago today.

If you happen  to  be visiting  Baltimore  and go to the Inner  Harbor ,  be sure to  stop by the World  Trade Center in Baltimore  and pay your respects.


It’s  time  to  get down  to  business  and talk about  the  real  reason  that  you  and your  friends  and  family  are doing  a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour . 

Or maybe  you’re  going  solo.

No matter  what  the  circumstances  are,   you can break  into  your  happy  dance because  you’re  in a city to see a sport in person . 

Yes you want to  see all that Miami or Los  Angeles  has to offer, but let’s  face it.

Your real reason  for  being  here is to attend  that football ,  baseball ,  hockey  or basketball  game  in person . 

South Beach can wait until  that Miami  Heat basketball  game  is over.

You and your friends  looked at that basketball schedule  before  the  season  started just to see when the Pelicans  would be playing at home in New Orleans . 

Just your luck, they are playing  and what even better luck, they’re  playing a few days before Mardi  Gras . 

Stop snickering . 

That is the  team  name.

The Pelican  is the  state bird of Louisiana . 

Somebody did their  research  before you  got to  town . 

You checked  everything  that there is  to do in Los Angeles  and  then you noticed the hovkey, baseball ,  football  and basketball  schedules just to see which Los Angeles  pro sports  team  or teams  would  be  in town  while  you and the family are visiting  Mickey Mouse at Disneyland . 

You all are going  to  Memphis  to see Graceland  and of course  take in all the  madness that’s  Beale  Street . 

One of  the  girls  suggests that while  you’re  there, you should  go  over to  Music  City ,  Nashville ,  because  the  Tennessee  Titans are going  to  be  playing  football  against  your favorite  team ,  the Dallas  Cowboys . 

Yeah  you can  do both because  Memphis  isn’t  that far from Nashville ,  tickets to the game are still  available ,  and since all of you drive, this  is  going to  be  a great 30 Plus  Teams  Tour . 

Football , baseball , hockey  and  basketball  seasons  seem to  overlap . 

Call me  crazy , but you can’t  tell me that the commissioners  of all four  sports  didn’t  get together  and  plan it this  way . 

That’s  the  beauty  of  a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  though . 

If a city has a pro sports  team ,  guess what ? 

You’re  going  there  with or without  friends  and  family . 

If it’s  a  team  you dislike  or could  care less  about , no problem . 

Go see a game there anyway.

It might be a stadium  or  arena  that’s  been  on your bucket  list  forever . 

If it happens  to  be  a  team  that  you  really  love, you’re  DEFINITELY  breaking  into  a  happy  dance.

Let’s  say though ,  you and the family  want to  see as much of  New York  City  as you can, but you also want to  see  a hockey  or basketball  game  at  the place that calls  itself ,  ”  The  World’s  Most  Famous  Arena  “, Madison  Square  Garden . 

There’s  a  huge  problem ,  though . 

Tickets  are  extremely  expensive  for one person ,  let alone a family  of  five .

Don’t  get  discouraged ,  though . 

Do some research , and  this  just  doesn’t  apply  to  New York  City . 

This  is  a  30  Plus  Teams  Tour . 

Besides  seeing  the  sights  of a city, isn’t  the purpose  of  a tour  to see a game, no matter  what  the  sport  or the city is?

If you just  happen to  be  in “The Big  Apple  “, take  public  transportation  to watch New York ‘ s  other hockey  and basketball  teams ,  the Islanders  and Nets, over in Brooklyn  at the Barclay’s  Center?

Tickets are cheaper  and you’ll  have just as great  a time.

Be adventurous  on your tour.

Let’s  say that  you and the boys are staying  at  a  hotel  or hostel  in Virginia ,  and you want to see some baseball  or football  games over in our Nation’s  Capital , don’t  be afraid . 

Let that fan in you come out.

Go to that  Washington  Nationals baseball  game  or that Washington  Redskins  football  game . 

You know you want to  and the Washington  Metro  can get you all to both stadiums, it’s  that convenient . 

Local fans  take public  transportation  for their  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour . 

Why can’t  you?

Do that research  before you leave home to see the quickest  way  to  get to  the  game.

You might  get some tips  from locals on what else there is to do in the city, something  that the guidebooks  don’t  mention . 

You can bet that  you’ll  be  striking  up a conversation  with  the locals  while  you’re  on the train  or even the city bus.

Especially  if  you’re  wearing  a jersey , shirt, or hat of the other team . 


wp-image-58456174130 Plus  Teams  30 Plus  Dreams ?

What is  she talking  about?

What kind of title  is that for a blog ?

If you read my About  page, you know  the answer ,  sort of .

You might  know  that  besides  shopping ,  I LOVE  watching  and talking  about  sports .

I  also  love  to  travel  to  anywhere, any chance  that I  get.

The tagline of the  blog is, “What to  do  in a city after you’ve  gone  to  that  hockey ,  football ,  baseball ,  and basketball  game.”

So just how did I come  up with  that  title  of  30 Plus  Teams ,  30  Plus  Dreams ?

For a lot of us sports fans, and not just me, going to  a  sporting  event  for the first time  in an arena that you’ve  only seen  on television  is a dream .

If you get to  see YOUR team playing  in that arena, that is a DREAM, plus, if you catch my  drift .

As for the 30 Plus  Teams  Teams part, what’s  that all about ?

In case you  didn’t  know  or weren’t  aware  of ,  hockey has 31 teams, baseball  has 30 teams and so does  football  and basketball .

You get the picture

All of the major professional  sports  teams in  the United States  and Canada have 30 or more teams, or you could  say, 30 Plus Teams .

Now instead  of  calling  this  30 Plus  Teams ,  30  Plus  Dreams ,  I could  have  gotten  really  “clever” and named this blog, “Have A Team, Will Travel . ”

That doesn’t  make much sense, right ?

30 Plus  Teams ,  30  Plus  Dreams  says it all ,  don’t  you think ?