Once again ,  I  took a  side trip  from Boston  to a city  that  I  didn’t  think  I  could  get  to  by  public  transportation . 

All those  years  I lived  in  Boston ,  the  city  of  Lexington  was never  on my  radar or bucket  list . 

As an American  History  major  in college ,  though ,  the city that calls  itself ,  ”  The  Birthplace  of  American  History  ” should  have  been  a city  that  I should  have  visited  more than  once . 

As I got off the bus , I wondered  why  I  never came here when I was younger.

Lexington ,  Massachusetts  is one of  those  quaint  New England  towns with the square  right in the middle  of town.

This square  in Lexington  isn’t  just  any old square . 

This square  happens  to  be  known  as  “Battle  Green  “, and it’s  one of  the  most famous squares in American  History . 

It’s  where the first battle  of the Revolutionary  War  took place on April  19, 1775.

It was called, “The Shot Heard ‘Round  The World . ‘.

There’s  Revolutionary  War history  all around and you don’t  even realize  it . 

In front of  you ,  there’s  Buckman  Tavern ,  which  was the  headquarters  for the  American  Militia . 

The militia  was made up of  townspeople  and even slaves, all of whom were fighting  for freedom  from England . 

From my American  History  books, I  recognize  the  statue of  “The Minuteman  “, citizens  who were ready in “a minute’s  notice  ” to defend their  homes.

The statue is actually  of William  Parker, who was the  commander of the American  citizen soldiers . 

History  never told us who fired the first  shot of the war, not that it really ,matters.

Who ever thought  that this quaint  little  town not that far from Boston  would  be  the birthplace  of  American  Liberty  and not some big city like Philadelphia  or New York . 

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