It’s  that time again. It’s  almost the end of the month and it’s  time for more travel quotes. 

I hope these quotes inspire you  to  either travel more or just make you think.

Enjoy them  however they make you feel.


There are so many  museums ,  monuments  and  memorials  in Washington  DC  that  you  just  don’t  know  which  one  to visit  first . 

Most  tourists  who come to  the  Nation’s  Capital  always  seem  to  visit the same tourist attractions . 

The Lincoln  Memorial ,  Arlington  National  Cemetery ,  the Vietnam  War  Memorial ,  Martin  Luther  King  Jr  Memorial , the Washington  Monument ,  and even the World  War I I  Memorial . 

If you  happen  to  be  doing  your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Washington  DC ,  or even if  you  aren’t  doing one, why not visit  the  memorial  that you can see across  the  water from the Doctor  Martin  Luther  King  Jr  Memorial , which you also  should  visit if you’re  in town.

It’s  the  memorial  to  the  third  President  of  the  United  States ,  Thomas  Jefferson . 

No matter  what time  of  the  day you go to  visit  this memorial, there doesn’t  seem to be a lot of  tourists  visiting  .

It could be how long it takes to  walk to the  memorial  or maybe it’s  the out of  the  way location  of this  place.

If you choose  not to  visit this  memorial, you’re  missing  out  on  seeing  one of the most beautiful  locations  in the city, it’s  called The Tidal  Basin.

In the spring, you’ll  get to see the  Cherry Blossoms ,  which were a gift from Japan.

When the cherry blossoms  come out, you’ll  have one of the most Instagram  worthy pictures of  the  city.

The shape  of  the  building  might remind  some of  you  to your visit to  Monticello ,  Jefferson ‘ s home in Virginia . 

It might also  remind some of  you  of the rotunda  at the University  of  Virginia . 

There’s  a  reason  for that . 

President  Jefferson ,  who seemed to  take this multitasking  thing and run with it ,  not only designed the rotunda  at his home, but also at the  University  of  Virginia  as well.

The rotunda of his memorial is basically  the same at what you saw in Charlottesville ,  Virginia . 

Walking  up the many steps  to  the memorial, you notice the statue of the president . 

He seems to  dwarf the entire place.

Not surprising, because  he was one of  the  tallest  presidents . 

All around  the  building ,  you notice all the things that Jefferson did in his lifetime . 

Planter, musician ,  ambassador ,  vice president ,  president, husband  and  father, not to mention  a  signer of the Declaration  of  Independence . 

As you look around you think to yourself ,  where did this guy get all this energy  from and when did he have time to  run the country?



FB_IMG_1505918803657FB_IMG_1505917792077FB_IMG_1505917868601FB_IMG_1505917861884If you  happen  to  be  visiting  one of my favorite  cities ,  Baltimore ,  Maryland ,  this is  one  of  the  areas  of the city that you must visit ,  The Inner Harbor .

This is basically  where the city of  Baltimore  began, right on the water.

The Inner Harbor ,  though , wasn’t  a big tourist attraction  in Baltimore  until it was refurbished  in the 19 80 ‘ s and 1990’s.

Now, there are  restaurants ,  an aquarium ,  and ships that served not only in World War I I ,  but you’ll  see a replica of  the USS Constellation ,  that served in the War of  1812.

I hope these pictures  will inspire  you  to  visit  Baltimore  and you’ll  come to  love it as much as  I  do.


When I started my little  story in February  of this year on WordPress.com   about what to see and do in a city after you’ve  gone to  that football , baseball , hockey , or basketball game, I didn’t  think  anyone  would  be  interested in it.

We’re  now at almost the end of September ,  and I discovered  that I  was wrong.

A lot of you do like my little  travel  story.

101 of you to be exact and  for that I thank all of you.

I will continue to  write stories about places to see and things to do on a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  as long as the Good  Lord  allows  me  to  and I hope even more of you will go on this journey with me, and maybe get inspired to visit some of these places.

Even if you aren’t  doing a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour . 

Thank you  all again and God Bless You!

Sincerely ,  Sports Diva 64


Fort McHenry  is the place that inspired  Francis  Scott Key to write the United  States  National  Anthem ,  “The Star Spangled Banner.”

He watched the bombardment  of this fort by the British during the War of  1812.

The British  had just burned down Washington  DC ,  and were heading to Baltimore . 

Fort McHenry  was in their way.

These are some pictures of  the  fort that I  took on my 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Charm  City . 

The fort is pretty much the  same as it looked during the war.

After the war, the fort was used to  house Confederate  Civil War Prisoners  and was a Naval hospital  during World  War  I . 

If you happen  to  get the chance to visit Baltimore ,  make Fort McHenry  a stop .

If not, I hope some of  the  pictures  will inspire you.


I   hadn’t  checked  on  my  emails  or  read  any  other  blogs  in a  few  days .

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1. I’m  a  HUGE  sports  nut  and  I’m  in  Seventh  Heaven  right  about  now  because  Baseball  and  Football  season  are  both  underway  and  Hockey  is  right  around  the  corner .

2. Boston  is  my  favorite  go  to  city .

3 .  Most ,  if  not  all  of  my  stuffed  animals  are  named  after  athletes .

4 .  I  love  to  read  as  many  travel  guides  as  I  can  no  matter  if  it’s  a  guidebook  or on the  internet .

5 .  My  motto  is  ”  Staying  Home  is  NOT  an  Option  ” ,  so  therefore  if  there’s  no  one  to  travel  with  me ,  three  people  are. ME, MYSELF  AND  I .

6. I HATE  SQUIRRELS !  Sorry ,  they  may  look  all  cute  and  cuddly  to  you ,  but  they’re  rats  on  steroids  to  me ,  just  saying .

7 .  I  want  to  take  as  many  30  Plus  Teams  Tours  as  long  as  the  Good  Lord  allows  me  to .

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